RCA 21230 User Manual

2.4 ghz two line multi-handset cordless caller id telephone with digital answering system
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2.4 GHz Two Line Multi-Handset
Cordless Caller ID Telephone
with Digital Answering System
User's Guide
Please read this manual before operating
this product for the first time.
TOCOM 16207530
Model 21230


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  • Page 1 2.4 GHz Two Line Multi-Handset Cordless Caller ID Telephone with Digital Answering System User’s Guide Please read this manual before operating this product for the first time. TOCOM 16207530 Model 21230...
  • Page 2: Important Information

    Important Information Equipment Approval Information Your telephone equipment is approved for connecting to the Public Switched Telephone Network and is in compliance with parts 15 and 68, FCC Rules and Regulations, and the Technical Requirements for Telephone Terminal Equipment published by ACTA. 1.
  • Page 3: Hearing Aid Compatibility

    Important Information This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents ........2 ................20 MPORTANT NFORMATION RIME ........2 ................20 QUIPMENT PPROVAL NFORMATION ..........2 ..............21 NTERFERENCE NFORMATION EMINDER FCC RF R ......3 ........21 ADIATION XPOSURE TATEMENT EGISTERING AN DDITIONAL ANDSET ..........3 .............
  • Page 5 Table of Contents ................31 A CID R ..47 LASH RANSFERRING ECORD IRECTORY EMORY ................32 ID D ......... 48 AUSE AITING ALLER ELUXE ..........32 ....48 UT OF ANGE ARNING NSWERING ACHINE AND AILBOX PERATION ............32 –...
  • Page 6: Introduction

    Introduction CAUTION: When using telephone equipment, there are basic safety instructions that should always be followed. Refer to the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS provided with this product and save them for future reference. This 2.4 GHz two-line multihandset speakerphone system is designed to be simple to use, however, you can reach its full potential more quickly by taking a few minutes to read this User’s Guide.
  • Page 7: Telephone Allows You To

    • 2 individual voice mail boxes for each telephone line, total recording time up to 30 minutes, mailbox system supports GREETING recording, ICM recording and MEMO recording, the system can be accessed remotely via cordless handset or telephone line. • Optional headset •...
  • Page 8: Connections And Set Up

    Connections and Set Up Base and Handset Layout ANSWER LINE 2 indicator rewind button ANSWER LINE 2 button display ANSWER LINE 1 indicator play/stop button ANSWER LINE 1 button MEMO button charge indicator fast forward button button button REDIAL/FORMAT button CHARGE OK/PROGRAM button CONF button...
  • Page 9: Parts Checklist

    Connections and Set Up Parts Checklist Make sure your package includes the items shown below. LINE 1 CHARGE LINE 2 PAGE INTERCOM CHARGE VOLUME HOLD PQRS WXYZ MUTE LINE 1 PAUSE OPER PQRS WXYZ FLASH LINE 2 FLASH EXIT HOLD PAUSE OPER Handset...
  • Page 10: Important Installation Information

    Connections and Set Up Important Installation Information • Never install telephone wiring during a lightning storm. • Never touch non-insulated telephone wires or terminals, unless the telephone line has been disconnected. • Use caution when installing or modifying telephone lines. •...
  • Page 11: Installing And Replacing Theb

    Connections and Set Up Installing and Replacing the Base Backup Battery CAUTION: To reduce the risk of fire or personal injury, use only the battery listed in the Instruction book. You must install the battery pack prior to first use or you will not be able to use the cordless handset.
  • Page 12: Installing The Phone

    Connections and Set Up Installing the Phone The phone may be connected to one 2-line (RJ14C) wall jack or two single line wall jacks. 1. Choose a level surface, such as a desktop or tabletop, near an electrical outlet and a telephone wall jack (RJ11C) to install your phone.
  • Page 13 Connections and Set Up If you have two telephone lines on a single wall jack installed in your home, plug one end of the straight telephone line cord into the jack marked LINE 1+2 on the back of the base. Plug the other end into the 2-line wall jack.
  • Page 14: Data Port

    Connections and Set Up Data Port The base is equipped with two data jacks for you to connect an auxiliary phone device, such as fax machine, computer modem, or even another phone. Handset Registration All cordless handsets used with this unit must be registered at the base.
  • Page 15: Displays And Display Messages

