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Troubleshooting - Bosch Active Line Owner's Manual

The bosch drive system
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Table of Contents
Battery pack defective
Battery pack too warm or too cold
The charger is not charging.
No charging procedure possible (no indication on the battery pack)
Plug not inserted correctly
Contacts of battery pack dirty
Socket outlet, cable or charger defective
Battery pack defective
0 275 U07 XCX | (25.4.17)


Corrective Action
Two LEDs of the battery pack flashing
Contact an authorized bicycle dealer.
Three LEDs of the battery pack flashing
Disconnect the battery from the charger until the charging
temperature range has been reached.
Do not connect the battery pack to the charger until it has reached
the permissible charging temperature.
No LED flashes (one or more LEDs light up continuously
depending on the charging state of the eBike battery pack).
Contact an authorized bicycle dealer.
Check all plug connections
Carefully clean the contacts on the battery pack.
Check household voltage; have charger checked through bicycle
Contact an authorized bicycle dealer.
Bosch eBike Systems


Table of Contents

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