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Cleaning and maintenance

Before any maintenance or cleaning can be carried
out, you must DISCONNECT the hob from the
electricity supply.
For reasons of hygiene and safety, the cooking
zones must be kept clean. Grease stains and
spilled food generate smoke when heated, and
can even cause fire.
Never use metal wool, metal sponges or other abra-
sive cleaning agents.
Never use steam or a steam cleaning machine
to clean the appliance.
The ceramic glass hob
The decorative pattern on the ceramic surface can
become scratched and marred with use, depending
upon maintenance, but does not adversely affect
Such blemishes are not covered by the warranty
and do not affect the operation of the hob.
Immediately scrape off stains caused by food which
has boiled over using a proper ceramic hob scraper,
spilled sugar, dishes containing sugar (jam, juice,
etc.), melted plastic and aluminium foil while the
ceramic hob is still hot. If the ceramic hob is allowed
to cool it may become damaged.
Utensils which have been in contact with the above-
mentioned melted materials must be cleaned throughly
before used again on the ceramic-top hob unit.
Defects in the ceramic surface which can be
related to the above are not covered by the
A dirty ceramic hob decreases the heat transfer
between cooking zones and cookware.

Technical Data

Hotplate Rating
Rear Cooking Zone Ø 180mm
Front Cooking Zone Ø 145mm
Total Rating
Electric Supply
Hob recess dimensions
After use the cooking zones should be wiped with a
damp cloth with washing up liquid.
For severe soiling you can follow these steps:
1. Remove stains etc., with a proper ceramic hob
2. Make sure that the ceramic hob has cooled down.
3. Wipe the ceramic hob clean with a damp cloth or
4. Wipe off remaining cleaning agent with a damp
5. Wipe with a dry cloth, if required.
Make sure that the ceramic hob is dry when you heat
it up again. Ceramic hobs can develop rainbow-like
stripes if heated while damp.

Stainless steel surfaces

Clean the appliance after use with a soft cloth well
wrung out in warm water, use a small amount of liquid
detergent for stubborn soiling.
Stainless steel parts may become straw coloured
with use, use a proprietary stainless steel cleaner to
remove this straw discolouration
1,7 kW
2006/95 (Low Voltage Directive);
1,2 kW
2004/108 (Electromagnetical Compatibility Directive);
2,9 kW
and subsequent modifications.
230 V 50 Hz
270 mm.
490 mm.
Use a proper ceramic cleaning agent.
kitchen roll. Tough stains can be removed by
rubbing the stain hard with kitchen roll.
This appliance complies with the following
E.E.C. Directives:


Table of Contents

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