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Toshiba 43 V58 Operating Instructions Manual

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43/49/55 V58
43/49/55 V68
43/49/55 T68
43/49/50/55/65/75 U68
43/49/50/55/65 U58
49/55 U78




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  Summary of Contents for Toshiba 43 V58

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    43/49/55 V58 43/49/55 V68 43/49/55 T68 43/49/50/55/65/75 U68 43/49/50/55/65 U58 49/55 U78 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Connecting Bluetooth Devices (optional) ....29 Contents Connectivity Troubleshooting ........ 29 Environmental Information........2 Using Audio Video Sharing Network Service ..30 Disposal Information ..........2 Apps ..............30 Ultra HD (UHD) ............3 Internet Browser ............ 30 High Dynamic Range (HDR) / Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) ...............
  • Page 3: Environmental Information

    Environmental Information This television is designed to be environment friendly. To reduce energy consumption, you can follow these steps: If you set the Energy Saving to Minimum, Medium, Maximum or Auto the TV will reduce the energy consumption accordingly. If you like to set the Backlight to a fixed value set as Custom and adjust the Backlight (located under the Energy Saving setting) manually using Left or Right buttons on the remote.
  • Page 4: Ultra Hd (Uhd)

    Ultra HD (UHD) Standby Notifications TV supports Ultra HD (Ultra High Definition - also If the TV does not receive any input signal (e.g. from known as 4K) which provides resolution of 3840 x aerial or HDMI source) for 3 minutes, it will go 2160 (4K:2K).
  • Page 5: Using Main Tv Menu

    To change channel: Press the middle of the button menu. Press the Down direction button and select the in, the information banner will appear on the screen. delete or move icon and press OK. In order to move Scroll through the stored channels by pushing the a menu item use the Right and Left direction buttons button up or down.
  • Page 6: Inserting The Batteries Into The Remote

    End late: You can set recording timer’s end time to HDR/HLG images from an HDMI source related source end later by using this setting. setting should be set as Enhanced if the connected device is compatible with HDMI 2.0 and subsequent Max Timeshift: This setting allows you to set the versions.
  • Page 7: Remote Control

    Remote Control Standby: Switches On / Off the TV Source: Shows available broadcast and content sources Numeric buttons: Switches the channel, enters a number or a letter in the text box on the screen. Language: Switches among sound modes (analogue TV), displays and changes audio/subtitle language and turns subtitles on or off (digital TV, where available) Menu: Displays TV menu...
  • Page 8: Remote Control- 2 (Optional)

    Remote Control- 2 (optional) Standby: Switches On / Off the TV Menu: Displays TV menu Volume +/- Guide: Displays the electronic programme guide Directional buttons: Helps navigate menus, content etc. and displays the subpages in TXT mode when pressed Right or Left OK: Confirms user selections, holds the page (in TXT mode), views Channels menu (DTV mode) Back/Return: Returns to previous screen, previous...
  • Page 9: Connections

    Connections See the illustrations on the left Connector Type Cables Device side. You can use YPbPr to VGA cable to enable YPbPr signal via VGA input. You cannot use VGA and YPbPr at the same time. To Connection enable PC/YPbPr audio, you will (back) need to use the back audio inputs with a YPbPr/PC audio cable for...
  • Page 10: Switching On/Off

    Right directional buttons to enable or disable. Read Switching On/Off the related explanations displayed on the screen To Switch the TV On for each highlighted feature before making any Connect the power cord to a power source such as a changes.
  • Page 11: Using Satellite Channel Table Feature

    satellite search is performed some settings should continue. Select an available satellite on the next be made. A menu will be displayed where you can screen and press OK to scan for services. select to start M7 or Fransat operator installation or •...
  • Page 12: Media Playback Via Usb Input

    Additionally you can download one of the satellite onto a computer; however, these files will not be channel table files stored in USB device, to the TV. available to be played on a computer. You can play the recordings only via your TV. When you select one of these files, all services and Lip Sync delay may occur during the timeshifting.
  • Page 13: Media Browser

