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Siemens SX66 User Manual

Siemens cell phone user manual.
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Table of Contents


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 SX66...
  • Page 2: Please Read Before Proceeding

    Some countries require full disclosure of recorded telephone conversations, and stipulate that you must inform the person with whom you are speaking that the conversation is being recorded. Always obey the relevant laws and regulations of your country when using the recording feature of your SX66.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Precautions

    SX66 User Manual Important Safety Precautions When using this product, the safety precautions below must be taken to offset possible legal liabilities and damages. n ELECTRICAL SAFETY This product is intended for use when supplied with power from the battery. Other usage may be dangerous and will invalidate any approval given to this product.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety Precautions and Legal Notices Chapter 1 1.1 Knowing Your Device ... 1.2 Battery... 1.3 Accessories ... Chapter 2 Knowing Your Phone 2.1 Starting Up... 2.2 Entering Information... 2.3 Writing on the Screen ... 2.4 Drawing on the Screen... 2.5 Recording a Message ...
  • Page 5 Chapter 4 Synchronizing Information 4.1 Using ActiveSync ... 4.2 Synchronizing Information ... 4.3 Infrared and Bluetooth Connection... 4.4 ActiveSync Errors ... Chapter 5 Personalizing Your Phone 5.1 Device Settings... 5.2 Phone Settings ... Chapter 6 Getting Connected 6.1 About Connections... 6.2 Connecting to the Internet ...
  • Page 6 Chapter 7 Using Microsoft Outlook 7.1 Calendar... 7.2 Contacts... 7.3 Tasks ... 7.4 Notes ... Chapter 8 Messaging Features E-Mail and Text 8.2 MSN Messenger ... 8.3 MMS Messages ... Chapter 9 Applications 9.1 Pocket Word ... 9.2 Pocket Excel ... 9.3 Windows Media Player ...
  • Page 7 Chapter 10 Using Album Appendix A Adding or Removing Programs ... Managing Memory ... Backing Up Files ... Resetting the SX66 ... Appendix B Regulatory Agency IDs ... European Union Notice... FCC Compliance Statement... Important Health and Safety Information ...
  • Page 8 SX66 User Manual...
  • Page 9: Safety Precautions And Legal Notices

    Safety Precautions and Legal Notices...
  • Page 10: Legal Notices

    © 2004 Siemens Information and Communication Mobile, LLC. All rights reserved. Siemens and the SX66 model phone are trademarks or registered trademarks of Siemens AG and/or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.
  • Page 11 SX66 User Manual use. Some of these Network Services may not be available when roaming on a network other than your home network. Standby and Talk Time Information The mobile phone incorporates features that are new to the mobile phone world. These may include color displays and lighting, graphic games, music reproduction and browsing the In- ternet.
  • Page 12: Safety Precautions

    Cellular phones can interfere with the functioning of medical devices such as hearing aids or pacemakers. Keep at least 8 inches (21 cm) between phone and pacemaker. When using the cell phone hold it to the ear which is farthest from the pacemaker. For more information consult your doctor.
  • Page 13: Antenna Care

    The phone may cause interference close to TVs, radios and PCs. Use only Siemens original accessories. This will avoid potential risks to health or property and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations. Improper use will invalidate the warranty! These safety instructions also apply to Siemens original accessories.
  • Page 14: Tips On Efficient Operation

    Accordingly, Siemens recommends that persons check the laws for the areas in which they drive or will be driving. For areas where the use of mobile phones while driving is permitted, Siemens encourages persons to use their phones responsibly and to employ hands-free devices.
  • Page 15: Hearing Aids

    • should not carry the phone in a breast pocket; • should use the ear opposite the pacemaker to minimize the potential for interference; • should turn the phone OFF immediately if there is any reason to suspect that interference is taking place.
  • Page 16: Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

    Only use original Siemens batteries (100% mercury-free) and charging devices. Use of non- Siemens batteries and/or charging devices may cause explosion resulting in serious injury and/or property damage. Use original Siemens accessories in order to avoid possible injury and property damage and to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Improper use...
  • Page 17: Battery Safety Precautions

    Siemens at (888)777-0211. For software updates, go to: http://www.siemens- After the first 90 days from the date of purchase, software support for the device is $35 dollars per call.
  • Page 18 When calling customer service, please have ready your receipt and the phone identity number (IMEI, to display press * # 0 6 #), the software version (to display, press * # 0 6 #, then info) and if available, your Siemens Service customer number. Note Only qualified service personnel must repair equipment.
  • Page 19: Battery Quality Statement

    Regardless of this, the battery has been designed and manufactured so that it can be recharged and used for six months after the purchase of your cell phone. After six months, if the battery is clearly suffering from loss of performance, we recommend that you replace it. Please buy only Siemens original batteries.
  • Page 20 to address these questions, no clear picture of the biological effects of this type of radiation has emerged to date. Thus, the available science does not allow us to conclude that mobile phones are absolutely safe, or that they are unsafe. However, the available scientific evidence does not demonstrate adverse health effects associated with the use of mobile phones.
  • Page 21 RF except for the micronucleus assay, which detects structural effects on the genetic material. The cells in this assay showed changes after exposure to simulated cell phone radiation, but only after 24 hours of exposure. It is possible that exposing the test cells to radiation for this long resulted in heating.
  • Page 22 What is known about cases of human cancer that have been reported in users of hand-held mobile phones? Some people who have used mobile phones have been diagnosed with brain cancer. But it is important to understand that this type of cancer also occurs among people who have not used mobile phones.
  • Page 23 • Federal Communications Commission • Occupational Health and Safety Administration • National Telecommunications and Information Administration The National Institutes of Health also participates in this group. In the absence of conclusive information about any possible risk, what can concerned individuals do? If there is a risk from these products –...
  • Page 24: Ten Driving Safety Tips

