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Step 1. Plan The Installation Site - Tesla Powerwall 2 AC Installation Manual

Backup gateway.
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Step 1. Plan the Installation Site

The installation location for Powerwall must accommodate placement of the Backup Gateway
and meet all conditions described above in "Site Requirements." In addition, consider the
following points when choosing where to install Powerwall.
Wall mounting: Choose a wall capable of supporting the full weight of Powerwall, with one of
the following characteristics: wood studs at regular intervals, plywood sheeting of sufficient
thickness, solid concrete or masonry, or metal studs of sufficient gauge.
Floor mounting: Choose a level surface adjacent to a wall space that meets all the
requirements for wall mounting described above. Make sure the area is isolated from hazards
that may damage the unit, such as vehicle traffic or flooding.
Cable entry: Determine whether cables will be routed into Powerwall from the side or from the
back of the unit. With side cable entry, a conduit fitting or cable gland must be used to seal
the entry into the wiring compartment. With back cable entry, a wire cover should be used to
seal the entry into the wiring compartment.
NOTE: If you mount Powerwall on a wall with studs spaced 24 in (610 mm) apart, cable entry
from the back of Powerwall may be blocked.
Backup Gateway configuration: Determine whether cable entry into the Backup Gateway will
be from the top, bottom, or side. When cable entry is from the bottom half of the enclosure,
the back panel of the unit must be removed and rotated 180 degrees.
NOTE: For cable entry at the top of the Backup Gateway enclosure, an HS-style hub should be
used in order to maintain enclosure ingress protection.
Electrical service connection: The Backup Gateway is service-entrance rated, and can be
located between the service entry and the main electrical panel. If overcurrent protection is
required, a circuit breaker can be added to the Backup Gateway at the service entry. The
Backup Gateway can accommodate two different circuit breaker sizes: 100/125A, and
Cable gauge and length: Powerwall requires cable connections to the Backup Gateway,
electrical service panel(s), and an Internet router. Position Powerwall, the Backup Gateway,
and other electrical components to minimize cable lengths, based on local code requirements.
Cable Type
Powerwall to electrical panel
Backup Gateway to electrical panel
Powerwall to Backup Gateway
Backup Gateway to wireless router
Cable Gauge
5-8 mm
(10-8 AWG)
16–120 mm
(6 AWG-250 kcmil)
2 twisted pairs, 1.5 mm
(24-16 AWG)
- or -
Cable Length
45 m (150 ft)
[Local Code]
50 m (165 ft)
15 m (50 ft)
45 m (150 ft)


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