    Watching Recorded Programmes Media Browser Settings and Options menus will be available. The contents of these menus may change Select Recordings from the TV menu. Select a according to the type of the currently open media file. recorded item from the list (if previously recorded). Only Sound Settings menu will...
  • Page 14: Followme Tv

    FollowMe TV E-Manual You can find instructions for your TV’s features in the With your mobile device you can stream the current E-Manual. broadcast from your smart TV using the FollowMe TV feature. Install the appropriate Smart Center To access the E-Manual, enter Settings menu, select application to your mobile device.
  • Page 15: Settings Menu Contents

    Settings Menu Contents Picture Menu Contents You can change the picture mode to suit your preference or requirements. Picture mode can be set to one of these options: Cinema, Game(optional), Sports, Dynamic and Natural. Mode Dolby Vision Modes: If Dolby Vision content is detected Dolby Vision Dark and Dolby Vision Bright picture mode options will be available instead of Cinema and Natural modes.
  • Page 16: Sound Menu Contents

    Sound Menu Contents Volume Adjusts the volume level. Equalizer Selects the equalizer mode. Custom settings can be made only when in User mode. Balance Adjusts whether the sound comes from the left or right speaker. Sets headphone volume. Headphone Please ensure before using headphones that the headphone volume is set to a low level, to prevent damage to your hearing.
  • Page 17 Network Menu Contents Network Type Disable the network connection or change the connection type. Scan Wireless Start a search for wireless networks. This option will be available if the Network Type Networks is set as Wireless Device. If your modem/router device has WPS, you can directly connect to it using this option. Press WPS on your Highlight this option and press OK.
  • Page 18 Fransat Options Displays Fransat options. (optional) Displays parental control options. Enter the PIN number you have defined in the initial Parental Control installation to view current settings. System Displays system information. Information Reception Displays current satellite reception information. Information CAS-Module Displays current CAS module information.
  • Page 19 System Menu Contents Conditional Access Controls conditional access modules when available. Language You may set a different language depending on the broadcaster and the country. Manage your privacy privileges for smart TV related applications. Press OK to enter Privacy Settings (*) the menu and set according to your preferences.
  • Page 20 This setting configures the power up mode preference. Last State and Standby options Power Up Mode are available. Virtual Remote Enable or disable the virtual remote feature. With this setting you can enable and disable CEC functionality completely. Press Left or Right button to enable or disable the feature.
  • Page 21: General Tv Operation

    Child Lock: If this option is set to On, the TV can only General TV Operation be controlled by the remote control. In this case the Using the Channel List control buttons on the TV will not work. The TV sorts all stored stations in the channel list. You Internet Lock: If this option is set to On, the internet can edit this channel list, set favourites or set active...
  • Page 22: Teletext Services

    Highlight Extras tab and press OK to access below Teletext Services options. Press the Text button to enter. Press again to activate Highlight Genre: Displays Highlight Genre menu. mix mode, which allows you to see the teletext page Select a genre and press OK. The events in the and the TV broadcast at the same time.
  • Page 23: Troubleshooting & Tips

    Troubleshooting & Tips PC Input Typical Display Modes will not turn on The following table is an illustration of some of the typical video display modes. Your TV may not support Make sure the power cord is plugged in securely to a all resolutions.
  • Page 24: Av And Hdmi Signal Compatibility

    AV and HDMI Signal Compatibility Source Supported Signals Available SECAM Back AV NTSC4.43 NTSC3.58 480i, 480p 60Hz 576i, 576p 50Hz YPbPr 720p 50Hz,60Hz 1080i 50Hz,60Hz 480i 60Hz 480p 60Hz 576i, 576p 50Hz 720p 50Hz,60Hz 1080i 50Hz,60Hz 24Hz, 25Hz, 1080p 30Hz, 50Hz, HDMI 60Hz...
  • Page 25: Supported File Formats For Usb Mode