    Ten Driving Safety Tips Your Siemens wireless phone gives you the power to communicate by voice – almost anywhere, anytime. But an important responsibility accompanies the benefits of wireless phones, one that every user must uphold. When driving a car, driving is your first responsibility. When using your...
  • Page 25 SX66 User Manual removing your eyes from the road. If you get an incoming call at an inconvenient time, let your voicemail answer it for you. Suspend conversations during hazardous driving conditions or situations Let the person you are speaking to know you are driving; if necessary, suspend the call in heavy traffic or hazardous weather conditions.
  • Page 26 Provided by the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) Intellectual Property Restrictions All Intellectual Property, as defined below, which is owned by or otherwise the property of Siemens Information and Communications Mobile, LLC (“Siemens”), its affiliates, partners or suppliers, relating to the Phone, including but not limited to accessories, parts or software relating thereto (the “Phone System”), is proprietary under federal laws, state laws and International treaty provi-...
  • Page 27 FCC and available for review by Industry Canada. The highest SAR value for this Siemens SX66 when tested for use at the ear is 0.4 mW/g*** and when worn on the body...
  • Page 28: Limited Warranty

    Internet Association (CTIA) web-site at or the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) website SAR information on this Siemens SX66 phone is on file with the FCC and can be found under the Display Grant section of after searching on FCC ID NM8BLUEANGEL.
  • Page 29 God, riots, acts of terrorism, spills of food or liquids, viruses or other software flaws introduced into the Product, or other acts which are not the fault of Siemens and which the Product is not specified to tolerate, including damage caused by mishandling or blown fuses.
  • Page 30: Disclaimer Of Warranties

    AUTHORIZED BY SIEMENS MAY VOID WARRANTY. Limitation of Warranty Siemens makes no warranty or representation that the software in the Products will meet your requirements or will work in combination with any hardware or applications software products provided by third parties, that the operation of the software will be uninterrupted or error free, or that all defects in the software products will be corrected.
  • Page 32: Governing Law

  • Page 33: Desktop Software

    SX66 User Manual Desktop Software Desktop software Licensor licensed form Microsoft Licensing Inc. or its Affiliates is included with Your phone, and You may install and use the Microsoft®ActiveSync® 3.5 component on one (10) or more computers to exchange information with one (1) or more computing devices that contain a compatible version of the Microsoft®...
  • Page 34 SX66 User Manual Your computer by downloading such revocation lists. Secure Content Owners may also require You to upgrade some of the DRM components in this SOFTWARE (“DRM Upgrades”) before accessing their content. When You attempt to play such content, MS DRM Software will notify You that a DRM Upgrade is required and then ask for Your consent before the DRM Upgrade is downloaded.
  • Page 35 SX66 User Manual 4. Copyright. Licensor and/or its software suppliers and their respective affiliates own the Software and all rights, including without limitation including proprietary rights therein, are protected by inter- national treaty provisions and other applicable national laws of the country in which it is being used.
  • Page 36: Limitation Of Liability

  • Page 37 SX66 User Manual Companion CD If any Software component(s) is provided separate from the phone on CD ROM disk(s) or via web download or other means, and labeled “For Upgrade Purposes Only”, You may (i) install and use one (1) copy of such component(s) on the computer(s) You use to exchange data with the phone as a replacement copy for the existing Companion CD component(s).
  • Page 38: Getting Started

    Chapter 1 Getting Started 1.1 Knowing Your Device 1.2 Battery 1.3 Accessories...
  • Page 39: Knowing Your Device

    E-mail or SMS messages. QWERTY Keyboard Press to enter letter/ symbol. Power Button/ Backlight Press to turn ON/OFF your SX66 or Backlight. Earphone Plug Plug the headset here. Speaker Listen to audio files or a phone call from here. Calendar Press for quick access to Calendar.
  • Page 40: Soft Reset

    SX66 User Manual Right-Side View, Back View, and Bottom View Car Antenna Connector You can connect your phone to a car antenna to utilize the superior reception quality. Stylus and Stylus Slot Notification LEDs On the right: GSM standby, message,...
  • Page 41: Battery

    Data retention It is vital to keep your battery charged. Because your SX66 does not have a hard drive, all data and any new programs you install are stored in the RAM. If the battery completely drains, any data or new programs you installed will be erased.
  • Page 42 DC connector converter. Connect the Travel charger of your SX66 directly to an external power source without using the cradle. 4. If you have a spare battery for your SX66, you can also put it into the cradle slot to recharge.
  • Page 43: Accessories

    When the low-battery warning message appears, immediately save any data you are working on, perform a synchronization with your PC, and turn off your SX66. If your device shuts down, the internal backup battery will protect the data for about 20 minutes.
  • Page 44: Chapter 2 Knowing Your Phone

    SX66 User Manual Chapter 2 Knowing Your Phone 2.1 Starting Up 2.2 Entering Information 2.3 Writing on the Screen 2.4 Drawing on the Screen 2.5 Recording a Message 2.6 Finding Information...
  • Page 45: Starting Up

    2.1 Starting Up Screen tapping and calibration When you first start up your SX66, you will be asked to calibrate the screen by tapping the center of a cross with your stylus as it moves around the screen. This process ensures that when you tap the screen with your stylus, the tapped item is activated.
  • Page 46: The Today Screen

    The Today screen Today screen displays important information such as today’s appointments and status icons for your device. Tap the information listed on the programs associated with the information. 1. Tap to bring up a menu list of programs. 2. Tap to view call status information. 3.
  • Page 47: Navigation Bar

