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Drainage, Cleaning And Storage - mspa M-009LS Alpine Owner's Manual And Warranty

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Spa Drainage
1. Turn off all the buttons (heater, filter and bubble) on the control panel unit.
2. Connect the drain valve adapter to a garden hose and point the other end of the garden hose to a
suitable draining area with local environmental regulations (Fig.1)
3. Remove the drain valve cap from the outside of the spa tub and attach the drain valve adapter with the
garden hose to the drain valve (Fig.2)
4. From the inside of the spa tub, open the drain valve cap, water will start to flow out through the garden
hose (Fig.3)
5. When the water stops draining, lift the spa tub wall from the opposite to the drain, leading any remaining
water to the drain and empty the spa water completely. (Fig.4)
6. Press
Bubble button to dry out any water in the piping system. Operate the bubbling function for
15 minutes to blow out all the remaining water. (Fig.5)
7. When the water stops draining, use a clean towel to wipe up any remaining water and moisture on the spa
tub and spa control panel. (Fig.6)
Spa Tub Cleaning
If dirt is visible in the water or water becomes cloudy and proper water chemistry does not clear it up, change the
water and clean the spa tub.
While spa water is empty, remove the cartridge from the inside of the spa tub wall, clean and /or replace the filter
cartridge. Use a sponge and mild soap solution to wipe away any soil or stains on the inside of the spa wall. Rinse
thoroughly before refilling with clean water.
IMPROTANT: Do not use steel wool, hard brushes or abrasive cleaners.
Spa Tub and Air Bladder(*Optional) Repair
Use the enclosed repair patch to repair any puncture:
1. Clean and dry the area to be repaired thoroughly
2. Apply the glue to the PVC patch and quickly attach it onto the damaged surface. (Glue is not included)
3. Smooth the surface to remove any air bubbles and allow it dry for 5-10 minutes
garden hose

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents