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Operating The Charger "Charger; Safety Instructions - Bosch Active Line Owner's Manual

The bosch drive system
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Safety Instructions

This manual contains important safety and
operating instructions for this battery charger.
 Before using battery charger, read all instructions
and cautionary markings on battery charger,
battery, and product using battery.
 CAUTION: To reduce risk of injury, charge only batteries
of the Bosch eBike Systems. Other types of batteries
may burst causing personal injury and damage.
Read and understand all safety
warnings and instructions. Failure to
follow the warnings below could result
in death or serious injury.
Save all safety warnings and instructions for future
The term "battery pack" used in these operating instruc-
tions refers to all original Bosch eBike battery packs.
 Only charge eBike-approved Bosch lithium-ion
battery packs. The battery pack voltage must match
the battery pack charging voltage of the charger.
Otherwise, there is risk of fire and explosion.
Keep the charger away from rain and moisture.
The penetration of water into a battery charger in-
creases the risk of an electric shock.
 Use only the original Bosch battery charger supplied
with your eBike or one approved for your eBike by
the manufacturer and purchased from a trusted
source. Bypassing the battery charger or the use of a
non-approved or counterfeit battery charger can lead to
death or serious injury.
 Keep the battery charger clean. Contamination can
lead to the risk of an electric shock. Clean only with the
use of a damp cloth (mild soap/water).
Bosch eBike Systems

Operating the charger "Charger"

 Always check the charger, cable and plug before
use. Do not use the charger if you discover any
damage. Do not open the charger. Damaged chargers,
cables and plugs increase the risk of electric shock.
 Do not operate the battery charger on easily flamm-
able surfaces (e.g., paper, textiles, etc.) or in com-
bustible environments. There is danger of fire due to
the heating of the battery charger during charging.
 Use caution when touching the charger during the
charging procedure. Wear protective gloves. Espe-
cially in high ambient temperatures, the charger can
heat up considerably.
 The battery may give off fumes if it becomes dam-
aged or is used incorrectly. Provide a fresh air supply
and seek medical advice in the event of pain or dis-
comfort of being exposed to these fumes. These
fumes may irritate the respiratory tract.
 Do not place the charger or battery pack near flamm-
able materials. Charge battery packs only when dry
and in a fireproof area. There is a risk of fire due to the
heat generated during charging.
 The eBike battery must not be left unattended while
 Battery packs must not be subjected to mechanical
impacts. There is a risk that the battery pack will be
damaged causing vapors to escape. The vapors can
irritate the respiratory system. Provide for fresh air and
seek medical attention in case of complaints.
 Keep the battery charger away from children. This
will ensure that children do not play with the charger.
 Persons who are not capable of safely operating the
charger because of their physical, sensory or mental
limitations, or because of their lack of experience or
knowledge, may only use this charger under supervi-
sion or after having been instructed by a responsible
person. Otherwise, there is a risk of operating errors
and injuries.
 Read and observe the safety warnings and instruc-
tions in all operating instructions of the eBike
system and your eBike.
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Table of Contents

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