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Rs-232C Interface; Memory Cards (Option) - Fujitsu TeamPad 500 Operation Manual

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2.8 RS-232C Interface

The HHCs have an RS-232C connector, through which data can be directed to a host computer. This
transmission, however, requires the use of an RS-232C cable.

2.9 Memory Cards (Option)

PCMCIA-compatible Type II cards can be inserted in the HHCs. To insert and remove memory cards,
follow these steps:
(1) To open the card cover, slide the lock in the direction of the arrow.
Figure 2.9 Inserting and removing memory cards (1/4)
(2) Turn back the HHC, and insert the card in the card slot, the side marked with the arrow mark ( )
facing up. Push the card into position gently until its end is even with the corresponding EJECT
Figure 2.9 Inserting and removing memory cards (2/4)
(3) When removing a card, open the card cover and then press the corresponding EJECT button.
(4) When the card comes out of the front, gently finish pulling it out with your hands.
Card cover
Memory card