Electrolux EHG 9320 Service Manual

Gas hob on glass and stainless steel
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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux EHG 9320

  • Page 1 SERVICE MANUAL...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    C O N T E N T S 1. GENERAL NOTES 2. HOW DOES GAS BURNER OPERATE 3. COMPONENTS SPECIFICATION 4. TOOLS 5. REPAIR PROCESS 5.1 Remove the dirty oil from nozzle 5.2 Remove the gas valve 6. WIRING DIAGRAM 7.
  • Page 3: General Notes

    1. GENERAL NOTES 1. WARNING: For models which connect to mains electrical power, before exposing any of the internal electrical wiring the appliance must be disconnected from electrical power by unplugging the service cord from the electrical outlet. For models which connect to battery power, before exposing any of the internal electrical wiring the appliance must be remove the battery also.
  • Page 4: How Does Gas Burner Operate

    HOW DOES GAS BURNER OPERATE 1. Gas tank 2. Low pressure regulator (Safety warning: Do not use high pressure regulator) 3. Flexible rubber hose or copper tube 4. Elbow coupling gas with fiber washer (Warning: Do not use regular rubber washer) 5.
  • Page 5: Components Specification

    10. Spark plug Gas from the tank (1) is released from the low pressure regulator (2) into the hose or tube (3), travelling pass the elbow coupling to the valve (4). To ignite the burner, press down and turn the safety valve (5) counter-clockwise simultaneously.
  • Page 6 - Washer= fiber - Elbow = Brass (size1/2”) - Hose end=Brass (size1/2”) - Rubber grommet (glass model)= Silicone heat resistance - Rubber grommet (Stainless model) - Spark generator 4p=1.5Vdc+90C+electrode10KV - Push button switch 3p=0.1A+250V+130C - Screw, M4x0.7x10 IP - Screw, M4x0.7x18 H - Screw, M3x12T + B stainless - Screw, #6/32 x 9 PPZF - Screw, #8 x ½...
  • Page 7: Tools

    4. TOOLS - Nut spinner No. 7 - Philip / Flat screw driver - Spanner No. 15 - Nozzle cleaner - Gas leak detector 5. REPAIR PROCESS 5.1 Remove out the dirty oil from nozzle 1. Clean the head of nozzle with the cloth 2.
  • Page 8 4. Remove burner mount retaining screws, 2 screws per burner and 4 on the wok burner (2.5mm Torx Screwdriver required). 5. For models with a separate button ignition system, remove the switch button and ignition pack retaining nut. Alternatively, lift the hob sufficiently to access and release the ignition leads and battery supply cable from the ignition pack.
  • Page 9: Wiring Diagram

    • Switch harness assembly and low voltage wiring. • Ignition spark plug and lead assemblies. These are fastened to the burner bases by retaining clips, located on the underside of the burner base. • Ignition pack. For models without a separate ignition switch this is clipped to the base or attached with double sided adhesive.
  • Page 10: Conversion Details

    7. CONVERSION DETAILS The appliance is convertible between Natural Gas & LP. Procedure 1. Turn off gas supply to appliance. 2. Disconnect appliance from electrical power. 3. Remove the trivets and the burner caps & distributors. 4. Remove the existing injectors and replace with the injectors shown in the table below. 5.
  • Page 11: Spare Parts

    BURBERS Injector Rating Injector Rating Injector Rating size (KW) size (KW) size (KW) Triple crown 0.98 4.00 Semi-rapid 0.71 2.10 0.96 Auxiliary 0.50 1.42 0.70...
  • Page 13 Part Name Part Number Aluminium Pipe, Center 3B (glass top) 376003200 Aluminium Pipe, Center 3B (stainless top) 376002300 Aluminium Pipe, front left 4B (stainless top) 376002400 Aluminium Pipe, front right 4B (stainless top) 376002600 Aluminium Pipe, Left 2B (glass top) 376002800 Aluminium Pipe, Left 2B (stainless top) 376001900...
  • Page 14 Part Name Part Number Center Stand, stainless, (stainless top) 2B,3B,4B 376007700 Chrome rack 376005100 Elbow 376003300 EPS front/back, 376006500 EPS pad 376006800 EPS Pan support, center cover, (glass top) 376006700 EPS Pan support, left/right cover, (glass top) 376006600 EPS Semi-rapid burner cover, (stainless top) 376007000 EPS side, 376006400...
  • Page 15 Part Name Part Number Hose End 376003400 Injector (0.5) for GPL (LPG) 354400071 Injector (0.71) for GPL (LPG) 354400036 Injector (0.88) for GPL (LPG) 354400003 Injector (0.98) for GPL (LPG) 354401310 Injector (1.42) for City gas 354400422 Injector (2.1) for City gas 354400421 Injector (2.82) for City gas 354400420...
  • Page 16 Part Name Part Number Plastic Bag, 254 mm. x 384 mm 376008600 Plastic Bag, 80 x 120mm 376008700 Push-button switch, 2P, MS930P42 376003701 Push-button switch, 3P, MS930P42 376003702 Push-button switch, 4P, MS930P42 376003703 Push-button switch, 5P, MS930P42 376001403 Rapid burner body 354004441 Rapid burner body 354004307...
  • Page 17 Part Name Part Number Semi-Rapid burner body with injector (2.1) for City gas 357717102 Semi-rapid burner cap, enamel black 354000609 Semi-rapid burner crown 354004602 Shutter aeration, semi-rapid & auxiliary burner 353000201 Shutter aeration, triple crown & rapid burner 353000202 Silicon rubber seal, 315mm 376001302 Silicon rubber seal, 520mm 376001301...
  • Page 18: Trouble Shooting

    Part Name Part Number Triple crown burner body with injector (4.0) for City gas 376008100 Triple crown burner crown 389051201 Triple crown inner cap, enamel black 389051302 Triple crown outer cap, enamel black 389051402 Wok pan adaptor 376005000 9. TROUBLE SHOOTING Fault Possible cause Remedy...
  • Page 19 Flames uneven or tending to lift -Flame ports blocked or wet -Clean or dry frame ports -Burner cap/crown incorrectly Ensure these components are fitted fitted correctly Low heat, slow cooking Incorrect cooking utensil used -Use only pots and pans with bases that fit the size of the burner Flame won’t turn down -Incorrect injector or gas...

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