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Craftsman 320. 48295 Product Manual page 8

7-in. digital multi-function digital level
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PLUMB (Fig. 5)
To find the plumb of a work surface, place the
digital level against the vertical surface with the
plumb bubble vial at the top. The surface will
be at true plumb when the bubble is positioned
exactly between the marks on the vial.
The LCD display will show the actual angle of
the surface. 90° is "plumb;" a beep will sound
at 90°, if the sound function is turned on.
Pitch (Fig. 6)
The digital level can be used to measure pitch,
for example, the pitch of a roof.
Pitch is measured in inches of rise per foot of run.
The pitch will be read
as inches (in 1/8-in.
increments) per foot,
with a + or a - sign to
indicate that the pitch is
slightly above or below the
displayed measurement.
Push the convert button to
change the display to Pitch
mode (in/ft).
Angle (Fig. 7)
The digital level measures any
angle in degrees, with up to
0.1° accuracy. If the sound
button is turned on, the level
will beep at the 0°, 45°, 90°,
and last hold angle.
Push the convert button to
change the display to Angle
mode ( º).
Slope (Fig. 8)
The digital level measures the
percent slope of a surface.
This is useful when laying pipe
for proper drainage. When the
display is in the slope mode,
it will measure the surface in
percent, with exact level a
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Fig. 6
Fig. 7
Fig. 8
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