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Product Features - NEC MultiSync PA271Q User Manual

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Product Features

Accurate color reproduction
- SpectraView engine.
The sophisticated NEC exclusive color processing engine integrated into the display. It combines internal luminance, white
point, ambient lighting, temperature and time monitoring, together with individual characterization and calibration of each
display during production, to provide an unparalleled level of color control, uniformity, accuracy and stability.
The SpectraView engine provides the utmost in versatility; from faster and more advanced color calibration, to the ability
to accurately emulate color spaces such as Adobe
Profiles and internal 3D Look-Up Tables.
- Picture mode (see
Up to 10 programmable Picture Mode profiles for quick access to Industry standard color spaces or user customized
- MultiProfiler supported.
Multiple color modes can be easily configured and selected using the MultiProfiler application, which can be downloaded
from our website.
- Uniformity (see
Provides a more consistent luminance and color across the screen by compensating for variations in luminance and color
that are inherent to LCD panels.
- Wide viewing angle technology.
Professional grade IPS (in-plane switching) panel for viewing the monitor with minimal color shift. Provides a 178° viewing
angle of the screen from any direction for all orientations. Minimal light leakage on dark tones when viewing the screen
from an angle in a dimly lit room.
- 10 bit color.
All signal inputs supports 10bit grayscale, over 1 Billion colors.
- Stand-alone calibration (see
This function updates the display's internal color processor reference data with measurements taken using your color
sensor. Those measurements will become the reference for all color settings in the display.
Multiple signal input
- USB type-C interface (see
Supports video and audio input, supplies power, and USB hub function with a single cable.
- DisplayPort and HDMI interfaces (see
Designed to be future-ready scalable solutions for high performance digital display connectivity. Both interfaces enable the
highest resolution, fastest refresh rates and deepest color depths.
- Picture By Picture/Picture In Picture (see
Increases productivity by displaying two different input sources simultaneously, either side by side (Picture By Picture) or a
small sub screen on a large main screen (Picture In Picture). This function can also be used to display one input source in
two different picture modes for a side by side comparison of different settings.
- USB 3.1 hub with input select (see
Change the USB upstream ports (USB1/USB2/USB-C) associated with the current display input. When connecting a
computer to each of the upstream ports, the monitor's USB downstream ports can be used by selecting this setting for
the current input signal. The SuperSpeed USB hub offers a 10x performance increase over the previous Hi-Speed USB
generation and is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 devices.
Customizable functions
- Hot key setting (see
Picture modes or other functions can be assigned to the keys on the front bezel for easy access.
- LED indicator (see
The color of the LED on the front bezel can be associated with different Picture Modes or video inputs for easy reference.
- Area marker function (see
Shows a customizable on-screen marker used to indicate different aspect ratios and safe areas in video production.
RGB and sRGB, to performing printer output emulations using ICC


Table of Contents

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