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Using Audio Video Sharing Network Service; Apps; Internet Browser - Toshiba 43 V58 Operating Instructions Manual

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Internet Connection Not Available / Audio Video
Sharing Not Working
If the MAC address (a unique identifier number) of your
PC or modem has been permanently registered, it is
possible that your TV might not connect to the internet.
In such a case, the MAC address is authenticated
each time when you connect to the internet. This is a
precaution against unauthorized access. Since your
TV has its own MAC address, your internet service
provider cannot validate the MAC address of your TV.
For this reason, your TV cannot connect to the internet.
Contact your internet service provider and request
information on how to connect a different device, such
as your TV, to the internet.
It is also possible that the connection may not be
available due to a firewall problem. If you think this
causes your problem, contact your internet service
provider. A firewall might be the reason of a connectivity
and discovery problem while using the TV in Audio
Video Sharing mode or while browsing via Audio Video
Sharing feature.
Invalid Domain
Ensure that you have already logged on to your PC with
an authorized username/password and also ensure
that your domain is active, prior to sharing any files in
your media server program on your PC. If the domain
is invalid, this might cause problems while browsing
files in Audio Video Sharing mode.

Using Audio Video Sharing Network Service

Audio Video Sharing feature uses a standard that eases
the viewing process of digital electronics and makes them
more convenient to use on a home network.
This standard allows you to view and play photos, music
and videos stored in the media server connected to your
home network.
1. Server Software Installation
The Audio Video Sharing feature cannot be used if the
server programme is not installed onto your PC or if
the required media server software is not installed onto
the companion device. Prepare your PC with a proper
server programme.
2. Connect to a Wired or Wireless Network
See the Wired/Wireless Connectivity chapters for
detailed configuration information.
3. Enable Audio Video Sharing
Enter the Settings>System>More menu and
enable the AVS option.
4. Play Shared Files via Media Browser
Highlight the AVS option in the Sources menu by using
the directional buttons and press OK. Available media
server devices in the network will be listed. Select one
and press OK to continue. The media browser will
then be displayed.
Refer to the Media Browser menu section for further
information on file playback.
If a problem occurs with the network, switch your
television off at the wall socket and back on again.
Trick mode and jump are not supported with the Audio
Video Sharing feature.
PC/HDD/Media Player or any other devices that are
compatible should be used with a wired connection for
higher playback quality.
Use a LAN connection for quicker file sharing between
other devices like computers.
Note: There may be some PC's which may not be able to
utilize the Audio Video Sharing feature due to administrator
and security settings (such as business PC's).


You can access the applications installed on your TV
from Apps menu. Highlight an app and press OK to
In order to manage the apps installed on your TV, add
new apps from the market or to see all available apps
in full screen mode highlight the Add More option
and press OK. Using this menu option you can add
an installed app to Home menu, launch or remove it.
Removed apps will no longer
menu. You can also add new apps from the market.
In order to enter the market highlight the shopping
basket logo located on the upper left side of the screen
and press OK. Available apps in the market will be
displayed. Use directional buttons to highlight an app
and press OK. Highlight Add to Apps option and press
OK again to add the selected app to Apps menu.
For quick access to Add More menu you can press the
Internet button on the remote, if this button is available.
Possible application dependent problems may be caused by
the content service provider.
Third party internet services may change, be discontinued or
restricted at any time.

Internet Browser

To use the internet browser, enter the Apps menu first.
Then launch the internet browser application which
has an orange coloured logo with earth symbol on it.
In the initial screen of the browser, the thumbnails of
the predefined (if any) links to web sites available will
be displayed as Speed Dial options along with the
Edit Speed Dial and the Add to Speed Dial options.
To navigate the web browser, use the directional
buttons on the remote or a connected mouse. To see
the browser options bar, move the cursor to the top of
the page or press the Back/Return button. History,
Tabs and Bookmarks options and the browser bar
which contains previous/next buttons, the refresh
button, the address/search bar, the Speed Dial and
the Vewd buttons are available.
English - 30 -
be accessible
from Apps

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