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Functions & Indicative Icons On The Lcd Display; For Refrigerator Compartment - Whirlpool Multibras ARC8140IX Service Manual

425l total capacity
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4.2 – Functions & Indicative Icons on the LCD Display

4.2.1. For Refrigerator Compartment

Temperature selection for the Refrigerator Compartment
Recommended to cold days, when there is not much food
in the refrigerator and occasional door opening.
Recommended to intermadiate situation, normal use; pleasant days
(not much hot), food stored and door opening in the medium condition
Recommended to hot days, when there is a lot of food stored
in the refrigerator and frequent door opening.
Note: # Additional to the levels above indicated, more 4 levels are available (levels "2 / 3 and 5 / 6 "), that can be
used according with the consumer needs;
Fast Cooling
and then it will be automatically turned off returning to the previously selected parameters. If it is
necessary to interrupt the Fast Cooling function, just press the Menu key, select the Fast Cooling icon
and confirm (OK key). It will be disabled.
This function disable automatically after 6 hours, then returning to the previously selected parameters.
For this function, the Compressor will be continuously activated, and the refrigerator temperature Control
will be set at the maximum level, it means coldest mode (the LCD display will keep showing the
previously selected temperature), while the Freezer temperature Control will be unchanged, and its
temperature values will change according to the display pre-selected values.
Vacation Mode
Freezer) temperature levels are set at the minimum level , it means, warmest mode (the LCD display will
keep showing the previously selected temperature), and the cool air passage to the refrigerator
Compartment will be reduced.
Whenever this function is activated, sensitive/perishable food should be removed from the refrigerator, in
order to avoid their deterioration.
This function does not disables automatically, and it must be disabled in the Menu. In this case, the
product will work as the last programming of Freezer & Refrigerator temperature.
Important: This function does not disables automatically.
The Vacation Mode, also will be deactivated when selected other function or when one of the doors is
opened after 30 minutes of their programming.
Note: During the first 30 minutes the Vacation Mode is not deactivated by openning door.
MSEX0105i – Electronic No Frost Refrigerator Bottom Mount/ Dual Fan - Maestro High
It can be selected degree by degree (positive temperature) for the
Refrigerator Compartment from 1º C (maximum – colder ) to 7º C
(minimum – less cold)
This function allows a quick food cooling in an efficient way,
without changing the food characteristics.
When the Fast Cooling is activated it will be kept on for 6 hours
For a long time absence, when the open-door frequency is
"null", this function can be used, in order to save power
energy. In this function, the Compartments (Refrigerator &

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