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Remote Control- 2 (Optional) - Toshiba 43 V58 Operating Instructions Manual

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Remote Control- 2 (optional)

Inserting the Batteries into the Remote
Remove the back cover to reveal the battery
compartment. Insert two size AAA batteries. Make
sure the (+) and (-) signs match (observe correct
polarity). Do not mix old and new batteries. Replace
only with same or equivalent type. Place the cover
back on.
Standby: Switches On / Off the TV
Menu: Displays TV menu
Volume +/-
Guide: Displays the electronic programme guide
Directional buttons: Helps navigate menus,
content etc. and displays the subpages in TXT
mode when pressed Right or Left
OK: Confirms user selections, holds the page (in
TXT mode), views Channels menu (DTV mode)
Back/Return: Returns to previous screen, previous
menu, opens index page (in TXT mode)
Coloured Buttons
Select the coloured button you want to use from the
dialogue box and press OK. Follow the on-screen
instructions for coloured button functions
Media Playback, Record
Language Buttons
Select the button you want to use from the dialogue
box and press OK
Use the media buttons to control the playback of
the media. Control elements to play, pause, stop,
rewind and fast forward the media will be available.
Select the REC button and press OK to record a
programme or select the Pause(II) button and press
OK to start timeshift recording
Select the LANG. button and press OK to switch
among sound modes (analogue TV), display and
change audio/subtitle language and turn subtitles
on or off (digital TV, where available)
10. Rakuten TV: Launches the Rakuten TV application
11. Netflix: Launches the Netflix application
12. YouTube: Launches the YouTube application
13. Numeric, Text and CEC Buttons
Select the button you want to use from the dialogue
box and press OK
Use the numeric buttons to switch the channel,
enter a number or a letter in the text box on the
Select the TEXT button and press OK to display
teletext (where available). Press again to
superimpose the teletext over a normal broadcast
picture (mix)
Select the CEC button and press OK to terminate
the function that enables you to control the
connected CEC device with the TV remote.
14. Exit: Closes and exits from displayed menus or
returns to previous screen
15. Source: Shows available broadcast and content
16. Programme +/-
English - 7 -
(if available)

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