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Craftsman 320. 48295 Product Manual page 3

7-in. digital multi-function digital level
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Be sure to read and understand all instructions in this manual before us-
ing this digital level. Failure to follow all instructions may result electric shock,
fire and/or serious personal injury.
Always use two "AAA" size batteries. Use of any other batteries may create
a risk of fire.
Insert the batteries correctly. Match the polarities, positive (+) to positive and
negative (-) to negative, as marked on the inside of the battery compartment.
Do not short-circuit the battery terminals.
Do not mix old and new batteries. If the batteries are weak, replace both of
them with two new batteries. The batteries should match each other in brand
and type.
Remove dead batteries immediately, and dispose of them according to lo-
cal ordinances.
Never dispose of batteries in fire.
Keep batteries out of the reach of children. They are not playthings.
Remove batteries and store them separately if the level will not be used for
several days.
Do not attempt to repair or disassemble the digital level. Any repair required on
this product should be performed by authorized, service-center personnel.
Fig. 1
Zero Button
48295 Manual_Revised_07-0620
Power/Beeper Activate Button
LCD Display Screen
Convert Button
Hold Button
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