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Media Browser - Toshiba 43 V58 Operating Instructions Manual

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Watching Recorded Programmes
Select Recordings from the TV menu. Select a
recorded item from the list (if previously recorded).
Press the OK button to view the Options menu. Select
an option then press OK button.
Note: Viewing main menu and menu items will not be available
during the playback.
Press the Stop button to stop a playback and return
to the Recordings.
Slow Forward
If you press Pause button while watching recorded
programmes, the slow forward feature will be available.
You can
use Fast Forward
Pressing Fast Forward
change slow forwarding speed.
Recording Configuration
Select the Settings tab in the TV>Recordings menu
to configure the recording settings and press OK.
Format Disk: You can use the Format Disk option for
formatting the connected USB disk. Your PIN will be
required to use the Format Disk feature.
Note: Default PIN could have been set to 0000 or 1234. If you
have defined the PIN(is requested depending on the country
selection) during the First Time Installation use the PIN that
you have defined.
IMPORTANT: Formatting your USB drive will erase
ALL the data on it and it's file system will be converted
to FAT32. In most cases operation errors will be fixed
after a format but you will lose ALL your data.
If "USB disk writing speed too slow to record"
message is displayed on the screen while starting a
recording, try restarting the recording. If you still get
the same error, it is possible that your USB disk does
not meet the speed requirements. Try connecting
another USB disk.

Media Browser

You can play back music and movie files and display
photo files stored on a USB storage device by
connecting it to your TV. Connect a USB storage device
to one of the USB inputs located on the side of the TV.
After connecting a USB storage device to your TV
Media Browser menu will be displayed on the screen.
You can access the content of the connected USB
device any time later from the Sources menu. Select
the related USB input option from this menu and press
OK. Then select the file of your choice and press OK
to display or play it back.
You can set your Media Browser preferences by using
the Settings menu. Settings menu can be accessed
via the information bar which is displayed on the
bottom of the screen when pressed the Info button
while playing back a video file or displaying a picture
file. Press the Info button, highlight the gear wheel
symbol positioned on the right side of the information
bar and press OK. Picture Settings, Sound Settings,
button to slow forward.
button consecutively will
English - 12 -
Media Browser Settings and Options menus will be
available. The contents of these menus may change
according to the type of the currently open media file.
Only Sound
Settings menu
playing back audio files.
Loop/Shuffle Mode Operation
Start playback and activate
Start playback and activate
Start playback and activate
Start playback and activate
To use the functions on the information bar highlight the
symbol of the function and press OK. To change the
status of a function highlight the symbol of the function
and press OK as much as needed. If the symbol is
marked with a red cross, that means it is deactivated.
Custom Boot Up Logo
You can personalize your TV and see
image or photo on the screen each time your TV boots
up. To do this, copy
your favourite
USB disk and open them in the Media Browser. Select
USB input from the Sources menu and press OK.
When you have chosen the desired image, highlight
it and press OK to view it in full screen. Press the
Info button, highlight the gear wheel symbol on the
information bar and press OK. Select Options and
press OK to enter. Set Boot Logo option will be
available. Highlight it and press OK again to choose the
image as custom boot logo. A confirmation message
will be displayed. Select Yes and press OK again. If
the image is suitable(*) you will see it on the screen
during the TV's next boot up.
Note: If you perform a First Time Installation the TV will
return to using the default logo, if any.
(*) Images must have an aspect ratio between 4:3 to 16:9
and they must be in .jpeg, .jpg or .jpe file formats. The image
cannot be set as boot logo, which's resolution doesn't appear
on the info banner.
be available while
All files in the list will be
continuously played in
original order
The same file will be
played continuously
All files in the list will be
played once in random
All files in the list will be
continuously played in
the same random order
your favourite
image files into a

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