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AMX SVSI N3X32 Quick Start Manual

H.264 compressed video over ip series
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The N3X32 Video over IP Series extends the reach of your Networked AV
solution to the WAN for streaming, video to desktop, digital signage, set-top
boxes, cloud, or mobile device applications. Fully integrated with existing
Networked AV control options, the N3X32 Series delivers the highest quality
HD video content at the lowest bandwidth for the most demanding
applications. This quick start guide will familiarize you with your new device
and step you through initial setup.
N3132 Encoder Front
Record/transfer files using a compatible USB device.
N3132 Encoder Rear
1G SFP fiber transceivers or
1G SFP direct attach cables
N3232 Decoder Rear
FIG. 1
Basic Installation Guidelines
PoE: Connect the unit's P0 port to an active, PoE-enabled
network switch
External power supply: If not using PoE for power, connect a
12V regulated power supply (part number N9312) to the
unit's two-pin terminal block plug connector labeled +12V
PoE units: If using PoE to power the unit, you should already
have a network connection.
Externally powered units:
to the network using an Ethernet cable, or connect the P1 port to
the network with the appropriate cable (fiber transceiver or direct-
attach cable is required as explained in FIG. 1).
Daisy-chain configuration: Once network connection is
established to one unit, you can daisy chain additional units
by connecting Ethernet cables between devices using their P0
and/or P1 ports. Keep in mind that the number of units
supported in this configuration is limited by bandwidth (total
aggregate streams must be less than 1 Gb/s).
NOTE: PoE power is only supplied to the unit connected
directly to the network. All other units in the daisy-chain must
have an external power supply.
N3132 Encoders
• For video encoding of a digital source, connect the source
to the Encoder's HDMI IN port using a video cable with an
HDMI connector (or adapter).
• For video encoding of an analog source, connect the source
to the Encoder's VGA IN port using a video cable with a
VGA connector (or component adapter).
N3232 Decoders
• For video decoding, connect a digital display to the
Decoder's HDMI OUT port using a video cable with an HDMI
connector (or adapter).
(supported only on the Encoder)
P1 ports accept
If not using PoE, connect the P0 port
H.264 Compressed Video Over IP Series
Basic Installation Guidelines (Continued)
Product Specifications
Models Available (in
stand-alone or card
Power Requirements:
Dimensions (HWD):
Mounting Options:
NOTE: *Mounting wings (part number N9101) required for surface and wall mounting.
Rack shelf (part number N9102) or card cage (part number N9206) required for rack
mounting. Shelf accommodates two side-by-side N-Series Encoder and Decoder stand-
alone units. Card cage accommodates up to six N-Series Encoder and Decoder cards
(mix and match any series). Mounting accessories sold separately and are compatible
with most N-Series devices.
Establishing Connection
Before using your N3X32 unit, it must be configured using the free N-Able
device management software. However, you will not be able to configure
units until they are in the same subnet as the host computer. N-Series
devices are shipped in Auto-IP mode with a default IP address of The sample steps below show how the required changes
(to the host computer's IP settings) are made in a Windows environment.
Steps for IP address configuration:
From the Control Panel > Network and Internet dialog box, select
Network and Sharing Center.
Select Change adapter settings.
Select the wired interface connected to your AV network.
Click the Properties button.
Scroll down in the list to the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
option. Highlight it and click the Properties button.
Enable the Use the following IP address option, and enter the static IP
address provided to you by your network administrator. See FIG. 2.


N3132 Encoders
• For audio encoding, connect a line level analog audio
source to the Audio input terminal block plug connector, or
• Use the embedded audio from the video source.
N3232 Decoders
• For analog audio decoding, connect a line level analog
audio device to the Audio output terminal block plug
connector, or
• Send embedded digital audio (embedded in the HDMI
connection) to a monitor's speakers.
NMX-ENC-N3132 Encoders
NMX-DEC-N3232 Decoders
PoE: Can be powered via a PoE switch or other equipment
with a PoE source. Conforms to IEEE 802.3af Class 3 (802.3at
Type 1).
External power supply: 2.0 Amp @ 12 Volts DC; 100-240
Volts AC power supply with country-specific power cord;
Part number N9312 (sold separately).
1.05" x 7.888" x 5.5" (2.67cm x 20.04cm x 13.8cm)
1.55 lbs (0.7kg)
Temperature: 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
Humidity: 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Stand alone, surface mount, wall mount, or rack mount.*



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    QUICK START GUIDE SVSI N3X32 H.264 Compressed Video Over IP Series Overview Basic Installation Guidelines (Continued) The N3X32 Video over IP Series extends the reach of your Networked AV Connections Options solution to the WAN for streaming, video to desktop, digital signage, set-top...
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