Cleaning And Maintenance; General Cleaning - Electrolux 12550 G-M User And Installation Instructions Manual

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For correct hob use
To ensure lower gas consumption and better efficiency, only use flat bottom pots/pans of
size suitable for the rings, as indicated in the table at the bottom of the page. Also, as soon
as a liquid starts to boil, lower the flame enough to keep it on the boil.
Carefully watch over your food during cooking with fats or oils, because these substances
can catch fire when very hot.
Do not use aluminium foil to protect the hob during use.
Make sure pots/pans do not protrude over the edges of the hob and that they are placed
centrally on the rings in order to obtain lower gas consumption.
Always lower the flame or turn it off before removing pots/pans from the rings.
Do not place unstable or deformed pots/pans on the rings: they could tip over or spill their
contents, causing accidents.
Pots must not occupy any part of the control zone.
Triple crown
Large (rapid)
Medium (semirapid )
Small (auxiliary)


Before carrying out any operation, disconnect the appliance from the power supply and
allow it to cool.

General cleaning

Clean the hob regularly with a soft cloth soaked in lukewarm water and a little liquid
detergent. Do not use the following products:
- household detergents or bleaches;
- soapy scouring pads unsuitable for non-stick pots/pans;
- steel wool;
- bath or sink stain removers.
If the hob is very dirty, use specific products available on the market.
Do not leave acid or alkaline substances (e.g. vinegar, salt, lemon juice, etc.) on the hob.
If you notice any breakage or cracks on the glass top, immediately disconnect the appliance
to avoid risk of electric shocks, contact an After-Sales Service Centre and do not use the
appliance until it is repaired.
min. diameter
180 mm
160 mm
120 mm
80 mm
Cleaning and maintenance
max. diameter
260 mm
260 mm
220 mm
160 mm



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