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Fujitsu TeamPad 500 Operation Manual page 30


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Use gauze dampened with volatile alcohol (such as ethyl alcohol) to wipe the rubber roller while
rotating the platen.
(2) Printer (To be cleaned once a week)
Remove the printer.
Completely clean the printer with a soft nylon brush. Especially, brush off foreign matter, such
as dust and sand, from the gears.
If small residue cannot be removed, blow it off with an airbrush.
Clean the heating part of the head carefully with a cotton swab dampened with ethyl alcohol.
Note: Do not use sandpaper, which may damage the heating part, and do not exert too much pressure
on the thermal head.
Use a wet cloth with alcohol (ethyl alcohol) or a light cleaning solution which is squeezed tightly, or
just use a dry cloth. Do not allow any liquids to enter the device in order to prevent damage
occurring to the device when you use cleaning liquid and do not use volatile materials such as
thinner or benzene because such materials may cause corrosion or remove color from the


Table of Contents

Table of Contents