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of SXG75, FUG us-en, A31008-H8900-A1-1-7619 (07.10.2005, 13:12)
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My stuff

My stuff
To organise your files, you can use
the file system like a PC file manager.
There are some folders in
various data types for this purpose.
If, for example, you want to down-
load new pictures or sounds, the
download function is contained in
the relevant folder.
Remember that pictures and sounds
may be protected (DRM, page 22).
You can open
other applications, e.g. media play-
er, messages, settings or via the
main menu:
¢ N
If RS MultiMediaCard is inserted
(page 16), folders/files are organised
on a separate tab. Files are managed
the same way as files saved on the
Depending on your selection, the file
and respective application are
opened, or the download is started.
My stuff
My stuff
either from
Select tab (phone memory/
RS MultiMediaCard). List of
folders/files is displayed.
Select folder/file or link
and confirm with
Go back to previous
folder level.
Index structure
Files are organised in folders. Some
folders have already been created
for different data types. These fold-
ers cannot be changed: Sounds,
Pictures, Videos,
The phone memory tab has, addi-
tionally, the folders Themes,
and Appl.. When selected, the
number of entries is displayed.
The content of the fixed folders is fil-
tered. The folders contain special
media types (see table page 111).
Files that do not fit in another folder
are listed in
You can add personal folders on the
top level as well as subfolders. Per-
sonal folders are displayed behind
the default folders.
Personal folders on the top level can
contain mixed media types. Personal
folders can be renamed and deleted.
Within fixed folders you can add per-
sonal subfolders, which are restrict-
ed to the media type of the fixed
Additional information
When you enter
cations, e.g. messages, to open/send file
with a specific media type, the respective
fixed folder is opened. In that mode you
can select files of the same type stored in
personal folders or in the media album via
links from fixed folders.
My stuff
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