Gas Connection - Electrolux 12550 G-M User And Installation Instructions Manual

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Installer instructions
Fume exhaust
Gas cooking appliances must exhaust the fumes through hoods directly connected to flues
or directly to the outside.
If a hood cannot be installed, it is necessary to use an electric exhaust fan fitted on the
external wall or the window of the room, provided conditions exist so that the opening for
ventilation can be increased in proportion to the fan capacity (UNI-CIG 7129).
The electric exhaust fan must be able to guarantee an hourly air change for a kitchen,
equal to 3-5 times its volume.

Gas connection

The gas connection must be carried out in compliance with UNI-CIG 7129 - 7131 standards.
The appliances leave the factory tested and adjusted for the type of gas specified on the
label located in the bottom protection, near the gas connection pipe. Make sure the type of
gas used is the same as that specified on the label.
Otherwise, proceed according to the instructions given in the section "Conversion to other
types of gas".
To ensure maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, make sure the gas supply
pressure respects the values given in the "Burner specifications" table.
If the pressure of the gas used is different (or variable) with respect to that provided for, a
suitable pressure regulator for the gas (NOT LPG) complying with Standard UNI EN 88 must
be installed on the inlet piping.
The use of pressure regulators for liquefied gases (LPG) is allowed provided they comply
with Standard UNI EN 12864.
The union is fitted on the end part of the train, with a G 1/2" threaded nut, interposing the
seal between the components as shown in the figure. Screw the parts without forcing, turn
the union in the required direction, then tighten everything.
Train end with nut
Adjustable union
Copper pipe
Flexible steel tube
Make the connection to the gas system using a rigid metal pipe and fittings complying
with Standard UNI-CIG 7129, or with a s/steel flexible tube complying with Standard UNI-
CIG 9891, limited to those not longer than 2 m. When using flexible metal tubes, make sure
they are not in contact with movable parts or squashed. Pay the same attention also when
an oven and hob combination is provided for.
The gas inlet union for the appliances is 1/2" cylindrical male thread.
Make the connection, avoiding any kind of stress on the appliance.
After installation, always check the perfect tightness of all unions using a soapy solution.
Never carry out this check with a flame.



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