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Setup / Initial Start-Up; Grinding Coffee Beans For Filter Coffee; Grinding Espresso Beans For Espresso - Silvercrest SKEE 150 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Electric coffee grinder
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Setup / initial start-up

1) Clean the appliance as described in the
chapter "Cleaning and Care" .
2) Place the appliance on a suitable and level
surface .
3) Unwind the cable from around the cable
retainer 5 and guide it through the recess on
the edge of the housing .
4) Insert the plug into a mains power socket .
The appliance is now ready for use .
Grinding coffee beans for filter
1) Remove the lid 1 from the motor unit 4 .
To do this, turn it anticlockwise until the q is
above the
symbol .
2) Fill with the required quantity of coffee beans .
Please do not fill the appliance with more
than 50 g of coffee beans . If you do, the
coffee beans will not be properly ground .
50 g is equivalent to around 6 tablespoons
of coffee beans!
You will require around 6–8 g of coffee
powder for one cup of coffee . Please observe
the instructions in the operating manual of your
coffee machine .
3) Replace the lid 1 slightly offset, so that the q
is above the position
turning it clockwise into the position
clicks into place .
The appliance will not function until the lid 1
is correctly closed .
4) Press and hold the On/Off switch 3 until
the coffee beans have been ground to your
requirements .
SKEE 150 A1
. Close the lid 1 by
so it
During grinding, if coffee powder starts col-
lecting on the edge of the appliance where it
is out of the reach of the blade 2, shake the
appliance gently so that coffee powder falls
back inside .
The coffee grinding grade is influenced by the
quantity of coffee beans added and the duration
of grinding .
The longer you grind the coffee, the finer the coffee
powder . Shorter grinding results in coarser coffee
powder .
Grinding grade
The following is a rough guide .
Please note the information about the grinding
grade in the operating manual of your coffee
machine .
5) Release the On/Off switch 3 once the coffee
beans have been ground to your requirements
and wait until the blade 2 is at a standstill .
6) Remove the lid 1 and disconnect the mains
plug from the power supply .
You can now remove the coffee powder using a
spoon or similar .
Grinding espresso beans for
Coffee powder for espresso always requires very
fine grinding . Ensure that you grind the special
espresso beans for an appropriate time when
preparing espresso coffee .
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Time in seconds
15–20 s
20–30 s
30–35 s

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Table of Contents

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