    One or more E-mail or SMS messages were received. Network status is on. The Bars indicate the strength of the connection. Indicates that more notification icons need to be displayed. Tap the icon to view all. Indicates that your device has WLAN connection. Indicates that your device is syncing with a PC.
  • Page 48: Command Bar

    1. Tap to switch to a program. 2. Tap to switch to a recently used program. 3. Tap to see more programs. 4. Tap to change device settings. 5. Tap to see a Help topic for the current screen. Command bar Use the command bar at the bottom of the screen to per- form tasks in programs.
  • Page 49 Calculator performs basic arithmetic. Games such as Jawbreaker File Explorer views all the files on your SX66. Album collects, organizes, and sorts Photo Contacts inputs the image files according to your Wireless Manager manages access to wireless connections.
  • Page 50: Entering Information

    To type a single uppercase letter or symbol, press To type capital letters, press symbol, press WiFi connection. uses your SX66 as an external modem for a PC. Contacts Using ActiveSync, exchange information between your PC and device. Input Panel or the...
  • Page 51 Press twice to type a serial of numbers symbols. Using the Soft Keyboard To show or hide the input panel, tap the Input Panel button . To see your choices, tap the arrow next to the Panel button. Tap the arrow next to the Input Panel Keyboard.
  • Page 52: Using The Letter Recognizer

    Using the Letter Recognizer With the Letter Recognizer, stylus just as you would on paper. 1. Tap the arrow next to the Input Panel button then Letter Recognizer. 2. Write a letter in the box. When you write a letter, it is converted to typed text that appears on the screen.
  • Page 53: To Punctuate In Transcriber

    Using Profiles Letter Shape Selector supports two profiles: Guest: n Master is typically used by the SX66's primary user. This profile is unaffected by any n Guest is for temporary device usage by another person. Editing and selecting text...
  • Page 54: Writing On The Screen

    To select typed text, want to select. You can cut, copy, and paste text by tapping and holding the selected words, and then tapping an editing command on the pop-up menu, or by tapping the command Edit on the menu. 2.3 Writing on the Screen In any program that accepts writing, such as Notes, and in the...
  • Page 55 Converting writing into text: 1. On the writing note, tap the menu bar. If you want to convert only certain words, select them before tapping Recognize and hold the selected words and then tap on the pop up menu). If a word is not recognized, it will be left as writing. And if the conversion is incorrect, you can select different words from a list of alternates, or return to the original writing.
  • Page 56: Drawing On The Screen

    2.4 Drawing on the Screen You can draw on the screen in the same way that you write on the screen. The difference between writing and drawing on the screen is how you select items and how they can be edited.
  • Page 57: Recording A Message

    Record button, which is the first button from the top on the left side of your SX66. To quickly create a recording, hold down the When you hear the beep, begin your recording. Release the button when you are finished. The new recording is stored in the open note, or as a stand-alone recording, if no note is opened.
  • Page 58: Finding Information

    2.6 Finding Information Find feature on your SX66 helps you quickly locate the information you need. 1. Tap the Start 2. In Find, enter the file name, word, or other information you want to search for. If you have looked for this item before, tap the 3.
  • Page 59 SX66 User Manual...
  • Page 60: Using Your Phone

    Chapter 3 Using Your SX66 3.1 About Your Phone 3.2 Making a Call 3.3 Receiving a Call 3.4 In-Call Options 3.5 Contacts Information 3.6 Photo Contacts 3.7 Additional Dialing Information 3.8 Securing Your Phone...
  • Page 61: About Your Phone

    The phone dialer screen Phone Dialer To access the SX66. From this screen, you can access Signal status information and icons that tell you about your call include: 1. Indicates the strength of the signal. 2. Last number called are displayed here.
  • Page 62: The Navigation Pad And Dialing

    Screen, press to enter the Speed Phone Dialer Screen, press to enter the PIN (Personal Identification card into your SX66, please see the Guide.) assigned by your mobile phone service provider. card will be blocked. If this happens, you from your mobile service provider.
  • Page 63: Adjusting The Phone Volume

    LEGAL NOTICE: In many countries you are required by law to turn off your phone on board an aircraft. Turning off the power of your SX66 doesn't turn off the phone function. You must turn on the Flight Mode in order to disconnect the connection to the wireless network.
  • Page 64: Making A Call

    To adjust the conversation phone volume, you must do it during a call. Adjusting the volume at another time will affect the ring, notification, and MP3 sound levels. 3.2 Making a Call With your SX66, you can make a call from the Dialer, tacts, Speed Dial,...
  • Page 65: Making A Call From Call History

    A pop-up number right after pressing the Work Tel by default. However, you can customize it so that the mobile number or E-mail is displayed instead. In the Contacts list, tap the to the contact you want to customize. A pop-up menu will display the phone numbers and E-mail addresses for this contact with a dot next to the priority number.
  • Page 66: Checking Your Voice Mail

    Delete. Checking your Voice Mail By default, the first Speed Dial card into your SX66, it will automatically detect and set, by default, the voice mailbox number of your service provider. On the Phone Dialer...
  • Page 67: Receiving A Call

    3.4 In-Call Options Putting a call on hold Your SX66 notifies you when you have another incoming call and gives you the choice of rejecting or accepting the call. If you accept, you can choose to switch between the two callers or set up a conference call between all three parties.
  • Page 68: Writing A Note

    Setting up conference calls: 1. Either put a call on hold, dial a 2 incoming call when you already have one in progress. 2. In the screen that appears tap 3. If the conference connection is successful, the word Phone Dialer screen.
  • Page 69: Contacts Information

