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Service Call Alarm; A) Communication Failure Alarm; B) Temperature Sensor (Refrigerator, Freezer & Defrost) Failure - Whirlpool Multibras ARC8140IX Service Manual

425l total capacity
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5.8.2. Service Call Alarm

a) Communication Failure Alarm

When constant, there is the chance of a real Technical Failure, check its source.
Check Point:
- Poor contact between terminals/ connectors – CN4 / Electronic Control (main board), Interface board
(LCD Display), upper wiring harness between freezer Door and Cabinet;
- Open wires/ wiring harness
- Finally, Interface board or Electronic Control (main board). Do the Interface Board – LCD Display
b) Temperature Sensor (Refrigerator, Freezer or Defrost) Failure
Alarm Code
Sensor reader
Refrigerator Sensor
Defrost Sensor
Freezer Sensor
If the product retrieves the normal operation at the first hour, a momentary reading fault may occur, but
without necessity of intervention.
When Constant, there is the chance of a real Sensor Failure, being necessary to check its source.
Check Point:
- Poor contact between terminals/ connectors – CN3 (Temperature Sensors) at Electronic Control (main
- The Sensor itself that might be open or in short circuit and has to be replaced (see Sensor
During Constant Alarm, the Electronic Control will assume a safety routine, as in normal cycle, trying to
keep food conservation, however will work as follows:
Compressor and Fan Motors (Refrigerator & Freezer) will be on for 20 minutes and then will turn off
for 15 minutes.
Interval set between defrosts will be fixed (not adaptive) in every 5 hours of the Compressor activity
Every defrost time will be fixed in 10 minutes
Note: This routine happens independent of which sensor has failed, and can be any of them
(Refrigerator, Freezer & Defrost)
MSEX0105i – Electronic No Frost Refrigerator Bottom Mount/ Dual Fan - Maestro High
This failure mode is shown at the LCD Display through the
Failure Code – "CF" and Service Call Icon blinking.
This failure is caused due to a communication fault between the
Interface Board (LCD Display) and the Electronic Control.
To disable teh sound Alarm, just press the Turn off Alarm key (OK)
This Alarm status is straightly connected to a wrong reading, short
circuit or NTC open from any of the Temperature Sensors
(Refrigerator, Freezer or Defrost), in this situation the Electronic
Control System activates the Service Call Alarm Icon and
shows the Failure Code regarding to the Sensor in fault (see
below) at the LCD Display, as follows:
Temperature Icon indicator
Refrigerator Compartment
Refrigerator Compartment
Freezer Compartment