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Handling The Battery; Recharging The Battery - Fujitsu TeamPad 500 Operation Manual

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2.6 Handling the Battery

When HHCs are being used in the stand-alone mode, they are powered from the internal lithium -ion
battery pack. As the battery begins to run low on power, the message "Battery Alarm" will appear on
the screen, telling you that the battery needs recharging.
The battery has an estimated service life of about 500 recharge and discharge cycles. Depending on the usage, the
battery may expire less than 500 cycles.
Only use the proper lithium-ion battery specified below:
Manufacturer: Fujitsu Ltd.
Drawing number: CA54200-0095

2.6.1 Recharging the battery

While HHCs are placed in the CIU/holder, their internal lithium-ion battery pack begins recharging
automatically. The battery, once discharged, requires about three hours to recharge completely.
The battery pack also takes about three hours to recharge when using the charger supplied with the
HHC. For specific recharging instructions, refer to the relevant documentation.