    Connections and Set Up 7. Place the handset in the base cradle. The system automatically registers the handset to the base. REGISTERED The display shows: HANDSET # 2 After three seconds the display returns to the previous menu and shows: NOTE: REGISTRATION RESET...
  • Page 16: Setting Up The Telephone

    Connections and Set Up Setting Up the Telephone This unit has various programmable functions. Most of the settings are selected from the menu on the display. NOTE: You may press the EXIT button at any time to exit the programming mode. Display Language Set the display language to English, French, or Spanish.
  • Page 17: Intercom Ring

    Connections and Set Up 4. Press the button to select the ringer volume. 5. Press the PROGRAM/OK button to confirm and save. LINE 2 RING MIDDLE NOTE: After three seconds, the display returns to the main menu, or you may press the EXIT button to quit the program menu. Intercom Ring Set the intercom ring to OFF, LOW, MIDDLE, or HIGH.
  • Page 18: Rings To Answer (Base Only )

    Connections and Set Up 4. Use the button to select the ringer type. 5. Press PROGRAM/OK again to confirm and save. L2 RING TYPE NOTE: The handset generates the ringer type when you make your selection. NOTE: After three seconds, the display returns to the main menu, or you may press the EXIT button to quit the program menu.
  • Page 19: Day And Time

    Connections and Set Up 3. Press PROGRAM/OK. 4. For Line 1, use the button to select L1 PASSWORD. 5. Press PROGRAM/OK again. L1 PASSWORD L2 PASSWORD 6. Select the designated mailbox number (Mailbox 101 or 102). 7. Use the touch-tone pad to enter your new 3-digit password. 8.
  • Page 20: Line 1

    Connections and Set Up 8. Press the button to select AM or PM. 9. Press PROGRAM/OK to confirm and save. The display shows the current day and time. DAY AND TIME FRI 6:12AM OK! NOTE: After three seconds, the display returns to the main menu, or you may press the EXIT button to quit the program menu.
  • Page 21: Hold Reminder

    Registering an Additional Handset You may register up to eight handsets on this system. NOTE: YOU MAY ONLY REGISTER RCA MODEL H1230 HANDSETS TO THIS UNIT. NOTE: Make sure the base is not in use and the handset is fully charged...
  • Page 22 Connections and Set Up 1. Press the PROGRAM/OK button on the base. 2. Use the button to select REGISTRATION. REGISTRATION RESET 3. Press PROGRAM/OK again. The display shows: REGISTRATION 4. Use the button to select YES? or NO? REGISTRATION NOTE: If you select NO? the unit returns to the main menu. YES? 5.
  • Page 23: Reset Handset And Base

    Connections and Set Up Reset Handset and Base After you become familiar with the features of this phone, you may want to reset the handset or base back to the original factory default settings. NOTE: The security code, handset ID# and the directory memory do not reset to the original settings.
  • Page 24: Handset De-Registration

    Connections and Set Up 6. Press PROGRAM/OK again. For three seconds the display shows: RESETTING... PLEASE WAIT The displays shows the following for 10 to 15 seconds: INITIALIZING... PLEASE WAIT Handset The handset and base return to standby mode and the display shows: HANDSET #1 Base...
  • Page 25: Base De-Registration

    Connections and Set Up 4. Press PROGRAM/OK again. The display shows: DE-REGISTER 5. Use the button to select YES? or NO? NOTE: If you select NO, the display returns to the previous mode. 6. Press PROGRAM/OK to confirm and save. The display shows: DE-REGISTER YES? When the handset is de-registered, the display shows:...
  • Page 26: Unit Capabilities

    Connections and Set Up 6. Use the button to select a handset (for example, if you want to de-register handset #2, scroll to HANDSET #2). The DE-REGISTER display shows: HANDSET #2? 7. Press PROGRAM/OK again. The display shows: DE-REGISTER PLEASE WAIT! When the handset(s) is de-registered, the display shows: DE-REGISTER NOTE:...
  • Page 27: Answering A Call

    Telephone Operation Answering a Call The base can handle two calls simultaneously with one cordless handset (or two cordless handsets). When you receive a call, the unit rings. RINGING shows on the display. The line indicator flashes rapidly. If you subscribe to Caller ID service from your local telephone company, the calling party’s identifying information displays after the first ring.
  • Page 28: Base Speakerphone