    Supported File Formats for USB Mode Video File Formats Video Codec Resolution Bit Rate Container MPEG program stream (.DAT, .VOB, .MPG, .MPEG), MPEG MPEG1/2 transport stream (.ts, .trp, .tp), MP4 (.mp4, .mov), 3GPP (.3gpp, .3gp), AVI (.avi), MKV (.mkv), ASF (.asf) MPEG program stream (.MPG, .MPEG), MP4 (.mp4, .mov), 1080Px2@30fps, MPEG4...
  • Page 26: Subtitle File Formats

    Audio Codec Sample rate Bit Rate Container AAC (.aac), AVI (.avi), Matroska (.mkv, .mka), 3GPP (.3gpp, .3gp), MP4 (.mp4, .mov, m4a), MPEG transport stream (.ts, .trp, AAC, HEAAC 8KHz ~ 48KHz .tp), MPEG program stream (.DAT, .VOB, .MPG, .MPEG), FLV (.flv), RM (.ra) 128bps ~ 8KHz ~ 48KHz...
  • Page 27: Supported Dvi Resolutions

    Supported DVI Resolutions When connecting devices to your TV’s connectors by using DVI converter cable(DVI to HDMI cable - not supplied), you can refer to the following resolution information. 56Hz 60Hz 66Hz 70Hz 72Hz 75Hz 640x480 800x600 1024x768 1280x768 1280x960 1360x768 1366x768 1280x1024...
  • Page 28: Connectivity

    Internet Speed Test Connectivity Highlight Internet Speed Test and press the OK Wired Connectivity button. TV will check the internet connection bandwidth To Connect to a Wired Network and display the result when complete. • You must have a modem/router connected to an Advanced Settings active broadband connection.
  • Page 29: Wake On

    • The Wireless feature of the TV supports 802.11 a,b,g Afterwards, connect your mobile device to the router and & n type modems. It is highly recommended that you then activate the sharing software on your mobile device. should use the IEEE 802.11n communication protocol Then, select files that you want to share with your TV.
  • Page 30: Connecting Bluetooth Devices (Optional)

    Then press the Source button on the remote and The images sent by mobile device will be displayed switch to Wireless Display source. on the TV without confirmation request, if the image file is suitable. You can also save the image file to a A screen appears stating that the TV is ready for connected USB memory drive or set as boot logo, if connection.
  • Page 31: Using Audio Video Sharing Network Service

    Internet Connection Not Available / Audio Video Refer to the Media Browser menu section for further Sharing Not Working information on file playback. If the MAC address (a unique identifier number) of your If a problem occurs with the network, switch your PC or modem has been permanently registered, it is television off at the wall socket and back on again.
  • Page 32: Hbbtv System

    To add a desired website to the Speed Dial list for channels on Astra broadcast HbbTV applications). The quick access, move the cursor to the top of the page broadcaster marks one application as “autostart” and or press the Back/Return button. The browser bar this one is started by the platform automatically.
  • Page 33: Smart Center

    Figure b: Electronic programme guide application, The application retrieves actual channel list from TV broadcast video is shown on the left bottom, can be first when it starts. terminated by pressing 0. MY CHANNELS: The programmes of first four HbbTV applications use keys on the remote control to channels from the channel list retrieved from the TV interact with the user.
  • Page 34: Alexa Ready Feature (Optional)

    Detail Page Keyboard Page To open detail page tap on a programme. On the The keyboard page can be opened in two ways; by pressing the Keyboard( ) widget on the application detail page screen you can get detailed information of the programmes you select.
  • Page 35 name that reminds you of your TV, such as ‘Living Command Function Room TV’, ‘Kitchen TV’, ‘Dining Room TV’, etc. The TV switches to the Choose an easy-to-say name. You will say this name Alexa, change channel to channel with the specified to tell Alexa which TV to control.