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Holding The Hhc; Turning The Hhc On And Off; Adjusting Lcd Contrast - Fujitsu TeamPad 500 Operation Manual

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2.1 Holding the HHC

The HHCs are furnished with a hand strap on their back so you can hold them securely during use.
Hold the HHC as shown in Figure 2.1.1.
Reset Switch
Hand strap
Charging terminals
Battery cover
Charging jack
Figure 2.1.1 Holding the HHC
2.2 Turning On and Off the HHC Power
To turn on the HHC, press the [PWR] key. (Press time approximately 2 seconds)
To turn it off, press the [PWR] key.

2.3 Adjusting LCD Contrast

F8([SFT] + [F3]) key: Increases contrast.
F9([SFT] + [F4]) key: Decreases contrast.
To adjust the LCD contrast, press the above keys until the desired contrast is attained.
2.4 Turning On and Off the LCD Backlight
F7([SFT] + [F2]): turn on and off
To turn on the LCD light (yellow), press the [SFT] + [F2] key. Press again to turn o ff the LCD light.
The auto-light off feature can be accessed and modified through the programming. To turn on the
LCD light again, press the [SFT] + [F2 ] key again.



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