    Telephone Operation 1. Dial the number first. 2. Press the SPEAKER button and the number dials automatically. The display shows L1 or L2, TALK SPKR, and the call timer. NOTE: If you press the SPEAKER button, a free line is automatically selected. 3.
  • Page 29: Cordless Handset

    Telephone Operation Cordless Handset 1. Press either LINE button. 2. Dial a number. The display shows L1 or L2, TALK, and the call timer. 3. When the party answers, speak into the handset microphone. 4. When finished, press the LINE button to hang up. 1.
  • Page 30: Hold

    Telephone Operation 2. Press PROGRAM/OK. All registered handsets generate the paging tone for 60 seconds and display the following PAGING message: FROM BASE 3. To stop the paging tone, press any button on the handset. Hold Placing an Outside Call on Hold (Single line) 1.
  • Page 31: Hold Reminder

    Telephone Operation 3. Press the PROGRAM/OK button to initiate an intercom call. The display shows: INTERCOM TO # L1: HOLD L2: MAIL NOTE: Refer to the Intercom section of this manual for more information on conducting intercom calls. Hold Reminder When an outside line holding, Hold reminder makes the system wait for a predetermined period of time before it generates a reminder tone.
  • Page 32: Pause

    Telephone Operation Pause Use the #PAUSE button to insert a delay in the dialing sequence of a telephone number you want to store in memory (for example, when you must dial 9 to get an outside line, or when you must enter codes to access your bank’s information line).
  • Page 33: Cordless Handset

    Telephone Operation 4. Press the HOLD button to place LINE 2 on hold, then press the LINE 1 button for the first call on line one. Cordless Handset If you are using LINE 1 and you receive a second call on LINE 2, or want to make another call on LINE 2, press the HOLD button to put the first call (on LINE 1) on hold.
  • Page 34: Headset

    Telephone Operation Headset 1. When the headset is connected to the handset, press either line button. 2. Press the REDIAL button. The last number you dialed shows in the display. 3. When finished, press the line button to hang up. Memory You can store 20 names (up to 15 characters) and phone numbers (up to 15 characters) in the base and handset memory.
  • Page 35: Editing Records Stored Ind

    Telephone Operation the next position. Press the 1 key to insert a space between the L and the S. Press the 7 key 4 times for the letter S; press the 6 key once for the letter M; press the 4 key 3 times for the letter I; press the 8 key for the letter T;...
  • Page 36: Dialing A Number Stored Ind

    Telephone Operation Dialing a Number Stored in Directory Memory 1. Press the DIR button. 2. Press the button, or enter the index number with the touch-tone pad. 3. Press the LINE 1 or LINE 2 button to dial the number on display. Chain Dialing from Memory Use chain dialing to make calls that require a sequence of numbers, such as a calling card number used for a frequently called long distance number.
  • Page 37: Intercom Basics

    Telephone Operation Intercom Basics A two-way intercom is possible between the base and a cordless handset or between two cordless handsets. The number assigned to a handset at registration is the extension number. The base extension number is 0. NOTE: The system supports four handsets at one time in intercom mode. For example, if you have four registered handsets on the system and two handsets are in conference with an outside line, the remaining two handsets can also intercom at the same time.
  • Page 38: Using Intercom With External

    Telephone Operation 2. Station 2 rings and displays: INTERCOM FROM #3 RINGING 3. To answer, station 2 presses either the INT button to answer the intercom call. INTERCOM FROM #3 SPEAKERPHONE NOTE: If SPEAKER is pressed, the display shows: NOTE: To answer an intercom call (from a handset) with the base, press the PAGE/INTERCOM button.
  • Page 39: Answering Intercom Calls

    Telephone Operation NOTE: If two other stations are using the intercom, and you press the PAGE/INTERCOM button, the display shows: INTERCOM BUSY NOTE: If the station you want to intercom with (for example, station 2) is busy, the display shows: INTERCOM TO #2 BUSY NOTE: If station #2’s ringer is turned off, the sender’s display shows:...
  • Page 40: Transferring A Call

    Telephone Operation Transferring a Call You may transfer an external telephone call between two cordless handsets or between a registered handset and the base. 1. During a call, press the PAGE/INTERCOM button. Your original call is put on hold, and your display shows: INTERCOM? TRANSFER? 2.
  • Page 41: Transferring A N Outside Call

