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Teletext Services; Software Upgrade - Toshiba 43 V58 Operating Instructions Manual

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Highlight Extras tab and press OK to access below
Highlight Genre: Displays Highlight Genre menu.
Select a genre and press OK. The events in the
programme guide matching the selected genre will
be highlighted.
Guide Search: Displays searching options. Using
these options, you can search the programme guide
database in accordance with the selected criteria.
Matching results will be listed.
Now: Displays current event of the highlighted
Zoom: Highlight and press OK to see events in a
wider time interval.
Now/Next Schedule
In this layout option, only the current and next events
of the listed channels will be displayed. You can use
the directional buttons to scroll through the list of the
Press Back/Return button to use available tab options.
Highlight Filter tab and press OK to see the filtering
options. To change the layout highlight Timeline
Schedule and press OK.
Event Options
Use the directional buttons to highlight an event
and press OK button to display Options menu. The
following options are available.
Select Channel: Using this option, you can switch
to the selected channel in order to watch it. The
programme guide will be closed.
More Info: Display detailed information on the selected
event. Use up and down directional buttons to scroll
through the text.
Set Timer on Event / Delete Timer on Event: Select
Set Timer on Event option and press OK. You can set
timers for future events. To cancel an already set timer,
highlight that event and press the OK button. Then
select Delete Timer on Event option. The timer will
be cancelled.
Record / Delete Rec. Timer (optional): Select the
Record option and press the OK button. If the event
is going to be broadcasted at a future time, it will be
added to Timers list to be recorded. If the selected
event is being broadcasted at the moment, recording
will start immediately.
To cancel an already set record timer, highlight that
event and press the OK button and select the option
Delete Rec. Timer. The record timer will be cancelled.
IMPORTANT: Connect a USB disk to your TV while the TV
is switched off. You should then switch on the TV to enable
the recording feature.
Notes: You cannot switch to any other channel while there is
an active recording or timer on the current channel.
It is not possible to set timer or record timer for two or more
individual events at the same time interval.

Teletext Services

Press the Text button to enter. Press again to activate
mix mode, which allows you to see the teletext page
and the TV broadcast at the same time. Press once
more to exit. If available, sections in the teletext pages
will become colour-coded and can be selected by
pressing the coloured buttons. Follow the instructions
displayed on the screen.
Digital Teletext
Press the Text button to view digital teletext information.
Operate it with the coloured buttons, cursor buttons
and the OK button. The operation method may differ
depending on the contents of the digital teletext. Follow
the instructions displayed on the digital teletext screen.
When the Text button is pressed again, the TV returns
to television broadcast.

Software Upgrade

Your TV is capable of finding and updating the firmware
automatically via the broadcast signal or via Internet.
Software upgrade search via user interface
On the main menu select Settings>System and then
More. Navigate to Software upgrade and press the
OK button. Then select Scan for upgrade and press
OK button to check for a new software upgrade.
If a new upgrade is found, it starts to download the
upgrade. After the download is completed, a warning
will be displayed, press OK button to complete software
upgrade process and restart TV.
3 AM search and upgrade mode
Your TV will search for new upgrades at 3:00 o'clock
if Automatic scanning option is set to Enabled and if
the TV is connected to an aerial signal or to Internet. If
a new software is found and downloaded successfully,
it will be installed at the next power on.
Note: Do not unplug the power cord while led is blinking during
the reboot process. If the TV fails to come on after the upgrade,
unplug, wait for two minutes then plug it back in.
All updates are automatically controlled. If a manual search
is carried out and no software is found then this is the current
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