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RCA 25424 User Manual

Dect 6.0 cordless handset with caller id
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DECT 6.0
Cordless Handset
with Caller ID
User's Guide
This accessory handset is only for
use with Model
25423, 25424, or
base units.
Please read this manual
before operating this
product for the first time.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for RCA 25424

  • Page 1 DECT 6.0 Cordless Handset with Caller ID User’s Guide This accessory handset is only for use with Model 25423, 25424, or 25425 base units. Please read this manual before operating this product for the first time. Model H5401...
  • Page 2 Important Information Equipment Approval Information Your telephone equipment is approved for connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network and is in compliance with parts 15 and 68, FCC Rules and Regulations and the Technical Requirements for Telephone Terminal Equipment published by ACTA. 1 Notification to the Local Telephone Company On the bottom of this equipment is a label indicating, among other information, the US number and Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) for the equipment.
  • Page 3: L Icensing

    Important Information The telephone company may make changes in its communications facilities, equipment, operations or procedures where such action is required in the operation of its business and not inconsistent with FCC Rules and Regulations. If these changes are expected to affect the use or performance of your telephone equipment, the telephone company must give you adequate notice, in writing, to allow you to maintain uninterrupted service.
  • Page 4 Important Information FCC RF Radiation Exposure Statement This equipment complies with FCC RF radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment. This equipment should be installed and operated with a minimum distance of 20 centimeters between the radiator and your body. This transmitter must not be co-located or operated in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter.”...
  • Page 5 Table of Contents ..........2 mportant nformatIon eCeiVing an nComing elePhone uring ......2 ........15 quIpmEnt pproval nformatIon nterCom ........3 ....15 ntErfErEncE nformatIon sing nterCom with a elePhone (Hac) ......4 ........16 EarIng ompatIbIlIty nTercom alls ............. 4 ........16 IcEnsIng hree nTercom...
  • Page 6 Refer to the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS provided with this product and save them for future reference. Congratulations on purchasing this RCA telephone. This system operates in the DECT 6.0 frequency range. This accessory handset will expand the phone systems for Models...
  • Page 7: Before Your Begin

    It is necessary to register the cordless handset to the base (RCA 25423/25424/25425) before use. Important Installation Information • Never install telephone wiring during a lightning storm. • Never install telephone jacks in wet locations unless the jack is specifically designed for wet locations.
  • Page 8 Connections and Setup Important Installation Guidelines • Install telephone near both a telephone (modular) jack and an electrical power outlet. • Your handset charge cradle should be placed on a level surface such as a desk or table top. • Avoid sources of noise, such as a window by a busy street, and electrical noise, such as motors, microwave ovens, and fluorescent lighting.
  • Page 9 Connections and Setup NOTE: To ensure proper battery installation, the connector is keyed and can be inserted only one way. 4. Insert the battery pack. 5. Close the battery compartment by pushing the door up until it snaps into place. Connecting the AC (Electrical) Power Plug the power adaptor cord into the power jack on the back of the base and the other end into an electrical outlet.
  • Page 10 Connections and Setup Handset Layout Display Menu Select/Save (button) (button) Delete/Mute (button) Format/Redial (button) Line (button) Privacy (button) Talk (button) VOLUME +/- (buttons) DIR (button) Speaker (button) CID (button) Int/Transfer # Pause (button) (button) Flash/Exit Conf/Store (button) (button) Hold (button) charge cradle with power adaptor charge indicator...
  • Page 11: Anguage

    Connections and Setup Telephone Setup This handset has several programmable functions. Note: Use the Select/Save button to go into the sub-menu, and use the Exit button to go to the previous menu. Language 1. Press the Menu button once, LANGUAGE will show in the display. 2.
  • Page 12 Connections and Setup Contrast 1. Press Menu button once, then press the VOL ( + or -) buttons until PHONE SETTING is displayed. 2. Press Select/Save button to select. 3. Scroll the VOL ( + or -) buttons of the sub-menu until CONTRAST is displayed. 4.
  • Page 13 Basic Operation Load Default 1. Press Menu button once, then press the VOL ( + or -) buttons until LOAD DEFAULTS is displayed. 2. Press Select/Save button to select. 3. Scroll the VOL ( + or -) buttons to select YES. 4.
  • Page 14: Edial

    Basic Operation Making a Call 1. Press the Talk or Speaker button to access an available line automatically, If you want to select a desired line, press Line button plus a number button (1-4) to select the desired line. 2. Wait for a dial tone then dial the desired number. 3.
  • Page 15 Intercom Operation Flash Use the Flash/Exit button on the handset to activate custom calling services such as call waiting or call transfer, which are available through your local phone company. TIP: Don’t use the Talk button to activate custom calling service such as call waiting, or you’ll hang up the phone.
  • Page 16: T Ransfer