    Telephone Operation 3. If a call is transferred to a handset in use, the user at the receiving handset hears the Call Waiting ringer. If the user answers the transferred call, the original call is placed on hold. 4. During a 3-way conference call with two outside lines, it is possible to transfer one party to another extension using the above procedure described.
  • Page 42: Conferencing Through Intercom

    Telephone Operation Conferencing Through Intercom 1. During a call, press the PAGE/INTERCOM button, and your original call is put on hold. The displays shows: INTERCOM? TRANSFER? 2. Press the PROGRAM/OK button. The display shows: INTERCOM TO # L1: HOLD 3. Use the touch-tone pad to enter the handset extension number.
  • Page 43: Three - Way

    Telephone Operation Three-way Conferencing with External Calls Since this is a two-line phone, you may conduct a 3-way conference call with two outside lines. 1. During a call, press the HOLD button to put LINE 1 on hold. 2. Press the LINE 2 button, and dial a telephone number. Or answer an incoming call on LINE 2.
  • Page 44: Call Waiting Caller Id

    Telephone Operation Call Waiting Caller ID Call Waiting Caller ID service lets you see who is calling while you are on the phone. When you are on the phone and you receive a Call Waiting Caller ID call, you hear a tone in the receiver signifying there is a call waiting on the line, and CID information shows in the display.
  • Page 45: Caller Id Display Icons

    Telephone Operation 3. Press the button to scroll through the CID database. The display shows new and repeated call information and the index number. NOTE: If you try to access the CID database while another user is accessing the CID Database, the display shows SYSTEM BUSY. Caller ID Display Icons L1 or L2 - LINE 1 or LINE 2;...
  • Page 46: Deleting Acid Record

    Telephone Operation CID R ELETING A ECORD You may delete a CID record from the Caller ID database when that CID record shows in the display. 1. Press the DELETE button. The display shows DELETE? 2. Press the DELETE button again. You will hear a confirmation tone.
  • Page 47: Emory

    Telephone Operation 1. Press the REDIAL/FORMAT button to select the telephone number format. 2. Press the L1 or L2 button, and the number is automatically dialed. NOTE: 1. When you change the dialing format of a displayed number, you do not change the Caller ID database.
  • Page 48: Turning The Answerer On

    Your unit automatically displays the new incoming Caller ID information. Answering Machine and Mailbox Operation Your 21230 answering machine features out-going message (greeting) recording, in-coming message recording, playback, skip, repeat, erase, and memo (base only). Total recording time is up to 30 minutes.
  • Page 49: Line 1

    Telephone Operation Answerer On/Off Indicator The answerer indicator light (for each telephone line) is lit when the answering machine is turned ON. The indicator light is OFF when the machine is turned OFF. Turning On/Off the Answerer - Line 2 Press the LINE 2 ANSWER button to turn the answer on or off.
  • Page 50: Rings To Answer

    Telephone Operation 2. Press the DELETE button twice during greeting playback. The system uses the factory default greeting instead. Rings To Answer This setting allows you to select the number of times the system rings before the answering system answers an incoming call. 1.
  • Page 51: Setting The Mailbox Password

    Telephone Operation 5. Press PROGRAM/OK button to confirm. The display shows: L1 RING NO. NOTE: 5 OK! Selecting “3” allows the mailbox to answer incoming calls on the 3 ring. Selecting “5” allows the mailbox to answer incoming calls on the 5 ring.
  • Page 52 Telephone Operation 4. Select the PASSWORD item, and then press PROGRAM/OK to confirm. The display shows: L1 PASSWORD L2 PASSWORD 5. Enter the new 3-digit password, and then press PROGRAM/ OK again. The display shows: L1 PASSWORD L2 PASSWORD 6. Press PROGRAM/OK to confirm. The display shows: L1 PASSWORD 123 OK! L2 PASSWORD...
  • Page 53: Day And Time Setup

    Telephone Operation 8. Press the DELETE button again. The display shows: Day and Time Setup L1 PASSWORD This allows you to set the time and day stamp attached to each message. The default value is SUNDAY 12:00AM. Although you can manually set the time and day, the unit automatically updates the time and day through the incoming L2 PASSWORD Caller ID information.
  • Page 54: Answering And Recording Incoming

