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Smart Center - Toshiba 43 V58 Operating Instructions Manual

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Figure b: Electronic programme guide application,
broadcast video is shown on the left bottom, can be
terminated by pressing 0.
HbbTV applications use keys on the remote control to
interact with the user. When an HbbTV application is
launched, the control of some keys are owned by the
application. For example, numeric channel selection
may not work on a teletext application where the
numbers indicate teletext pages.
HbbTV requires AV streaming capability for the
platform. There are numerous applications providing
VOD (video on demand) and catch-up TV services.
The user can use play, pause, stop, forward, and
rewind keys on the remote control to interact with the
AV content.
Note: You can enable or disable this feature from the
More menu in Settings>System menu. Depending on the
model of your TV and the selected country option in the
First Time Installation this feature might be available in the
Settings>System>Privacy Settings menu instead of the
Settings>System>More menu.

Smart Center

Smart Center is a mobile application running on iOS
and Android platforms. With your tablet or phone,
you can easily stream your favourite live shows and
programmes from your smart TV. Also; you can launch
your applications, use your tablet as a remote control
for your TV and share media files.
Note: Being able to use all functions of this application
depends on the features of your TV.
Getting Started
To use Smart Center features, connections have to
be done properly. To get connected to your network
wirelessly, plug in
the WLAN
ports if your TV doesn't have internal WLAN feature. To
be able to use internet based features, your modem/
router must be connected to the internet.
IMPORTANT: Make sure the TV and mobile device
are connected to the same network.
For media sharing feature Audio Video Sharing option
should be enabled(if available). Press the Menu button
on the remote, select Settings>System>More menu
and press OK. Highlight AVS and change as Enabled.
Your TV is ready to connect to your mobile device now.
Install the Smart Center application onto your mobile
the Smart Center
are configured properly, you will see your TV's name on
your mobile device. If your TV's name doesn't appear
on the list, wait a while and tap on the Refresh widget.
Select your TV from the list.
Mobile Device screen
On the main screen you can find tabs to access
various features.
dongle to one of the USB
application. If all connections
The application retrieves actual channel list from TV
first when it starts.
MY CHANNELS: The programmes of first four
channels from the channel list retrieved from the TV
are shown. You can change the listed channels. Press
on the channel thumbnail and hold. A list of channels
will be displayed and you can choose your desired
channel to be replaced.
TV: You can watch content through the TV tab. In
this mode you can navigate through the channel list
retrieved from your TV and click on thumbnails to view
the detail pages.
RECORDINGS: You can view your active recordings(if
available) and reminders through this tab. To delete
any item, simply press on the delete icon found on
each row.
EPG(Electronic programme guide): You can view
the broadcast schedules of selected channel lists
through this tab. You can also navigate through
channels by pressing on the selected channel on the
EPG grid. Please note that updating / refreshing the
EPG information may take a while depending on your
network and web service quality.
Note: Internet connection is required for WEB based
SETTINGS: Configure the application to your liking.
You can change;
Auto-lock (Only in IOS): The screen of the device
automatically turns off after a certain amount of
time. Default is off, which means the screen will
always stay on.
Auto-enable FollowMeTV: FollowMeTV function (if
available) will start automatically when this setting
is enabled. Default is disabled.
Auto-connection to TV: When enabled, your
mobile device will automatically connect to last
connected TV and skips the TV search screen.
Change TV (Only in IOS): Shows the currently
connected TV. You can press on this setting to go to
the "TV search" screen and change to a different TV.
Edit custom channel list: You can edit your custom
channel list using this setting.
Choose channel list source: You can choose the
channel list source to be used in the application. The
options are "TV List" and "Custom List". Additionally
you can activate "Remember my choice" option to
set the selected channel list source as a constant
choice. In this case if the selected source is available
it will be used in the application.
Version No: Displays the current version of the
English - 32 -

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