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Maintenance/Cleaning - Bosch Active Line Owner's Manual

The bosch drive system
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Charging with Two Battery Packs Inserted
If two battery packs are mounted on one eBike, both bat-
tery packs can be charged using the unsealed connection.
The charging process will charge both battery packs alter-
nately, automatically switching between both battery
packs numerous times. The charging times add up.
Both battery packs are also discharged alternately during
If you take the battery packs out of the holders, you can
charge each battery pack individually.
Charging Procedure
The charging procedure begins as soon as the charger is
connected to the battery or the charge socket on the bike
and the main power supply.
Note: The charging procedure is only possible when the
temperature of the eBike battery pack is within the per-
missible charging temperature range.
Note: The drive unit is deactivated during the charging
The battery can be charged with or without the on-board
computer. When charging without the on-board computer,
the charging procedure can only be observed on the
battery charge-control indicator.
If the on-board computer is connected, a corresponding
message will be output on the display.
The charging state is displayed by the battery charge-
control indicator 9 on the battery and by the bars on the
on-board computer.
During the charging procedure, the LEDs for charge-control
indicator 9 on the battery pack light up. Each continuously
lit LED is equivalent to a charge capacity of approx. 20 %.
The flashing LED indicates the charging of the next 20 %.
Once the battery is fully charged, the LEDs extinguish im-
mediately and the on-board computer is switched off. The
charging procedure is terminated. The charging state can
be displayed for 3 seconds by pressing the On/Off button
Disconnect the charger from the main power supply and
the battery pack from the charger.
When disconnecting the battery pack from the charger, the
battery pack is automatically switched off.
Bosch eBike Systems
Note: If you have charged on the bike, carefully close the
charge socket 6 with the cover 7 after the charging proce-
dure so that no dirt or water can get in.
If the charger is not disconnected from the battery after
charging, after a few hours the charger will switch itself
back on, check the charging state of the battery and begin
the charging procedure again if necessary.


 Do not open any of the components. Service should
only be carried out at an authorized Bosch eBike
dealer. Failure to follow the above warning may result in
death or serious injury. Refer to your bicycle manual or
component manual for all non-Bosch Drive System com-
 Do not charge or use your eBike in any area with a
potentially explosive atmosphere, such as at a fuel-
ing area, or in areas where the air contains chemicals
or particles (such as grain, dust, or metal powders).
Obey all signs and follow all instructions.
 Do not submerge your eBike components in water,
or wash using a pressurized hose. Your Bosch drive
unit is designed to be water tight in regards to rain water
and non-pressurized hose washing.
 Do not paint any components of the Bosch Drive
System as this may cause premature failure of the
After Sale Service and Customer Assistance
In case of questions concerning the eBike system and its
components, please contact an authorized Bosch eBike
Contact data for authorized Bosch eBike dealers can be
found at
When the battery pack is no longer operative, please
contact an authorized Bosch eBike dealer.
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Table of Contents

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