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Placing A Call - Cisco SPA303 User Manual

Cisco small business spa300 / spa500 series
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Selecting a menu
option by entering
a number on
the keypad
Placing, Answering, and Managing Calls
You can choose from a variety of methods to place, answer, and manage your calls.

Placing a Call

Placing a call
Dialing an external
Redialing a number
All models except
Cisco SPA301 and Cisco
Cisco SPA301 and Cisco
Enter the number of the menu option.
Example: In this example, press
1. Choose an audio device.
Use the handset: Lift it off hook.
Use the phone speaker: Press
Use a headset (not included): Press
2. Press a line button (optional). If you do not choose a line button, the
first button is used by default.
3. Dial an extension number or an external number.
(See instructions below in this table.)
Dial from a shared FXO (trunk) line: Enter the phone number,
including any long distance prefix required by your phone service. No
access code is needed.
Dial from a personal extension (if allowed):
Enter the access code, such as
any long-distance prefix required by your phone service. Check with
your phone administrator for details.
. (Optionally, choose an audio device first.)
1. Lift the handset, press
button (if applicable).
2. Press
to select
. Enter the phone number, including
, or press a line



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