Craftsman 320.48291 Owner's Manual

Palm grip laser level with laser trac


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Palm Grip LASER
with Laser Trac ®
No. 320.48291
using this
read this manual
all its Safety
and Operating
Sears Brands Management
• Safety
, Operation
° Magstlc
° Maintenance


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  • Page 1 Palm Grip LASER with Laser Trac ® Model No. 320.48291 CAUTION! Before using this • Safety product, read this manual , Operation follow all its Safety Rules ° Magstlc ® and Operating Instructions. ° Maintenance Sears Brands Management Corporation www,
  • Page 2 Page 15 ONE YEAR FUt.L WARRANTY ON CRAFTSMAN®PRODUCT If this Craftsman product fails due to a defect in material or workmanship within one year from the date of purchase, RETURN IT TO THE NEAREST SEARS STORE OR OTHER CRAFTSMAN OUTLET IN THE UNITED STATES FOR FREE REPLACEMENT.
  • Page 3 WARNING BE SURE to read and understand all instruction in this manual before using this Laser Level. Failure to follow all instructions may result in hazardous radiation exposure, electric shock, and/or bodily injury. CAUTION The use of optical instrument with this product wilt increase eye hazard, Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein, may result in hazardous laser radiation...
  • Page 4 The tool may fall from the wall resulting in damage to the tool. Know Your Palm Grip Laser Level (See Fig,l) Your Craftsman Palm Grip Laser Level is a highly versatile laser tool that enhanc- es the traditional pencil, carpenter's mark, and chalk lineo tt can be hand-held, magnetically mounted, Magstic ®...
  • Page 5 NEWI Magstic Non-Marring Adhesive Strips. (see Fig. 2) Magstic is an innovative technology that is washable and reusable.. To use, remove the "RED" tab (Toot Side) and apply the Magstic adhesive strip to the underside of the tool's base, Remove the "GREEN" tab (Wall Side) and press the tool firmly against the surface in the desired location°...
  • Page 6 Recommended Indoors Laser Diode Type Red Laser Diode 635-665nm Laser Class Class Ilia, Maximum Power Output _ 2,.5 Power Supply 2 "AAA" 1,5_Volt Batteries Estimated Battery Life 40 Hours of Continuous Run with Alkaline Batteries Optimum Ope;ating Temperature 30°F to 104°F (-1°C to 40°€) ..Range 0--30 Feet Accuracy...
  • Page 7 3"0 TURN THE TOOL ON/OFF The button to turn the Craftsman Palm Grip Laser Level ON/OFF is located on the top housing of the tool, (See Fig° 1) 1o To turn the Palm Grip Laser Level ON, push the "ON/OFF" button down once.
  • Page 8 The All-Position Leveling Base (See Fig. 7) "Your Palm Grip Laser Level comes with a spherical base which aliows the level to be finely adjusted to the desired angie when using the base on a surface that is not level or plumb, Fig.
  • Page 9 Using The All-Position Leveling Base To use the All-Position Leveling Base in conjunction with the Patm Grip Laser Level, it is best to place the level on the base for preliminary alignment of the laser line on the wail. 1. Without turning the Laser Level on, place it on the Al_-Position Leveling Base.. 3_vo magnets (one in the bottom of the laser and one in the top of the base) hold the base and the level together_ This sphedcaVmagnetic design allows...
  • Page 10 Using The Level With A Tripod (Not Included) Because the Palm Grip Laser Level is a "for- ward" projection device, it can be placed on any reasonably level flat surface to draw a plumb vertical line, When used in conjunction with any standard tripod (1/4-20 UNC threaded fitting) versatility is further enhanced (See Fig°...
  • Page 11 Referencing And Leveling Across Two Adjacent Surfaces The Palm Grip Laser Level can be used to align a single object or objects on two adjacent walls,, The All-Position Leveling Base has a magnetic bottom that will attach to virtually any steel surface° The laser has a broad range of apptications, such as aligning tile on the wall, lining up kitchen and bath cabinets, hanging wallpaper, aligning junction boxes and laying walt or floor tile,, The Palm Grip Laser Level's laser fan beam is also useful when working with two adjacent surfaces_...
  • Page 12 Working With Obstructions And User Interference As discussed, the Palm Grip Laser Level is a forward projection device. The nature of the laser light as it is projected from the level is that of a plane rather than a line_This laser fan beam covers the entire line area from end point to end point (Fig 14)_As such the line is not completely blocked by obstructions or user interference°...
  • Page 13 Using The Palm Grip Laser Level As A Hand-Held Reference Device (See Fig. 16) With the Laser Level body in the palm of your hand, turn it "ON" being careful not to point it in the direction of anyone's eyes including your own° Note that it projects a horizontal or vertical line "forward"...
  • Page 14 This Palm Grip Laser Level has been designed to be a low-maintenance tool However, in order to maintain its performance, you must always follow these simple directions° 1, ALWAYS handle the tool with care, Treat it as an optical device, such as a camera or binoculars,, 2o AVOID exposing the tool to shock, continuous vibration or extreme hot or cold temperature.
  • Page 15 The Laser line Batteries are weak Replace with new batteries projection is weak The Laser line is The tool is too far Move the too! closer to the target hard to see from the target The Laser Fineis Power button is not Check to make sure the power button "ON'* not projected...
  • Page 16 ?!:_j:_j:::!:=_i:i_ji _¸ Your Home For expert troubleshooting and home solutions advice: manage home L:i::::!_ www.managamyhome, For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it ! For the replacement parts, accessories owner's manuals that you need to do-it*yourselL...

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