Instructions For Use - Electrolux 12550 G-M User And Installation Instructions Manual

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Do not use steam or steam devices to clean the appliance.
After using the appliance, make sure all the controls are in the "CLOSED" or "OFF"
When using a power socket near this appliance, make sure the cords of any electrical
appliances being used do not touch it and are far enough away from its hot parts.
Technical assistance
In case of a fault, never attempt to repair the appliance on your own. Repairs carried
out by unqualified persons can cause damage and accidents. Firstly, consult this
handbook. If you do not find the required information, contact the nearest After-Sales
Service Centre. Assistance for this appliance must be carried out by an authorised
After-Sales Service Centre. Always demand the use of original replacement parts.
Advice for safeguarding the environment
All the materials used are environmentally friendly and recyclable. Please make your
contribution to safeguarding the environment by using the appropriate differentiated
waste collection channels.
Before scrapping the appliance, cut off the power cord and make it unusable.
The symbol
not be treated as normal household waste but must be taken to an appropriate
collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment.
Correct disposal of this appliance will help prevent possible negative consequences for
the environment and the health of people. For more detailed information about the
recycling of this product, contact your local council office or waste disposal service, or
the shop where you purchased it.


Before using the appliance, remove all the packing materials, including the advertising labels
and any protective film.
Hob control knobs
The knobs for the gas rings are located on the side of the hob. The symbols on the control
zone have the following meaning:
no gas
max. gas
min. gas
lighting incorporated in the cock
on the product or on the packing indicates that the appliance should
Instructions for use



Table of Contents

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