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Craftsman 320. 48295 Product Manual

7-in. digital multi-function digital level


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Product Manual
7-in. Digital
Multi-function DIGITAL LEVEL
Model No. 320. 48295
CAUTION! Read, understand and
follow all Safety Rules and Operating
Instructions in this Manual before
using this product.
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
• Warranty
• Safety
• Description
• Operation
• Maintenance
• Troubleshooting



Summary of Contents for Craftsman 320. 48295

  • Page 1 Product Manual ® 7-in. Digital Multi-function DIGITAL LEVEL Model No. 320. 48295 • Warranty CAUTION! Read, understand and • Safety follow all Safety Rules and Operating • Description • Operation Instructions in this Manual before • Maintenance using this product.
  • Page 2 If this Craftsman tool fails to give complete satisfaction within one year from the date of purchase, return it to any Sears store or other Craftsman Outlet in the United States for free replacement. This warranty does not include expendable parts, such as blades and lamps.
  • Page 3 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • Be sure to read and understand all instructions in this manual before us- ing this digital level. Failure to follow all instructions may result electric shock, fire and/or serious personal injury. • Always use two “AAA” size batteries. Use of any other batteries may create a risk of fire.
  • Page 4 Bubble Vial Magnet Magnet Magnet Magnet Working base This Craftsman 7-inch Digital Level is a highly versatile leveling tool designed for fast, easy operation: • Heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum construction • LCD digital module is constructed of unbreakable ABS polymer, sealed against dirt •...
  • Page 5 6. Bubble Vials - For visual determination of level and plumb. 7. V-groove in working base - For use on curved and angled surfaces 8. Magnetic base with V groove - Four magnets in the working base allow for secure contact to metal: handy when working with steel studs or metal ductwork. 9.
  • Page 6: Button Functions

    Battery Power Icon - Indicates the amount of battery power in the unit. Replace batteries when the black power bar disappears. Sound Icon - This icon appears on the screen when the sound function is activated. Hold Icon: Indicates that the displayed measurement is frozen. Button Functions Button (On/Off, Sound) Press the button to turn the LCD display screen on.
  • Page 7 Zero Button - Absolute/relative angle conversion button for comparison of two work surface angles. 1. When the level is first turned on, it is in the absolute angle mode and displays the angle from true level. 2. Take a measurement of the first work surface; the LCD screen indicates the angle between that surface and true level.
  • Page 8 PLUMB (Fig. 5) Fig. 5 • To find the plumb of a work surface, place the digital level against the vertical surface with the plumb bubble vial at the top. The surface will be at true plumb when the bubble is positioned exactly between the marks on the vial.
  • Page 9 0.0%. If the sound is turned on, the level will beep at 0.0% and 100%. Push the convert button to change the display to Slope mode (%). ABSOLUTE AND RELATIVE ANGLE MEASUREMENTS Absolute angle measurement 1. Place the digital level on a working surface with the base flat against the surface. 2.
  • Page 10 MAINTENANCE This digital level has been designed to be a low-maintenance tool. However, in order to maintain its performance, follow these steps: 1. HANDLE the tool with care. Treat it as a precision optical device, such as a camera or binoculars. 2.
  • Page 11 Notes 48295 Manual_Revised_07-0620 Page 11...
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