    Telephone Operation Answering and Recording Incoming Calls The answerer will answer incoming calls after certain number of rings as you set. When your mailbox is turned ON, indicator lamp on the base will be lit. The incoming caller will hear the GREETING and then a long beep.
  • Page 55: Playing Incoming Messages

    Telephone Operation Playing Incoming Messages 1. When the unit is idle, press the PLAY/STOP button once. You will hear “Please enter mailbox number” and the display MAILBOX 1 11/15 shows: MAILBOX 2 02/08 2. Press the button or the press the 1 or 2 key on the touch-tone pad to select the mailbox.
  • Page 56: Memo Messages (Base Only)

    Telephone Operation Memo Messages (Base Only) You may leave memo messages or playback memo messages at the base. Recording a Memo Message 1. In standby mode, press the MEMO button. The unit announces, “Please enter mailbox number” and the display shows: PRESS 1, 2 FOR MAILBOX 1 OR 2...
  • Page 57: Remote Operation

    Telephone Operation 4. Press DELETE again, or press the PROGRAM/OK button to delete all messages. The display shows: 00 MESSAGE NOTE: DELETE ALL is only applicable one mailbox at a time. The system MAILBOX 2 won’t delete any new messages. You will hear a warning tone when you try to delete new messages.
  • Page 58: Memory Full

    Telephone Operation Memory Full When the answering machine memory is full, the system answers incoming calls after the 10th ring. The unit announces “Sorry, memory is full. Please erase message.” You should access the Handset jack mailbox by entering your remote password, and erase some messages.
  • Page 59: Roubleshooting Tips

    Troubleshooting Tips Base Unit The unit does not work. • Ensure the power supply is plugged in to the back of the base and into an electrical outlet. • Remove the power adapter plug from the base and reconnect. The unit does not ring. •...
  • Page 60: Cordless Handset

    Troubleshooting Tips The display goes to the standby mode while viewing the Caller List or directory. • Do not pause for over 30 seconds while searching. When a second call is received on the same line, the unit does not display the new caller’s information. •...
  • Page 61 Troubleshooting Tips While programming the unit starts to ring and stops the program. • To answer the call, or press SPEAKER button or the flashing line button. Start the process again from the beginning after hanging up. The caller’s information is not displayed. •...
  • Page 62: Auses Of Poor Reception

    Troubleshooting Tips Voice Mail System/Answering System The Answering System is on, but incoming messages are not recorded. • Recording memory is full. Erase unnecessary messages to free some memory space for new incoming messages. The base unit display shows “MEMORY FULL” and no new messages are recorded. •...
  • Page 63: Eneral Product Care

    Other Information General Product Care To keep your telephone working and looking good, follow these guidelines: • Avoid putting the phone near heating appliances and devices that generate electrical noise (for example, motors or fluorescent lamps). • DO NOT expose to direct sunlight or moisture. •...
  • Page 64: Ther Information

    Other Information Limited Warranty What your warranty covers: • Defects in materials or workmanship. For how long after your purchase: • One year, from date of purchase. (The warranty period for rental units begins with the first rental or 45 days from date of shipment to the rental firm, whichever comes first.) What we will do: •...
  • Page 65 Other Information Product Registration: • Please complete and mail the Product Registration Card packed with your unit. It will make it easier to contact you should it ever be necessary. The return of the card is not required for warranty coverage. Limitation of Warranty: •...
  • Page 66: Ndex

    Index Connections and Set Up 8 Cordless Handset 27, 29, 33, 60 Cordless Handset/ Answerer On/Off Indicator 49 General Product Care 63 Speakerphone 33 Answering a Call 27 Answering and Recording Incoming Calls 54 Handset 54, 58 Answering Intercom Calls 39 Data Port 14 Handset De-Registration 24 Answering Machine and Mailbox...
  • Page 67 Line 1 49 Recording a Personal Mailbox Greeting 49 Recording an Incoming Message Telephone Features 6 Telephone Operation 27 Mailbox Password 18 Redial 33 Three-way Conferencing with Making a Call 27 Registering an Additional Handset External Calls 43 Making Intercom Calls with a Transferring a Call 40 Handset 37 Remote Operation 57...
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