    Memory Receiving an Incoming Telephone Call During an Intercom Call During an intercom call, if you receive a telephone call, you will hear an alert tone. To answer the incoming call, press the Hold button to place your intercom call on hold or press Talk or Int/Transfer button to drop the intercom call, then press...
  • Page 17: H Andset

    Memory Storing a Name and Number in Memory 1. Press the Conf/Store button on the handset, ENTER NUMBER is displayed. 2. Use the keypad to enter the phone number (up to 32 digits). 3. Press the Select/Save button. The display shows ENTER NAME. 4.
  • Page 18 Caller ID Dialing a Stored Number Make sure the phone is ON (in TALK mode). 1. Press the DIR/3button. 2. Press the desired memory location button (01-40) or use the VOL ( + or -) button to scroll to the desired telephone number. 3.
  • Page 19 Caller ID If you are not at home or cannot answer, the telephone stores the information so that you can see who called while you were unavailable. Caller ID memory automatically stores the call number, date, time, phone number and name for the last 40 calls. If Caller ID memory is full, a new call record automatically replaces the oldest call record in memory.
  • Page 20 Caller ID Depending on (a) how the incoming caller’s phone number is formatted when received, and (b) whether or not you pre-programmed your local area code into memory, you may need to adjust the format of the caller’s phone number before dialing it back. Redial/Format button lets you change the format of the displayed number.
  • Page 21 Other Information Call Waiting Caller ID Provided you subscribe to Caller ID with Call Waiting service from your phone company, you may see who is calling when you hear the call waiting tone in the receiver. The CID information appears in the display after you hear the tone. Press the Flash/Exit button to put the current call on hold and answer the incoming call.
  • Page 22 Other Information Headset and Belt Clip Operation Connecting an Optional Headset to the Handset For hands free conversation, connect the headset (optional) to the HEADSET jack as shown. The handset receiver and microphone are disabled when the headset is connected. Adjust the headset to rest comfortably on top of your head and over your ear.
  • Page 23: E Xtensions

    Other Information Display Messages The following indicators show the status of a message or of the unit. REGISTRATION: Prompt telling you to enter registration mode of handset. ENTER NUMBER: Prompt telling you to enter number. ENTER NAME: Prompt telling you to enter the name. ENTER LOCATION: Prompt telling you to assign the memory location(from 01 to 40).
  • Page 24 Troubleshooting Tips Troubleshooting Guide Telephone Solutions No dial tone • Check and repeat installation steps: Ensure the base power cord is connected to a working outlet. Ensure the telephone line cord is connected to the base and the wall jack . •...
  • Page 25 Troubleshooting Tips Unit locks up and no communication between the base and cordless handset • Unplug the AC power adaptor from the wall outlet and the back of the base, and remove the backup batteries from the bottom of base (if previously installed). Remove the handset battery.
  • Page 26 Service Causes of Poor Reception • Aluminum siding. • Foil backing on insulation. • Heating ducts and other metal construction that can shield radio signals. • You’re too close to appliances such as microwaves, stoves, computers, etc. • Atmospheric conditions, such as strong storms. •...
  • Page 27 Warranty Limited Warranty What your warranty covers: • Defects in materials or workmanship. For how long after your purchase: • One year, from date of purchase. (The warranty period for rental units begins with the first rental or 45 days from date of shipment to the rental firm, whichever comes first.) What we will do: •...
  • Page 28 Warranty Product Registration: • Please complete and mail the Product Registration Card packed with your unit. It will make it easier to contact you should it ever be necessary. The return of the card is not required for warranty coverage. Limitation of Warranty: •...
  • Page 29 Accessory Information AC power Headset adaptor 5-2652 5-2425 Handset Belt clip battery 5-2653 5-2650 To place order, have your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card ready and call toll-free 1-800-338-0376. A shipping and handling fee will be charged upon ordering. We are required by law to collect appropriate sales tax for each individual state, country, and locality to which the merchandise is being sent.
  • Page 30: C Hain D Ialing From M Emory

    Index Accessory Information 29 Handset Layout 11 Answering a Call 13 Handset Sound Signals 25 Answering an Intercom Call 15 Headset and Belt Clip Operation 23 Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) 4 Hold 14 Basic Operation 13 Battery Low 15 Battery Safety Precautions 23 Important Information 2 Battery Solutions 26 Important Installation Guidelines 8...
  • Page 31: T Roubleshooting G Uide

    Index Service 27 Set Time 12 Storing a Name and Number in Memory 16 Storing a Redial Number 17 Telephone Operation 11,12 Telephone Setup 11 Telephone Solutions 25 Three-Way Intercom Calls 16 Transfer 14 Transferring CID Records to Memory 20 Troubleshooting Guide 25 Troubleshooting Tips 23 Two-Way Intercom Calls 16...
  • Page 32 Visit the RCA web site at Please do not send any products to the Indianapolis address listed in this manual or on the carton. This will only add delays in service for your product. Thomson Inc. 10330 North Meridian St. Model H5401 Indianapolis, IN 46290 00020197 (Rev.

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