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Craftsman 320.48290 Product Manual
Craftsman 320.48290 Product Manual

Craftsman 320.48290 Product Manual

48-in. digital multi-function level with lasertrac


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Product Manual
48-in. Digital
with LaserTrac ¢M
Model No. 320. 48290
Read, understand,
follow all Safety Rules and Operating
in this Manual
using this product.



Summary of Contents for Craftsman 320.48290

  • Page 1 LaserTrac ¢M Model No. 320. 48290 • WARRANTY • SAFETY _l_ CAUTION! Read, understand, • DESCRIPTION • OPERATION follow all Safety Rules and Operating • MAINTENANCE Instructions in this Manual before • TROUBLESHOOTING using this product. Sears Brands Management Corporation
  • Page 2 Failure to obey this safety warning will result in death or serious injury to you or to others. Always follow the safety precautions to reduce the risk ONE YEAR FULL WARRANTY ON CRAFTSMAN ®TOOL of fire, electric shock, and personal injury.
  • Page 3 Always use two "AAA" size batteries. Use of any other batteries may create CAUTION: The following label is a risk of fire. on your tool. It indicates the location • Follow all instructions and warnings on the package carefully. from which the level emits the laser light.
  • Page 4 NOTE: Before attempting to use your level, familiarize yourself with all of the operating features and safety requirements. KNOW YOUR LEVEL This Craftsman 48-inch Digital Level is a highly versatile leveling tool designed for fast, easy operation. Fig. 1 •...
  • Page 5 13. Battery compartment - Holds two "AAA" batteries to power LaserTrac system LCD DISPLAY AND BUTTON FUNCTIONS and LCD display. LCD screen icons 14. Integrated 1 to 47-in. ruler - For worksite convenience. o --_v Up/Down Indicator: 15. Large, sort grip handles - For comfortable carrying and holding the level...
  • Page 6 Zero Button - Absolute/relative angle conversion button for comparing two work Level the work surface, and the laser will project up to 300-feet away to surface angles. enable you to level large areas. When the level is first turned on, it is in the absolute angle mode and displays 4.
  • Page 7 Relative angle measurement Angle (Fig. 8) The relative angle mode allows you to measure the difference between two The digital level measures Fig. 8 different surface angles. any angle in degrees, up to 0.1° accuracy. If the sound 1. Place the digital level on Surface button is turned on, the level...
  • Page 8 PROBLEM CAUSE SOLUTION Batteries are low • Batteries • Replace with new batteries. depleted. on power. • Laser On Demand Check to make sure the switch Laser point is not Switch is not On. projected. is in the "On" position. •...
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