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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit Table of contents INTRODUCTION ................4 – ................4 AUTION SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ................5 ERVICES INFORMATION AND ONTACT & E (WEEE)..........5 ASTE LECTRICAL LECTRONIC QUIPMENT HS)............5 ESTRICTION OF AZARDOUS UBSTANCES ......................5 UARANTIES ....................5 AFETY – H ..................6 ....................7 ADAPTER...
  • Page 3 CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit 4.1.1 – R 1 – S ..............17 EMOTE ERIAL CONNECTION 4.1.2 – R 2 – E (USB )..........17 EMOTE THERNET 4.1.3 – R 3 – S ..............17 EMOTE ERIAL CONNECTION 4.1.4 – R 4 – LANC – S ............18 EMOTE ERIAL CONNECTION...
  • Page 4: Introduction

    CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Caution – safety instructions Please, read these instructions and heed all warnings. - Do not use this apparatus near water. - Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat.
  • Page 5: Services Information And Contact

    CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit 1.2 Services information and Contact For any question or support use the following contact: FOUGEROLLE Rue de la Longueraie 35520 MELESSE FRANCE Tel :+33 (0)2 99 66 08 17 sales @fougerolle-fr.com www.fougerolle-fr.com 1.3 Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) This symbol indicate that this product should not be disposed of with household waste, such as specify the WEEE European Directive (2012/19/EU) and the laws in your country.
  • Page 6: Base Unit - Head Unit

    The Head Unit can be mounted either between the tripod and the camera using a cartoni quick release set option, or between the camera and its battery using the Vlock docking option. Compatible with all JVC cameras, this product supports multiple data communication (TTL Serie, RS232, RS422, LANC) for remote control.
  • Page 7: Cami-Vl Adapter

    CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit 1.8 Cami-VL adapter The Cami-VL adapter can be used to lock the Head Unit between the camera and its battery. Several ways to use this option: - If you use Tactical Optical Fiber (or big length of hybrid optical fiber), there will be no power available to power both Head unit, camera and accessories.
  • Page 8: Installation

    CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit 2 INSTALLATION 2.1 Rack mount - Base Unit The equipment is designed to be installed in a standard 19" rack or any other support. The equipment should be placed away from wet projections, with an operating temperature between +5°C and +40°C.
  • Page 9: Base Unit Overview

    CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit 2.3 Base Unit overview Model: FG-CAM-F4/U, FG-CAM-N4/U, FG-CAM-L4/U /U option: Base Unit with standard RJ45 Ethernet cable and Head unit with LANC+USB cable. LANC Tally A&B Remotes 3 (MiniJack Headset (SubD9 M) (MiniDIN 6p F) 2.5mm 3p) (XLR 5p) GENLOCK from...
  • Page 10: Head Unit Shooting Position

    CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit 2.4 Head Unit shooting position When Head Unit is located under the camera, the following items can be used 2.4.1 Fibre rocking system The optical connector can be pull out of the Head Unit in order to release the connector and thus guide the fibre down to about 45°.
  • Page 11: Cami-Vl Mounting

    CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit 2.5 Cami-VL mounting Inserting the Head Unit inside the Cami-VL V-Lock adapter: Fasten the set using the 4 crews. Be careful, those screws are countersunk head M3x10. Other screw MUST NOT be used. -11-...
  • Page 12: Operation

    CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit 3 OPERATION 3.1 Power Up Camera should be switch ON after Base Unit and OFF before. During the product power up, Tally and Fibre LEDs are blinking in orange indicating the product is booting up. This can take a few seconds. During the system boot, the fibre LED is lighted in yellow during 2 seconds then switch off if the fibre is correctly connected.
  • Page 13: Headset: Audio Settings - Head Unit

    CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit 3.4 Headset: Audio settings – Head Unit Several audio settings are available on the head unit: - push "+" or "-" to adjust the headphone volume. - push "MIC" and then "+" or "-" to adjust the microphone volume. - Talk function: the "Talk"...
  • Page 14: Audio/Headset

    CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit 3.6 Audio/Headset Analog balanced audio is transmitted over fibre Audio input Headset +15V +15V Loud Speaker -15V -15V Audio Over Fiber Audio output +15V OUT+ OUT- -15V Head Unit Base Unit Hybrid Line Fiber OUT+ XLR5 level...
  • Page 15: Genlock

    CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit If needed, this intercom connection can support Time Code transmission Head Unit Base Unit OUT+ Time OUT- Hybrid Code Fiber OUT+ XLR3 HRS6 OUT- XLR3 INTERCOM INTERCOM Head Unit Base Unit OUT+ Time OUT- Hybrid Code Fiber...
  • Page 16: Remote - Rs-232

    CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit 3.12 Remote – RS-232 (TTL Remote 3) RS-232 communication (TTL level, any rate up-to 900Kbps) is available thought the system: A specific cable has to be used on Head Unit side (Hirose-20 type) and power can be injected to power the remote control from the Base Unit side.
  • Page 17: Connectors Pinout

    CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit 4 Connectors Pinout 4.1 Base Unit – Pinout Connectors 4.1.1 Base Unit – Remote 1 – Serial connection Remote connection is managed through RS232 or RS-422. For RS-232 configuration, a short-circuit must be done between Pin 4 & Ground (Pin 1 or Pin5). Baud rate can be up to 700K baud without any specific configuration.
  • Page 18: Base Unit - Tally Connection

    CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit 4.1.4 Base Unit – Remote 4 – LANC – Serial connection Bi-directional serial communication is compliant with LANC protocol (9600 baud) Pin Mini Jack 2.5mm 3p - LANC LANC 4.1.5 Base Unit – Tally connection Tally input pins need to be in short-circuit with ground to turn ON the Tally LED: - Tally A: Red light - Tally B: Yellow light...
  • Page 19: Base Unit - Intercom In Connection

    CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit 4.1.6 Base Unit – Intercom IN connection Standard XLR 3p connection: Pin XLR 3p-F – Intercom IN (Line level) 4.1.7 Base Unit – Intercom OUT connection Standard XLR 3p connection: Pin XLR 3p-M – Intercom OUT (Line level) OUT+ OUT- 4.1.8 Base Unit –...
  • Page 20: Head Unit - Pinout Connectors

    CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit 4.2 Head Unit – Pinout Connectors 4.2.1 Head Unit – Remote/USB/LANC connections Pin Hirose 20p-F – Remote IN : - RS1_422_RX- IN : RS1_232_RX RS1_422_RX+ OUT : RS1_232_TX RS1_422_TX- OUT : - RS1_422_TX+ IN : GND or No connection RS-232: short-circuit to GND Ground configuration for RS1...
  • Page 21: Head Unit - Intercom In/Out Connection

    CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit 4.2.2 Head Unit – Intercom IN/OUT connection Pin Hirose 6p-F – Intercom IN/OUT (Line level) OUT+ OUT- 4.2.3 Head Unit – Headset IN/OUT connection Pin XLR 5p-F – Headset IN/OUT Micro -21-...
  • Page 22: Head Unit - Dc In

    CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit 4.2.4 Head Unit – DC IN connection Pin Hirose 4p-F – DC IN External power Ground Ground From +8V to +24V IN From +8V to +24V IN 4.2.5 Head Unit – DC OUT for Camera connection Pin Hirose 5p-F –...
  • Page 23: Technical Specifications

    CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit 5 Technical specifications 5.1 Power Physical characteristics (Base Unit case) Physical characteristics (Head Unit case) 1U 19'' rugged stainless steel, 280mm depth 175mm x 215mm x 42mm, with Kodak holder Power consumption: <230W with FAN cooling screw on bottom and tripod lock on top Power consumption: <10W Operating temperature: +5 °...
  • Page 24: Video Signalling

    CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit 5.3 Video signalling LEDs are present near the video connectors. - Green means valid video signal presence and locked - Off means no or invalid signal 5.4 Audio/Remote Head Unit Audio - Headset Remote 1 Use dynamic microphone Signals RS-232/RS422 are compliant with Max input level: -30dBu (25 mV rms)
  • Page 25: Annex

    CamiFlex Base Unit – Head Unit 6 ANNEX 6.1 Camera accessories FGJ2 : Accessories set for JVC HM200/170/LS300 camcoders Designation Reference Braket - support (3/8'') CAMI/CART1: CAMI-CART CamiFlex 12V Jack5.5 FGJ2P: CAMI_JVC-H5J5.5-21cm CamiFlex 12V Jack5.5 XLR4F FGJ2P1: CAMI_JVC-H5J5.5X4-21cm60cm CamiFlex LANC RA + USB FGJ2R1: CAMI_JVC-H20J2.5cU2-19cm30cm...

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