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Service Call Error Troubleshooting - Canon iX6500 Series Service Manual

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1-3. Service Call Error (by Cyclic Blinking of Alarm and Power LEDs) Troubleshooting
Service call errors are indicated by the number of cycles the Alarm and Power LEDs blink.
1) Check each point in "Check points & Solution," and perform the solution if it applies.
2) When no solution in "Check points & Solution" is effective, then replace the part listed under "Parts that are
likely to be faulty" one by one from the one most likely to be faulty. The parts are listed in the order of
likeliness to be faulty.
Cycles of
blinking of
Alarm and
Power LEDs
2 times
Carriage error
3 times
Line feed error [6000]
4 times
Purge cam
sensor error
(1) Smearing or scratches on the carriage
(2) Foreign material that obstructs the
(3) Ink tank conditions:
(4) Cable connection:
(5) Scratches or damages to the carriage
(6) Black debris around the carriage rail or
(1) Smearing or scratches on the LF slit
(2) Foreign material in the LF drive:
(3) Cable connection
(4) LF lock arm spring:
(1) Foreign material around the purge
(2) Cable connection:
1) Check points & Solution
slit film:
Clean the film using lint-free
carriage movement:
Remove foreign material.
Re-set the ink tanks.
- CR FFC (J500, J501, J502, etc.)
Re-connect the cables.
slit film:
Replace the timing slit strip film.
pressure roller:
Replace the carriage unit.
Clean the LF slit film using lint-
free paper.
Remove foreign material.
Re-connect the cables.
If any damage or breakage of the
cable is found, replace the cable.
Attach the spring properly.
drive system unit:
Remove foreign material.
- LF encoder cable
6 / 52
2) Parts that are
likely to be faulty
(listed in the order
of likeliness to be
- Timing slit strip film
- Carriage unit
- Logic board ass'y
- Carriage motor
- Timing slit disk feed
- Timing sensor unit
- Paper feed roller
- Logic board ass'y
- Paper feed motor
- Purge drive system
- Logic board ass'y

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