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Using Satellite Channel Table Feature - Toshiba 43 V58 Operating Instructions Manual

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satellite search is performed some settings should
be made. A menu will be displayed where you can
select to start M7 or Fransat operator installation or
a standard installation.
To start an M7 operator installation set the Install Type
as Operator and the Satellite Operator as the related
M7 operator. Then highlight Preferred Scan option
and set as Automatic channel scan and press OK
to start the automatic search. These options can be
preselected depending on the Language and Country
selections that you made in the earlier steps of the first
time installation process. You may be asked to select
HD/SD or country specific channel list according to
your M7 operator type. Select one and press OK to
Wait till the scan is finished. Now the list has been
While performing an M7 operator installation, if you
want to use the satellite installation parameters that
differ from the default settings select the Preferred
Scan option as Manual channel scan and press the
OK button to proceed. Antenna Type menu will be
displayed next. After selecting the antenna type and
the desired satellite in the following steps press OK
in order to change the satellite installation parameters
in the sub-menu.
To start a Fransat installation set the Install Type as
set the Satellite Operator as the
and then
related Fransat operator. Then press the OK button
to start Fransat installation. You can select to start an
automatic or manual installation.
Press OK to proceed. Fransat Installation will be
performed and broadcasts will be stored (if available).
If you set the Install Type as Standard, you can
continue with regular satellite installation and watch
satellite channels.
You can start a Fransat installation at any time later
from the Settings>Installation>Automatic channel
scan> Satellite menu.
In order to search for satellite channels other than
M7 or Fransat channels you should start a standard
installation. Select the Install Type as Standard and
press the OK button to proceed. Antenna Type menu
will be displayed next.
There are three options for antenna selection. You can
select Antenna Type as Direct, Single Satellite Cable
or DiSEqC switch by using Left or Right buttons.
After selecting your antenna type press OK to see
the options to proceed. Continue, Transponder list
and Configure LNB options will be available. You can
change the transponder and LNB settings using the
related menu options.
• Direct: If you have a single receiver and a direct
satellite dish, select this antenna type. Press OK to
continue. Select an available satellite on the next
screen and press OK to scan for services.
• Single Satellite Cable: If you have multiple
receivers and a single satellite cable system, select
this antenna type. Press OK to continue. Configure
settings by following instructions on the next screen.
Press OK to scan for services.
• DiSEqC switch: If you have multiple satellite dishes
and a DiSEqC switch, select this antenna type.
Press OK to continue. You can set four DiSEqC
options (if available) on the next screen. Press OK
button to scan the first satellite in the list.
Analogue: If Analogue broadcast search option is
turned on, the TV will search for analogue broadcasts
after other initial settings are completed.
A dialogue screen asking to activate parental control
will be displayed. If you select Yes, parental restriction
options will be displayed. Configure as desired and
press OK when finished. Select No and press OK
to advance, if you don't want to activate parental
After the initial settings are completed TV will start
to search for available broadcasts of the selected
broadcast types.
While the search continues current scan results will
be displayed at the bottom of the screen. After all the
available stations are stored, Channels menu will be
displayed. You can edit the channel list according to
your preferences using the Edit tab options or press
the Menu button to quit and watch TV.
While the search continues a message may appear,
asking whether you want to sort channels according
to the LCN(*). Select Yes and press OK to confirm.
(*) LCN is the Logical Channel Number system that organizes
available broadcasts in accordance with a recognizable
channel number sequence (if available).
To search for M7 channels after the First Time Installation,
you should perform the first time installation again. Or press the
Menu button and enter the Settings>Installation>Automatic
channel scan>Satellite menu. Then follow the same steps
mentioned above
Do not turn off the TV while initializing first time installation.
Note that, some options may not be available depending on
the country selection.

Using Satellite Channel Table Feature

You can perform these operations using the Set-
tings>Installation>Satellite Settings>Satellite
Channel Table menu. There are two options regarding
to this feature.
You can download or upload satellite channel table
data. In order to perform these functions a USB device
must be connected to the TV.
You can upload current services and related satellites
& transponders in TV, to a USB device.
English - 10 -
in the satellite section.

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