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Ultra Hd (Uhd); High Dynamic Range (Hdr) / Hybrid Log-Gamma (Hlg); Dolby Vision; Standby Notifications - Toshiba 43 V58 Operating Instructions Manual

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Ultra HD (UHD)

TV supports Ultra HD (Ultra High Definition - also
known as 4K) which provides resolution of 3840 x
2160 (4K:2K). It equals 4 times the resolution of Full
HD TV by doubling the pixel count of the Full HD TV
both horizontally and vertically. Ultra HD contents are
supported from HDMI, USB inputs and over DVB-T2
and DVB-S2 broadcasts.
High Dynamic Range (HDR) / Hybrid Log-Gamma
Using this feature the TV can reproduce greater
dynamic range of luminosity by capturing and then
combining several different exposures. HDR/HLG
promises better picture quality thanks to brighter, more
realistic highlights, more realistic colour and other
improvements. It delivers the look that filmmakers
intended to achieve, showing the hidden areas of
dark shadows and sunlight with full clarity, colour and
detail. HDR/HLG contents are supported via native
and market applications, HDMI, USB inputs and over
DVB-S broadcasts. Set the related HDMI source
input as Enhanced from the Sources option in the
Settings>System menu in order to watch HDR/HLG
content, if the HDR/HLG content is received through
an HDMI input. The source device should also be at
least HDMI 2.0a compatible in this case.

Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision™ delivers a dramatic visual experience,
astonishing brightness, exceptional contrast, and vivid
colour, that brings entertainment to life. It achieves this
stunning image quality by combining HDR and wide
colour gamut imaging technologies. By increasing the
brightness of the original signal and using a higher dy-
namic colour and contrast range, Dolby Vision presents
amazing true-to-life images with stunning detail that
other post-processing technologies in the TV aren't
able to produce. Dolby Vision is supported via native
and market applications, HDMI and USB inputs. In
the Settings>Picture>Mode menu two predefined
picture modes will be available if Dolby Vision content
is detected: Dolby Vision Bright and Dolby Vision
Dark. Both allow the user to experience the content
in the way the creator originally intended with different
ambient lighting conditions.

Standby Notifications

If the TV does not receive any input signal (e.g. from
aerial or HDMI source)
into standby. When you next switch-on, the following
message will be displayed:
mode automatically because there was no signal
for a long
time." Press OK to continue.
The Auto TV OFF option(in the Settings>System
>More menu) could have been set to a value between
1 and 8 hours by default. If this setting is not set as Off
and the TV has been left on and not been operated
during the set time, it will switch into standby mode
after the set time has expired.
TV, the following message will be displayed.
switched to stand-by mode automatically because
no operation was made for a long
to continue.
Before the TV switches into standby mode
a dialogue window will be displayed. If you do not
press any button the TV will switch into the standby
mode after a waiting period of about 5 minutes. You
can highlight Yes and press OK to switch the TV into
standby mode immediately. If you highlight No and
press OK, the TV will remain on. You can also choose
to cancel the Auto TV OFF function from this dialogue.
Highlight Disable and press OK, the TV will remain on
and the function will be cancelled. You can enable this
function again by changing the setting of the Auto TV
OFF option from the Settings>System>More menu.
TV Control Switch & Operation
Up direction
Down direction
Volume / Info / Sources List selection and
Standby-On switch
The Control button allows you to control the Volume
/ Programme / Source and Standby-On functions of
the TV.
To change volume: Increase the volume by pushing
the button up. Decrease the volume by pushing the
button down.
English - 3 -
for 3
minutes, it will go
"TV switched to stand-by
When you next switch-on
time." Press OK

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