    3. To turn OFF the speakerphone hold down WARNING: To avoid damage to your hearing, do not leave your SX66 on speakerphone mode and hold it against your ear. Muting a call You can mute your microphone during a call so that you can hear the caller without being heard.
  • Page 70: Call History

    2. After the contents have loaded, tap New. 3. Fill in the Name Transferring contacts from SIM to Microsoft Contacts: Manager, tap Tools > Select All > Save to Con- tacts. Press and hold the center of the navigation pad when a contact has been selected, or tap and hold a contact from the list.
  • Page 71: Viewing Call Duration

    Viewing calls details Tap in the top left corner of the screen and then select a category from the drop down menu. Calls are categorized as follows: n All Calls: Displays all calls made to and from the phone in chronological order. n Missed Displays calls that were not answered.
  • Page 72: Photo Contacts

    Contacts. When a person calls you (for whom you have previously assigned a photo in photo will appear on your SX66’s incoming call screen. Use the rich set of features to get the photos displayed with the size, position, and animated template you want.
  • Page 73: Toolbar Icons

    > Properties... on the Contact entry > Properties icon on the Toolbar. Contact entry > Action button on your SX66. entry. on the Edit Menu). Edit... Edit on the Delete Edit on the Menu). Assign Photo... on the Unassign Photo...
  • Page 74: To Manage Your Groups

    This photo will display whenever the phone number of the incoming call photo is not known to your SX66. This would occur if the person calling you has blocked their phone number from being displayed to the receiver, or has not enabled the broadcast of their >...
  • Page 75: Additional Dialing Information

    3.7 Additional Dialing Information Making an emergency call The Siemens SX66 is loaded at the factory with the US can be used to make an emergency call in the US, with or without a SIM card inserted, if your phone is connected to a wireless network. Some mobile phone service providers may require that a SIM card is inserted,and in some cases that the PIN has been entered as well.
  • Page 76: Securing Your Phone

    3.8 Securing Your Phone You can customize the level of security you want to have on your SX66 by locking the keypad, the entire device, or the Locking the keypad The keypad lock turns off the keypad functionality. This is a helpful feature if, for example, your SX66 is turned off and in your pocket, and you want to prevent accidental keypress.
  • Page 77 SX66 User Manual...
  • Page 78: Synchronizing Information

    Chapter 4 Synchronizing Information 4.1 Using ActiveSync 4.2 Synchronizing Information 4.3 Infrared and Bluetooth Connection 4.4 ActiveSync Errors...
  • Page 79: Using Activesync

    PC or server and your SX66. This process is called "synchronization." To synchronize your SX66 with your PC, you must install ActiveSync, you can: Synchronize information between your SX66 and PC or server so that you have the latest information in all locations. Change synchronization settings and synchronization schedule.
  • Page 80: Synchronizing Information

    Connection cable or infrared connection to this COM port list, select 3. Align the infrared ports on your PC and your SX66 so that they are un-obstructed and within close range. 4. On your SX66, tap the Tools > Connect via 4.2 Synchronizing Information...
  • Page 81: Synchronizing Calendar

    Synchronizing Calendar n Calendar items stored on your SX66 can be synchronized with calendar items on your PC or Microsoft Exchange Server. You can only synchronize information directly with an Exchange Server if your company is running Microsoft Mobile Information Server 2002 or later.
  • Page 82: Infrared And Bluetooth Connection

    New items entered on one computer are copied to the other during synchronization. Handwritten notes and drawings are saved as metafiles (pictures). For more information on synchronization, see Synchronizing Notes Notes can be synchronized between your PC and SX66 either through notes synchroniza- tion or file synchronization. with Outlook Notes with the...
  • Page 83: Activesync Errors

    By default your device detects incoming infrared to accept them. If you do not want your SX66 to detect or receive beams, clear the all incoming beams NOTE: If someone attempts to send you an IR beam from an older device, you may not be prompted to accept it.
  • Page 84: Personalizing Your Phone

    Chapter 5 Personalizing Your Phone 5.1 Device Settings 5.2 Phone Settings...
  • Page 85: Device Settings

    5.1 Device Settings You can adjust the device settings to suit the way you work. To see available options, tap Start menu > Settings > screen. The Personal tab Buttons assigns an application program to a hardware button. Input sets up the input portion of your device. Menus customizes the menu appearance and enables a pop-up menu from the button.
  • Page 86 Keyboard customizes the keyboard settings to switch the device backlight mode. Memory displays the memory allocation status and current running programs. Microphone AG adjusts the volume automatically when you are recording. Permanent Save saves Contacts to the permanent flash memory. Power maximizes battery life.
  • Page 87: Owner Information

    Tasks. You can tap this arrow and then tap a new item to create. You can create subfolders and shortcuts to appear under the Start menu. In your PC, click Explore > My SX66 > Windows > Start Owner Information: 1. Tap the...
  • Page 88: Sounds And Notifications

    Password A strong password must have at least and lowercase letters, numerals, and punctuation. 1. Tap the Start menu 2. To enable this function, select how long your mobile device must be turned off before the password is required for using the device by tapping 3.
  • Page 89 NOTE: The recommend picture size for the background is 240x320 pixels in jpeg file format. To beam a favorite theme to a friend, select the desired theme, and tap Appearance Customizing the displayed information: 1. Tap the Start menu Today > Items 2.
  • Page 90 You can use your device as a travel alarm clock by setting a wake-up alarm on the tab. Tap the alarm icon to select the type of alarm you want. To change the way the date or time is displayed on your SX66, go to by tapping the...
  • Page 91: Permanent Save

