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Button Functions - Craftsman 320. 48295 Product Manual

7-in. digital multi-function digital level
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Battery Power Icon - Indicates the amount of battery power in the unit.
Replace batteries when the black power bar disappears.
Sound Icon - This icon appears on the screen when the sound function is
Hold Icon: Indicates that the displayed measurement is frozen.

Button Functions

Button (On/Off, Sound)
Press the button to turn the LCD display screen on.
When the LCD screen first comes on, the ambient temperature is displayed
in Fahrenheit for approximately 2 seconds to help the user determine whether
the level is being used in the optimum temperature range (32º to 104º F).
The current angle of the
level is then displayed on
the LCD screen, and a line
representing that angle
is shown either above
or below the line that
indicates the position of
true level (Fig. 3).
Briefly press the button
once more to activate the
sound, which will beep when the level is positioned at 0°, 45°, 90°, and last
hold angle to true level.
Briefly press the button a third time to turn off the sound. Additional brief
presses on the button will turn the sound function on and off.
An arrow on the display indicates the direction in which the level needs to be
moved to reach true level.
True level is indicated
when the angle line and
the level line in the display
are together, and the
angle shows 0 (Fig. 4).
Turn off the level by
pressing the button
and holding it in for
approximately 3 seconds.
The level will shut itself off when it has not been used for 5 minutes.
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Fig. 3
Fig. 4
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