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Hbbtv System - Toshiba 43 V58 Operating Instructions Manual

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To add a desired website to the Speed Dial list for
quick access, move the cursor to the top of the page
or press the Back/Return button. The browser bar
will appear. Highlight the Speed Dial -
press the OK button. Then select Add to Speed Dial
option and press the OK button. Fill in the blanks for
Name and Address, highlight OK and press the OK
button to add. Whilst you are on the site you wish to
add to the Speed Dial list, highlight the Vewd button
and press the OK button. Then highlight Add to Speed
Dial option in the submenu and press the OK button
again. Name and Address will be filled automatically
according to the site you are visiting. Highlight OK and
press the OK button to add.
You can also use the Vewd menu options to manage
the browser. Highlight the Vewd button and press the
OK button to see available page specific and general
There are various ways to search or visit websites
using the web browser.
Enter the address of a website(URL) into the search/
address bar and highlight the Submit button on the
virtual keyboard and press the OK button to visit the
Enter keyword/s into the search/address bar and
highlight the Submit button on the virtual keyboard
and press the OK button to start a search for the
related websites.
Highlight a Speed Dial thumbnail and press the OK
button to visit the related website.
Your TV is compatible with USB mice. Plug your mouse
or wireless mouse adaptor into the USB input of your
TV for easier and quicker navigation.
Some web pages include flash content. These are not
supported by the browser.
Your TV does not support any download processes
from the internet via the browser.
All sites on the internet might not be supported.
According to the site; content problems may occur.
In some circumstances video contents might not be
able to be played.

HBBTV System

HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) is a new
industry standard that seamlessly combines TV
services delivered via broadcast with services delivered
via broadband and also enables access to Internet only
services for consumers using connected TVs and set-
top boxes. Services delivered through HbbTV include
traditional broadcast TV channels, catch-up services,
video-on-demand, electronic programme guide,
interactive advertising, personalisation, voting, games,
social networking and other multimedia applications.
HbbTV applications are available on channels where
they are signalled by the broadcaster (currently various
channels on Astra broadcast HbbTV applications). The
broadcaster marks one application as "autostart" and
this one is started by the platform automatically. The
autostart applications are generally launched with a
button and
small red button icon to notify the user that there is
an HbbTV application on that channel. Press the red
button to open the application page. After the page is
displayed you can go back to the initial red button icon
state by pressing the red button again. You can toggle
between the red button icon mode and full UI mode
of the application via pressing red button. It should
be noted that the red button switching capability is
provided by the application and some application may
behave differently.
If you switch to another channel while an HbbTV
application is active (either in red button icon mode
or full UI mode), the following scenarios can occur.
• The application can continue running.
• The application can be terminated.
• The application can be terminated and another
autostart red button application can be launched.
HbbTV allows the applications to be retrieved both from
broadband or broadcast. The broadcaster may enable
both ways or one of them. If
an operational broadband connection, the platform
can still launch applications transmitted on broadcast.
The autostart red button applications generally provide
links to other applications. An example of this is shown
below. The user then can switch to other applications
by using the links provided. The applications should
provide a way to terminate themselves, usually Exit
button is used for this.
Figure a: Start bar application
English - 31 -
the platform
does not have

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