    1. Tap the Start menu 2. Select the desired item by checking the boxes Keyboard Your SX66 comes with a QWERTY keyboard. To open it, slide down the bottom end of the device. Tap the Start menu > Settings >...
  • Page 92: Phone Settings

    1. To display all ring tones on your device, you can tap the > Add Ring files on your SX66. 2. After the ring tones have loaded, you can see that some are already selected. These ones are presently listed in the phone settings.
  • Page 93: Keypad Tone

    Keypad tone You can change the tone you hear when entering a phone number on the keypad. If set to Tones, the tone is heard continuously for as long as the number on the keypad is pressed. If set to Beep, the tone is heard only for one or two seconds. 1.
  • Page 94: Getting Connected

    Chapter 6 Getting Connected 6.1 About Connections 6.2 Connecting to the Internet 6.3 CSD Line Type 6.4 Internet Explorer 6.5 Wireless Manager 6.6 WiFi Manager 6.7 Network Cards Settings 6.8 Terminal Services Client 6.9 Bluetooth 6.10 Wireless Modem...
  • Page 95: About Connections

    You can set up connections to the Internet and to a cor- porate network at work to browse the Internet, send and receive E-mail, use instant messages, and synchronize with ActiveSync. Your SX66 Phone has two groups of connection settings: My ISP My Work to connect to the Internet, and can be used to connect to any private network, such as a corporate network.
  • Page 96: Csd Line Type

    SX66 Phone User Manual 2. Tap the 3. To create a new connection in instructions in the 4. Wireless connections can be made via a mobile phone network or GPRS. If you are using a mobile phone network to connect, tap...
  • Page 97: Internet Explorer

    NOTE: The default setting on your SX66 Phone is set for the most optimal use. Do not change this setting unless you have trouble using the circuit switch data connection. GPRS Settings This program allow you to choose the GPRS setting method when you make a GPRS con- nection.
  • Page 98: Wireless Manager

    Favorites 6.5 Wireless Manager Wireless Manager Internet connections, or launch Bluetooth. Make sure that you have a GPRS or WiFi service subscription for your SX66 Phone before proceeding. Checking current connection status To check the current wireless connection status, open the...
  • Page 99 Wireless Fidelity is also commonly known as WiFi, which is based on the 802.11_ protocol. An 802.11b/g access point or router is required to access the WiFi channel on your SX66 phone. The WiFi channel can be activated alongside the Bluetooth channel, but not the GPRS channel, for Internet connection.
  • Page 100: Wifi Manager

    Turning on WiFi: To use WiFi on your SX66 Phone, you need to turn on the internal WiFi antenna on your device: Screen: Open the Today Screen. If the device...
  • Page 101 Turning on Auto Off You can turn off your SX66 phone's WiFi antenna automati- cally if no signal is detected in order to save battery power. Choose between 2, 3, 4, or 5 minute intervals once the box is selected.
  • Page 102: Network Cards Settings

    This lets anyone having the correct SSID to associate with the access point. For LEAP to work correctly, both the access point and the receiving device (your SX66 Phone) must be set with the same username and password, and SSID.
  • Page 103: Terminal Services Client

    To search for a network to access: Networks that you have already configured are listed in whether to connect only to preferred networks or to have your SX66 Phone search for and connect to any available network. 1. While the Network Cards >...
  • Page 104: Connecting To A Terminal Server

    If scroll bars are displayed on the server’s screen, you will see more than one set of scroll bars on your SX66 Phone: one to scroll information on the PC, and one to scroll the PC display through the...
  • Page 105: Bluetooth

    Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth When your Bluetooth upper corner of your SX66 Phone, will blink blue for every is on, or alternate between blinking blue and blinking green for every is also turned on. window, tap Bluetooth powered on, you can send information or perform...
  • Page 106: Bluetooth Settings

    Different users to quickly re-configure the SX66 Phone to the personal preferences. For example, if Joe and Mary both use the same SX66, but each uses it for a different purpose, selecting a pre-configured profile will alter the settings to those of the appropriate user.
  • Page 107 2. Tap a profile from the profile name list and then tap or delete the selected profile. Saving configuration settings in a profile When you make changes to the SX66 Phone's configuration, those changes are automati- cally saved when you select a different profile, turn Phone.
  • Page 108: Setting Accessibility Properties

    The ability of remote devices to connect is also subject to the security restrictions and whether on your SX66 Phone. Enabling Bluetooth Services The services that your SX66 Phone provides to other devices when using Bluetooth n File Transfer: file-related operations such as get a file/use a file/delete a file, etc.
  • Page 109 Hands Free: Allows you to connect to a remote headset or other audio device. This allows any device, even those unknown to your device, to be connected to your SX66. Αll the services can be individually configured by tapping the Today >...
  • Page 110: Bluetooth Manager

    Otherwise, the connection will not be allowed. 3. You can also enable the exchanged between your SX66 Phone and the remote Bluetooth device to be encrypted. 4. Some services have advanced configuration options; if available, tap the additional settings.
  • Page 111: Bluetooth Connection

