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Quick Start - NEC MultiSync EA271U-BK User Manual

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Quick Start

For box contents, please refer to the printed contents sheet provided in the box.
To attach the base to the LCD monitor stand:
1. Place the monitor face down on a non-abrasive surface (Figure 1).
2. Please rotate the stand 90 degrees as shown in Figure 1.
CAUTION: Handle with care when pulling the stand.
It may pinch your fingers.
3. Attach the base to the stand, then tighten the screw at the base's
bottom (Figure 2).
Reverse this procedure if you need to re-pack the monitor.
To connect the LCD monitor to your system, follow these instructions:
Make sure to read "Recommended Use"
CAUTION: Please tighten all screws.
The accessories included will depend on the location where the LCD monitor was shipped.
1. Turn off the power for your computer.
2. For a PC with DisplayPort output: Connect the DisplayPort cable to the connector of the display card in your system
(Figure A.1).
For a PC with HDMI output: Connect the HDMI cable to the connector of the display card in your system (Figure A.2).
For a Mac or PC with Thunderbolt or Mini DisplayPort output: Connect a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable to the
video output connector on your system (Figure A.3).
DisplayPort cable
Figure A.1
• When removing the DisplayPort cable, hold down the top button to release the lock.
• Please use a High Speed HDMI cable with the HDMI logo.
• Please use a certified DisplayPort cable.
CAUTION: Use the provided specified cables with this monitor so as not to interfere with radio and television reception.
For HDMI, DisplayPort, USB and USB-C, please use a shielded signal cable. Use of other cables and
adapters may cause interference with radio and television reception.
3) before installation.
Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable
Figure A.3
Figure 1
HDMI cable
Figure A.2
Figure 2



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