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Parameter Set Up - Sanyo POA-PN03C Owner's Manual

Sanyo pj-net organizer owner's manual.
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Start real time capture .................. Starts the real time capturing. (+p.72) The screen image of the computer is
Start communication .................... Starts the Network Communication. (+p.77) Captured image is projected
Parameter set up ............................ Sets the communication parameter between the computer and network
Version information ....................... Displays the version of this software.
Shut down ...................................... Quits the application.

Parameter set up

Click Network Capture 3 icon on the task bar.
Click "Parameter set up" on the popup menu. The set-
ting window will appear.
Set Capture Port and PIN code to match to the pro-
jector's port number and Network PIN code.
To check the Capture Port number, see item "Control by
the web browser" (+ p.74). To check the PIN code, see
item "Network PIN code setting" (+ p.22).
Specify the port number of TCP/IP. The default port
setting is 9000. There are some reserved port numbers
and also some applications may use their own port
numbers. If one of those port numbers is used, the alert
dialog window will appear and let you know that it is an
invalid port number. In this case, use another port num-
The reserved port numbers are http (80), ftp (21), telnet
(23), etc. The port no. 4352, 10000, 10001 are reserved to
control the projector through the LAN port.
Click Search button to list up the available IP address
assigned to the projector and select desired IP address you use, or you can enter the IP
address or host name manually if you know that IP address or host name.
It may not find any address over the router. Consult your network administrator for further
Set the quality of the image.
Quality: Selects from High, Mid, Low
Image Scaling
If checked, the screen image size of the computer is automatically adjusted to the
projector's screen size.
Set capture start time in second unit.
This is effective in the communication mode only. It sets up the time period from executing
the command "Capture transfer" to capturing and transferring the actual screen image. 0 to 60
seconds can be set.
Click Ok button to close the setting window.
About Image Quality
Quality : Quality mode of the captured image shows following JPEG compression mode.;
: JPEG low compression mode
Medium : JPEG medium compression mode
: JPEG high compression mode
projected on the screen in real time.
on the screen. The captured image edit window appears on the computer
unit of the projector. For further information, see item "Parameter set up"
below. (+p.71)
About Network Capture function


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