    Exchanging Information or Business Cards To exchange information or business cards choose either Exchange. Bluetooth Tap the Manager > Tools. Pairing with another device: Pairing essentially means giving two devices permission to communicate with each other. When two devices are paired, they share, and exchange prior to each connection, an in- ternally generated security key.
  • Page 112 ActiveSync via Bluetooth: Locate a that will establish a synchronization link between the your SX66 Phone and the PC. Browse files on a remote device: Locate and connect to a remote device to examine the contents of a remote folder and/or send/receive file(s) to/from that device. An optional connection shortcut can be created.
  • Page 113 Bluetooth-enabled of your computer (follow the instruction in the device or PC), then set up your SX66 Phone. connection on your SX66 Phone: > tap the...
  • Page 114 SX66 Phone User Manual your PC is the same as the 4. Follow the Next. 5. Under Serial Port Next, Connecting to a remote PC Dial-up Networking (DUN) Once connected, you can browse the Internet or check your E-mail. The remote device that will provide the system (either a hard-wired or mobile connection).
  • Page 115: Send Via Bluetooth

    Send via Bluetooth Pocket Outlook Contacts, Calendar to a remote device. To send data via 1. Tap the Start menu 2. Highlight the item(s) to be sent. 3. Tap-and-hold the item(s), and in the pop-up menu, tap 4. On the Select a Bluetooth device tap OK.
  • Page 116: Wireless Modem

    PC by following the installation instruction provided on the web. If you are using a Serial port SX66 Phone as described below. No additional driver needs to be installed. Join a personal network > appears, select the host of the personal area network, and Use server-assigned IP service availability may prevent you from joining the network.
  • Page 117 Settings on your PC Contact your to get the APN (Access Point less Modem with a serial port your PC first: 1. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Phone and Modem a new modem by selecting the 3. Enable the checkbox 4.
  • Page 118 GPRS SIM Disable the Disable the > Beam. Insert your SX66 Phone to your PC/Notebook by serial sync cable). 1. Tap the 2. Select the cable adapter. 3. Make sure that you have connected your device with a serial sync cable if you choose...
  • Page 119 USBModem_Dialer GPRS settings (enter the to start the connection. Connect via Bluetooth Before starting to use your SX66 Phone as a PC is a Bluetooth-enabled device. In addition, you still need to check the following: GPRS SIM card is inserted in your SX66 Phone.
  • Page 120: Using Microsoft Outlook

    Chapter 7 Using Microsoft Outlook 7.1 Calendar 7.2 Contacts 7.3 Tasks 7.4 Notes...
  • Page 121: Calendar

    Appointments for the day can be displayed on the If you use Outlook on your PC, you can synchronize appointments between your SX66 and PC. See Using ActiveSync 1. Tap to go back to view today's appointment.
  • Page 122: Send A Meeting Request

    When entering a time, you can type military and abbreviated time forms, such as 2300 (becomes 11:00 PM), 913pm (be- comes 9:13 PM), 911 (becomes 9:11 AM), and 9p (becomes 9:00 PM). Send a meeting request You can use Calendar to set up meetings with users of Outlook Pocket...
  • Page 123: Contacts

    Set a reminder for an appointment: 1. In the Calendar, tap the appointment, and then tap the upper portion of the summary screen when editing the appointment. 2. Tap Reminder 3. To change how many minutes before the appointment you are to be reminded, tap the minutes displayed.
  • Page 124: Find A Contact

    Create or change a contact: 1. Tap the Start menu 2. Using the input panel, enter a name and other contact information. You will need to scroll down to see all available fields. 3. To assign the contact to a category, scroll to and tap from the list.
  • Page 125: Tasks

    infrared When using structed and within close range. Change options: 1. In the contact list, tap 2. To increase the available space for displaying contacts in the list, clear 3. The area code and country/region for new contacts are automatically entered based on the information in Using the summary screen When you tap a contact in the contact list, a summary screen is displayed.
  • Page 126: Notes

    Set a reminder for a task: 1. In the task list, tap the task, and then tap 2. Tap the 3. Tap the Reminder on the due date. 4. To change the reminder date, tap the date displayed. To be automatically reminded of new tasks with a due date, in the task list, tap Tools > Options and select To choose how you are reminded, for example by a sound, tap the...
  • Page 127: Create A Note

    Create a note: 1. Tap the Start menu 2. Create your note by writing, drawing, typing, and recording, Chapter 2 for more information about using the input panel, writing and drawing on the screen, and creating You can insert the date in a note. First, deselect selected.
  • Page 128: Messaging Features

    Chapter 8 Messaging Features 8.1 E-Mail and Text Messages 8.2 MSN Messenger 8.3 MMS Messages...
  • Page 129: E-mail And Text Messages

    Chapter 4. Start wizard will prompt you to fill in the necessary information will attempt to connect your SX66 to your E-mail server and name, User name and Password, then tap Next. If you check the box, your device will not ask for your password the next time you log in to an...
  • Page 130: Deleting An Account

    SX66 Inbox. Tap a message in the message list to open it. 3. If you read a message and decide that you need the full copy, tap while in the message window.
  • Page 131: Receiving Attachments

    Receiving attachments An attachment sent with an E-mail icon at the bottom of the message in its own window pane. Tapping the attachment icon opens the attachment if it has been fully downloaded. You can mark an attachment for downloading (IMAP4 account only) Through synchronization: 1.
  • Page 132: Managing Messages And Folders

    You can also send a text message from the Text Message. A new message screen will appear in Messaging. 1. In the message list, tap the desired E-mail account. 2. Tap New. 3. Enter the E-mail address or text message address of one or more recipients, separating them with a semicolon.
  • Page 133: Msn Messenger

    For all accounts except > Manage Folders. 8.2 MSN Messenger MSN Messenger features include: Seeing who is online. Sending and receiving instant messages. Having instant message conversations with groups of contacts. Notifying contacts of your on-line status. Blocking contacts from seeing your status or sending you messages. To use Messenger, you need a E-mail account that your employer provides.
  • Page 134: Mms Messages

