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Electrical Connection - Electrolux 12550 G-M User And Installation Instructions Manual

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Electrical connection

The appliance is arranged to operate on a 230V single-phase power supply. Connection
must be made in compliance with current standards and regulations.
Before carrying out the connection, make sure:
the limiter valve and the electrical system can take the appliance load (see serial no.
the supply system is equipped with an efficient earth connection in compliance with
the current standards;
the socket or omnipolar switch used are easily accessible with the appliance installed.
Fit the cable with a plug suitable for the load and connect it to an adequate safety socket.
To connect directly to the mains, a suitable omnipolar switch with contact gap of at least 3
mm and complying with current standards must be installed between the appliance and
the power mains.
The yellow/green earth wire must not be interrupted by the switch.
The brown phase wire (coming from terminal "L" on the terminal block) must always be
connected to the power supply phase.
In any case the power cable must be positioned in such a way that no part of it reaches a
temperature above 90 °C.
An example of an optimum path is shown in the figure. The cable is guided by means of
clamps fixed to the side of the cabinet, in order to avoid any contact with the equipment
beneath the hob.
The installation or replacement of any electrical component must be carried out by an
After-Sales Service Centre technician or qualified personnel.
Replacing the power cable
When replacing the power cable only use H05V2V2-F T90 type cables suitable for the load
and operating temperature. The yellow/green earth wire must be approx. 2 cm longer than
the phase and neutral wires.
Earth (Yellow/Green)
After connection, test the heating elements by making them work for about 3 minutes.
To open the terminal block cover and access the connection terminals, proceed as follows:
undo the cover fixing screw;
insert the tip of a screwdriver in the protrusions located on the inner side of the
terminal block;
press lightly and prise upwards.
Installer instructions



Table of Contents

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