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18.7.01 SX45, englisch, Quick Start
PN441005-001 MO0105-A Printed on recycled paper. Printed in Japan
This q q uick start guide helps you to get your SX45 up and running.
The following user guides can be found on the Siemens CD:
• P P ocket PC hardware manual: General description of the SX45 hardware
and how to use it.
• P P ocket PC user guide : The Windows CE basics.
• C C ommunications user guide: Description of the communications and
data services (hardware and software).
Check to make sure that all the items listed below are included.
Stylus (inserted inside SX45)
• Rechargeable battery pack
• Backup battery (CR2032)
• AC adapter
• AC cable
• Protection bag
• Headset
• SX45 USB cable
• Microsoft® ActiveSync® CD-ROM
• Pocket PC applications CD-ROM
• Precautions manual
Hardware manual , Pocket PC user guide , and other documentation are in-
cluded in digital form as PDF files on the bundled CD-ROM . Make sure that
you read the separate CD-ROM and hardware manual first.
Lights red when the battery pack is charging
and turns green when full charge is achieved.
Slide to the ON position
to enable the mobile
module and to OFF to
Alerts you to alarms and
Use the stylus to
operate the switch.
Turns power on and off.
Perform operations and input
data by tapping and writing
directly on the screen.
See "About the [Action]
control" below.
Voice memo recording
Press to launch the assigned
is activated as long as
programme. The pro-
you press this button.
grammes shown here are
the initial default settings.
Moves the cursor
Connect the headset here.
around the screen.
Operations can be performed by pressing and rotating the [Action] control
Pressing the [Action] control
Rotating the [Action] control
button performs an operation
button performs operations
similar to the Enter key of a
similar to the up and down ar-
computer keyboard.
row keys of a computer key-
See SX45 online help for information about using the [Action] control button
with each application. The text in the online help indicates an [Action] control
press operation as "Action," and an [Action] control rotate operation as "Up/
Down control."
If the inserted card has a lock, this
switch locks the card in place so it
does not come out accidentally.
(inside battery compartment)
(Rechargeable battery pack)
For connection of the Sync-
Station, the SX45 USB cable,
or the RS-232C cable.
• 7DS
Touch the screen once with the stylus to open items and select options.
• 'UDJ
Hold the stylus on the screen and drag across the screen to select text and
images. Drag in a list to select multiple items.
Tap and hold the stylus on an item to see a list of actions available for that
item. On the pop-up menu that appears, tap the action you want to perform.

Make sure that you use the AC adapter to charge the battery pack before do-
ing anything else. Your device will not operate correctly if you load the back-
up battery before charging the battery pack.
Slide the main battery lock
Position the battery pack as shown in
key to the
the illustration below, insert it into the
battery compartment.
• Insert the tip of the stylus
into the lower depression,
• Make sure you insert the flat end of the
and slide up.
battery pack first, and then lower the
• Insert the tip of the stylus
terminal end into place.
into the upper depression,
and slide up again.
Reverse the two-step procedure in
to slide the main battery lock to

• Connect the AC adapter to the SX45 as shown in the illustration.
• Charging starts automatically as soon as you connect the AC adapter to the
• The charge indicator is red while charging is in progress, and turns green
when charging is complete.
• It takes about seven hours to reach full charge.
• The time required to reach full charge may be longer the first time you
charge the battery pack after purchasing it.
Remove the AC adapter from the SX45 after charging is complete.

Insert the tip of the stylus
After wiping both
under the backup tray, and
sides of a new lithium
pull the tray out.
battery (CR2032) with a
dry cloth, place it into the
backup battery tray with
the positive side facing
up (see picture).
Replace the backup battery tray into
the SX45.


• After a few moments the Welcome screen appears.


• See "Pocket PC basics" at the back of this quick start guide for information
about the Today screen and other Pocket PC basics.
• You also need to install ActiveSync before you can communicate with a
desktop computer.
• If the touch panel does not respond when you tap it or if nothing appears
on the display, try performing a full reset. If this does not restore proper op-
eration, remove the main battery and the backup battery and wait for about
five minutes. Reload the main battery first and then the backup battery, and
perform the above procedure again from step 4.
• If the message "A problem with memory contents has been found..." ap-
pears on the display, perform a full reset.
• See the hardware manual for information on performing a full reset.
• See the hardware manual for important information about replacing batter-
Make contrast darker
[Action] + Cursor up
Make contrast lighter
[Action] + Cursor down
Increase brightness
[Action] + Cursor right
Decrease brightness
[Action] + Cursor left
Your SX45 must have a SIM card loaded before you can use it for data commu-
nication and telecommunication. Use the following procedure to load a SIM
card into your SX45.


• Gently press the SIM card in until you hear it click into place.
• Never apply too much force when sliding a SIM card into the slot.
• Slide the SIM card in as far as it will go.



• In response to the message that appears on the display, enter the correct
PIN code.
• See "Input methods" at the back of this document for information about
inputting text.
• Note that you must re-input your PIN code following to a full reset of the
Information about this can be found in the communications user guide and the
WAP browser description (on the Siemens CD).
QuickAccess button
Plug the headset into the SX45 as shown in the illustration below.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 • Connect the AC adapter to the SX45 as shown in the illustration. Your SX45 must have a SIM card loaded before you can use it for data commu- Operations can be performed by pressing and rotating the [Action] control nication and telecommunication.
  • Page 2 Rights of modification reserved. ZDQW Siemens Aktiengesellschaft • At this point, if you want to continue working with your SX45, see the Pock- et PC user guide and online help for guidance. Otherwise, turn off the SX45 power and disconnect it from the cable.

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