    Exchange tion speed. Reducing the number of 8.3 MMS Messages With the SX66, you can create and share your own MMS messages, complete with photos, videos, text, and audio to your friends and family. Launching the MMS composer screen MMS is incorporated into the SX66’s...
  • Page 135 1. When you’re ready to send your message, tap here. 2. Here you can enter your recipients and subject. Tap the double down arrow to view the Cc and Bcc fields, and message size. 3. Tap here to insert a photo or video. 4.
  • Page 136: Adding Text

    Adding text You can add text to any slide. You can either enter in new text with the keyboard, or use “canned” text. Canned text are previously saved words or phrases. Tap the Canned Text icon to see a list of pre-saved text messages. Tap the one you want, and then choose “Select.” Tap and hold on the Canned Text screen to view these additional options: n New: Lets you enter in a new canned text message.
  • Page 137: Viewing Messages

    Options Text: Choose between “Top” and “Bottom.” This determines where your included text will appear in the message. Preview your message to see which looks best. Send Options: • Uncheck the “Send the message now” box to manually set the date and time that you would like the message sent.
  • Page 138: Applications

    Chapter 9 Applications 9.1 Pocket Word 9.2 Pocket Excel 9.3 Windows Media Player 9.4 Pictures 9.5 MIDlet Manager...
  • Page 139: Pocket Word

    When (.doc) templates (.dot), created in documents (.psw) Word file from the PC to your SX66. Word documents when they are synchronized Microsoft Pocket Word just as you documents can be saved as .psw, Word documents on your PC.
  • Page 140: Pocket Excel

    9.2 Pocket Excel You can create and edit workbooks and templates in would do in Microsoft Excel .pxl files, but you can also save them in the is automatically named and placed in the password to a workbook to ensure privacy. Synchronizing Pocket Excel workbooks Pocket Excel workbooks can be synchronized with Excel workbooks on your PC.
  • Page 141: Windows Media Player

    9.4 Pictures Pictures collects, organizes and sorts can download images to your PC, use ActiveSync to copy the files to your SX66, and view the images as a slide show. to play audio and video files that are stored on your Windows Media .mp3.)
  • Page 142: Transferring Pictures

    Pictures can also be stored and transferred to your device from a MMC, SD, or any storage form factor supported by your digital camera. Insert a card into the memory card slot and then copy or drag the pictures from your PC to the Documents directory on the memory card.
  • Page 143: Sorting Pictures

    Sorting pictures: 1. Tap the Start menu 2. Tap to select a sorting option such as Name, Date, Size, and menu. Deleting an image Hold the stylus firmly on the file name of the picture you want to delete. Select the pop-up menu.
  • Page 144: Java Midlet Manager

    3. Select a number of seconds, then tap OK. 9.5 JAVA MIDlet Manager Your SX66 supports Java 2 Edition, J2ME. The MIDlet Manager allows you to download Java applications such as games and tools specifically designed for mobile devices. You will find that some Java applications and games may have already been installed on your device.
  • Page 145 If the folder My MIDlets not exist in My Documents, you need to create one with exactly the same folder name. The folder the SD card to your SX66. Once the file(s) have been copied to your SX66 or to your storage card, you must install the MIDlet/MIDlets suite: 1. Tap the...
  • Page 146 Show > Running You can tap SX66. You can also return to a running MIDlet by selecting it from this screen. You can also tap the Show > Recent MIDlets. Stopping MIDlets Some MIDlets have an exit or stop command within their menu structure, which are deter- mined by the specific software developer.
  • Page 147: System Info

    Changing the display name of your MIDlets You can change the displayed name of any MIDlet on your SX66. However, you cannot change the names of MIDlet suites. 1. Tap and hold the MIDlet you wish to change the name of and the then select the pop-up menu.
  • Page 148: Network Type

    Local Enables a MIDlets/MIDlet suite to access services such as RDA Connectivity and Bluetooth. Refer to your SX66's manual for the features available on your handset. App Auto Run Enables a MIDlets/MIDlet suite to run at specified times, or any time...
  • Page 149 Invalid Java archive (jar) This Java application is not compatible with this device There is a problem with the installation file provided by the MIDlet manufacturer. One of more features required by this MIDlet is not available on your SX66.
  • Page 150 SX66 User Manual...
  • Page 151: Chapter 10 Using Album

    Chapter 10 Using Album...
  • Page 152: Using Album

    Using Album Album allows you to view image and video files, and play audio files. Four view modes are available: Thumbnail, Detailed, Slide Show, and To start Album: • Tap the Start menu Thumbnail view The first time you enter Album, the will be invoked.
  • Page 153 To make an audio annotation: To create an audio recording (either voice or music) as an annotation using your built-in SX66 microphone, tap begin recording, tap to stop recording. After audio an- notation has been added, A separate .WAV...
  • Page 154: Assign To Contact

    To set audio files as Ringtones: Select the desired audio file, then select menu that pops up when you tap and hold on a thumbnail). The previous ringtone will be immediately replaced. A message will display the filename and confirm that the operation was successful.
  • Page 155 Options To change the Album available: General, Association, The General tab Function Default zoom The setting in the file when it is initially displayed in Album will automatically calculate the best size in which to display the file on the screen. However, if you want files to initially display in their original size, select Full screen None...
  • Page 156: Detailed View Mode

    The Association tab You can associate any or all of the supported file types with Album. When selecting a file of the associated type in the File Explorer, it will automatically open using Album. The Slide Show tab These settings control only the behavior of mode.
  • Page 157 To set as Today wallpaper: This command allows you to change the background image of the Today screen on your SX66 to any image you want. 1. In Album, tap to open a video file or image you want to use as the image for the wallpaper.
  • Page 158: Slide Show View

