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Alexa Ready Feature (Optional) - Toshiba 43 V58 Operating Instructions Manual

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Detail Page
To open detail page tap on a programme. On the
detail page screen you can get detailed information
of the programmes you select. There are "Details",
"Cast&Crew" and "Videos" tabs to find on this page.
DETAILS: This tab provides summary and information
about the selected programme. Also there are links
to Facebook
and twitter pages of the programme
CAST&CREW: Shows all the people contributed to
the current programme.
VIDEOS: Provides videos
selected programme.
Note: For some functions an internet connection may be
FollowMe TV Feature (if available)
Tap on the FOLLOW ME TV widget located at the
bottom left of the screen of your mobile device to
change the layout for FollowMe TV feature.
Tap the play icon to start streaming of the content from
the TV to your mobile device. Available if your device
is in your routers operation range.
Mirror Mode
This mode of FollowMe TV feature is enabled by
default and allows streaming the content from any other
selected TV sources and Media Browser.
Note that only digital(DVB-T/C/S) SD and HD channels are
Multilanguage audio support and subtitle on/off features are
not functional.
The streaming performance may change depending on the
quality of your connection.
Media Share Page
To access the Media Share widget tap on the Up-
arrow on the bottom left side of the screen.
If the Media Share widget is pressed, a screen is
displayed where you can select the media file type to
share with your TV.
Note: Not all image file formats are supported. This function
will not work if Audio Video Sharing feature is not
Smart Remote Feature
You can use your mobile device as a remote control
for your TV once it has connected to the TV. To use
smart remote's full features tap on the Up-arrow on
the bottom left side of the screen.
Voice Recognition
You can tap on the Microphone(
manage your application, giving voice commands
such as "Volume Up/Down!", "Programme Up/Down!".
Note: This feature is only for android based devices available.
on YouTube
related to the
) widget and
English - 33 -
Keyboard Page
The keyboard page can be opened in two ways; by
pressing the Keyboard(
screen or automatically by receiving a command
from the TV.
Smart TV
Network connection
Mobile Device based on Android or iOS platform
(Android OS 4.0 or higher; IOS 6 or higher version)
Smart Center app.(to be found on online
application stores based on Android and iOS
Router modem
USB storage device in FAT32 format (required for
USB Recording feature, if available)
For Android devices, Normal(mdpi), Large(hdpi) and Extra
Large(xhdpi) screen sizes are supported. Devices with 3" or
smaller screen sizes are not supported.
For iOS devices, all screen sizes are supported.
User interface of the Smart Center application is subject to
change according to version installed on your device.

Alexa Ready Feature (optional)

Alexa is Amazon's cloud-based voice service available
on many voice controlled assistant devices. Your TV
is compatible with and ready to be utilized with Alexa
devices. With this feature you can use your voice to
control functions on your TV, such as turning on or off,
changing channel or input source, controlling volume,
and more.
The following requirements should be fulfilled:
• Alexa Ready Smart TV
• Amazon Alexa device
• A mobile device, such as your phone or tablet, with
Smart Center and Amazon Alexa apps installed on it
• Home network
with WLAN
• Amazon account
How to control your TV with an Amazon Alexa
• Connect your TV and mobile device to the same
network with internet access as your Alexa device.
• Pair the Smart Center app with your TV. Then tap on
the Amazon logo on the main screen of the Smart
Center app. You will be directed to a registration
page. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete
your TV's registration and linking process.
• You will be asked to determine a name for your TV,
called 'Friendly Name'(FN). A 'Friendly Name' is a
) widget on the application

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