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Connecting Bluetooth Devices (Optional); Connectivity Troubleshooting - Toshiba 43 V58 Operating Instructions Manual

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Then press the Source button on the remote and
switch to Wireless Display source.
A screen appears stating that the TV is ready for
Open the sharing application on your mobile device.
These applications are named differently for each
brand, refer to the instruction manual of your mobile
device for detailed information.
Scan for devices. After you select your TV and connect,
the screen of your device will be displayed on your TV.
Note: This feature can be used only if the mobile device
supports this feature. If you experience problems with the
connection check if the operating system version you use
supports this feature. There may be incompatibility problems
with the operating system versions which are released after
the production of this TV. Scanning and connecting processes
differ according to the programme you use.

Connecting Bluetooth Devices (optional)

Your TV supports Bluetooth wireless connection
technology too. A pairing is required before using
Bluetooth devices with the TV set. You should do the
following to pair your device with the TV:
• Set the device to pairing mode
• Start device discovery on the TV
Note: Refer to the user manual of the Bluetooth device to learn
how to set the device to pairing mode.
You can connect audio devices or remote controllers
to your TV using the Bluetooth wireless technology.
Unplug or switch off any other connected audio
device in order for wireless connection feature to
work correctly. For audio devices you should use
the Bluetooth option in the Settings>Sound menu,
for remote controllers the Smart Remote option
in the Settings>System>More menu. Select the
menu option and press the OK button to open the
related menu. Using this menu you can discover and
connect the devices that use the Bluetooth wireless
technology and start to use them. Follow the on-
screen instructions. Start the device discovery. A list
of available Bluetooth devices will be displayed. Select
the device you want to connect from the list and press
the OK button to connect. If "Device connected"
message is displayed, the connection is successfully
established. If the connection fails try it again.
Image transfer and audio streaming
You can also use Bluetooth connection to transfer
images or stream audio from your mobile device to
your TV.
Pair the mobile device and the TV as described before.
Start a device search in your hand-held device. Select
your TV from listed devices. Confirm the request for
connection on your TV screen and do the same on
your hand held device screen. If no pairing is done,
image transfer or audio streaming to the TV will not
be possible.
The images sent by mobile device will be displayed
on the TV without confirmation request, if the image
file is suitable. You can also save the image file to a
connected USB memory drive or set as boot logo, if
this feature is supported and the file is suitable. Press
the Exit button to terminate displaying the image.
The audio will be routed through the speakers of
the TV, after confirmation is given. To start audio
streaming unpair the device from your TV if it is paired
with your TV previously. After pairing is completed, a
confirmation message will be displayed asking whether
you want to start audio streaming from your mobile
device. Select Yes and press the OK button on the
remote of the TV. If the connection is succeeded, all
audio will be routed through the speakers of the TV. A
symbol will appear on the upper side of the TV screen
as long as the audio streaming connection is active. To
terminate the audio streaming, you should turn off the
Bluetooth connection of your mobile device.
Close all running applications and all the menus on
the TV for a trouble-free transfer. Only image files with
sizes smaller than 5 MB and in the following file formats
are suitable; .jpg, .jpeg, .png, bmp. If a file sent by the
mobile device does not suit these requirements, it will
not be displayed on the TV.
Note: Wireless devices may operate within the same radio
frequency range and may interfere with one another. To
improve the performance of your wireless device place it at
least 1 meter away from any other wireless devices.

Connectivity Troubleshooting

Wireless Network Not Available
• Ensure that any firewalls of your network allow the
TV wireless connection.
• Try searching for wireless networks again, using the
Network menu screen.
If the wireless network does not function properly, try
using the wired network in your home. Refer to the
Wired Connectivity section for more information on
the process.
If the TV does not function using the wired connection,
check the modem (router). If the router does not have a
problem, check the internet connection of your modem.
Connection is Slow
See the instruction book of your wireless modem to
get information on the internal service area, connection
speed, signal quality and other settings. You need to have
a high speed connection for your modem.
Disruption during playback or slow reactions
You could try the following in such a case:
Keep at least three meters distance from microwave
ovens, mobile telephones, Bluetooth devices or any
other WLAN
channel on the WLAN router.
English - 29 -
compatible devices. Try changing the active

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