    Slide Show View Thumbnail When in the Bar to enter Slide Show In the Slide Show mode, all image, video, and audio files will automatically be displayed/played, after one another. If video and audio files are encountered during a Slide Show, they will be played once, and then the next file in the displayed/played.
  • Page 159: Full Screen View Mode

    Full Screen View Mode You can enter the Full Screen View mode, simply tap the Full Screen Tap to switch to Full Screen View mode. only from the Detailed icon on the Toolbar to switch to Detailed View, if the image or video is As with the currently displayed in a size that is too large to fit in its entirety on the screen, you can “pan”...
  • Page 161 Appendix A Maintaining your SX66 Adding or Removing Programs Managing Memory Backing Up Files Resetting your SX66...
  • Page 162: Adding Or Removing Programs

    1. Download the program to your PC (or insert the CD or disk that contains the program into your PC). Be sure that the program is compatible with your SX66 before installing it. 2. Read any installation instruction or documentation that came with the program. Many programs provide their own installation instructions.
  • Page 163: Managing Memory

    > Settings > Finding space in storage memory Under certain situations, such as when the memory is low, your SX66 may not be able to automatically adjust the memory allocation. When you receive a message stating that stor- age or program memory is unavailable, try the following solutions: Move data to a SD storage card 1.
  • Page 164 Files stored in folders other than Documents) may not show up in the list view of some programs. When you use Notes, Pocket Word, or Pocket Excel, move files by opening the item and tapping and then Rename/Move. Move E-mail attachments 1.
  • Page 165: Backing Up Files

    Backing Up Files Because any new programs or data are stored in RAM, and therefore will be lost if your device loses power for any reason, it is critical that you back up the device's files to your PC or a memory card.
  • Page 166: Resetting The Sx66

    To perform a full reset A full device reset clears memory, deletes all data and restores the SX66 to its default set- tings. Programs installed at the factory remain, erasing all data that you have created and programs you have installed. Press and hold the...
  • Page 167: Regulatory Notices

    Appendix B Regulatory Notices Regulatory Agency Identification European Union Notice FCC Compliance Statement Important Health and Safety Information Troubleshooting...
  • Page 168: Regulatory Agency Ids

    The following accessories have been approved for use with your device. Their assigned model numbers listed below can identify these approved accessories. To ensure continued reliable and safe operation of your SX66, use only the accessories listed below with your PH20Bx. Accessories Cradle...
  • Page 169: Fcc Compliance Statement

    For body worn operation, to maintain compliance with FCC RF exposure guidelines, use only Siemens. approved accessories. When carrying the phone while it is on, use the specific Siemens. supplied or approved carrying case, holster, or other body-worn accessory. Use of non Siemens. approved accessories may violate FCC RF exposure guidelines and should be avoided.
  • Page 170: Important Health And Safety Information

    Important Health and Safety Information Retain and follow all product safety and operating instructions. Observe all warnings in the operating instructions on the product. To reduce the risk of bodily injury, electric shock, fire, and damage to the equipment, observe the following precautions.
  • Page 171 SX66 User Manual n Handle battery packs carefully This product contains a Li-ion Polymer battery. There is a risk of fire and burns if the battery pack is handled improperly. Do not attempt to open or service the battery pack.
  • Page 172: Troubleshooting

    The screen is blank. center in your area. Solution Your SX66 is designed by default to turn itself off if not used for 3 minutes. This period can be adjusted to a maximum of 5 minutes. Refer to the Power more information.
  • Page 173 > Settings > System > Brightness tab. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may also cause your SX66 screen to temporarily darken. This is normal for LCD screens and is not permanent. Memory on your SX66 is shared between memory and program...
  • Page 174: Tapping And Writing Problems

    Tap the Start menu > Screen > Align Screen. For your SX66 to recognize your handwriting input with Transcriber the stylus, you need to use how to write in Transcriber, see Chapter 2. Solution Make sure the ActiveSync cradle/cable is connected securely.
  • Page 175: Connection Problems

    Verify with your Internet service provider that your username and password are correct. See Chapter 7, Getting information is also available in the SX66 and ActiveSync Help Tools Menu > ActiveSync Solution Connected. Additional Connections Help...
  • Page 176 SX66 without any extra cables or extenders attached. Plug the other end of the cable securely into the correct port on your SX66. If you are using a cradle, push your SX66 securely into the cradle. menu >...
  • Page 177: Specifications

    Specifications System Information Processor Intel PXA263 CPU at 400MHz Memory - ROM : 64 MB - RAM : 128 MB Operating System Windows Mobile edition software Display LCD Type 3.5" transflective TFT-LCD with back-light LEDs, touch-sensitive screen Resolution 240 x 320 at 65,536 colors GSM/GPRS (Quad-band) Module GSM 850 824-849, 869-894 MHz...
  • Page 178: Index

    Index Accessibility 108 Accessories 43 ActiveSync 79, 113 ActiveSync Errors 83 Active Connections 116 Adding programs 162 Address Book 132 Album 152 Annotation 153 APN 117 Appointment 121 Attachments 131 Authentication 102 Auto-configuration 126 Background 85, 143 Backup 165 Battery 41 Beam 123 Beaming Information 83 Block recognizer 52...
  • Page 179 My Shortcuts 116 My Work Network 95 Navigation bar 47 Navigation pad 62 Network 93 Network Adapters 103 Network Cards 102 Notes 126 Notifications 47 Notification LED 40 Outlook E-mail 132 Owner Information 87 Paired devices 111 Password 88 Permanent Save 91 Personal 85 Personal Area Network 115 Phone Dialer Screen 61...

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