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Craftsman 320. 48295 Product Manual page 7

7-in. digital multi-function digital level
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Zero Button - Absolute/relative angle conversion button for comparison of two
work surface angles.
1. When the level is first turned on, it is in the absolute angle mode and
displays the angle from true level.
2. Take a measurement of the first work surface; the LCD screen indicates the
angle between that surface and true level.
3. Press the zero button for the relative angle mode, and the level will set the
first angle to zero.
4. Move the digital level to the second work surface, and the LCD screen
indicates the relative angle between the first and second surfaces.
5. To return to absolute angle again, turn the power button off and back on.
Convert Button – Converts the angle display on the LCD screen among 3
different units.
Press the button to proceed through the display units: Degrees (º), Slope (%),
and Pitch (in/ft).
Pitch readings are in increments of 1/8-in. per ft. Plus and minus signs
indicate whether the pitch is slightly more (+) or slightly less (-) than the pitch
that is shown on the display.
Hold Button
To hold the information of the current reading, press the Hold button to freeze
the displayed reading; press it again to return to measuring mode.
Horizontal and Plumb measurements can be made with both the bubble vial and
the LCD display features
Use the level on horizontal surfaces to determine when they are level. Place
the level against the horizontal surface. The surface will be at true level when
the bubble is positioned exactly between the marks on the level vial.
The LCD display represents the surface you are measuring as a line, either
above or below the 0, or "true level," line, with an arrow showing whether the
surface should be raised or lowered in order to be level. The digital display
shows the degree to which the surface is "out of level." If the sound is turned
is on, the level will beep when true level, or 0°, is reached.
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