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Grizzly G0776 Owner's Manual: Additional Safety For Metal Lathes

13 inch x 40 inch gunsmith lathe w/dro. for models mufactured since 7/14.
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Additional Safety for Metal Lathes

Serious injury or death can occur from getting entangled in, crushed between, or struck by
rotating parts on a lathe! Unsecured tools or workpieces that fly loose from rotating objects
can also strike nearby operators with deadly force. To minimize the risk of getting hurt or killed,
anyone operating this machine MUST completely heed the hazards and warnings below.
long hair, remove jewelry, and do not wear loose
clothing or gloves. These can easily get caught on
rotating parts and pull you into lathe.
ROTATING PARTS. Always keep hands and body
at a safe distance from rotating parts—especially
those with projecting surfaces. Never hold any-
thing against rotating workpiece, such as emery
cloth, that can pull you into lathe.
GUARDING. Guards and covers protect against
entanglement or flying objects. Always ensure they
are properly installed while machine is running.
ADJUSTMENT TOOLS. Remove all chuck keys,
wrenches, and adjustment tools before turning
lathe ON. A tool left on the lathe can become a
deadly projectile when spindle is started.
SAFE CLEARANCES. Before starting spindle,
verify workpiece has adequate clearance by hand-
rotating it through its entire range of motion.
NEW SETUPS. Test each new setup by starting
spindle rotation at the lowest speed and standing
to the side of the lathe until workpiece reaches full
speed and you can verify safe rotation.
SPINDLE SPEEDS. Using spindle speeds that are
too fast for the workpiece or clamping equipment
can cause rotating parts to come loose and strike
nearby people with deadly force. Always use slow
spindle speeds with large or non-concentric work-
pieces. Never exceed rated RPM of the chuck.
LONG STOCK SAFETY. Long stock can whip
violently if not properly supported. Always support
any stock that extends from the chuck/headstock
more than three times its own diameter.
CLEARING CHIPS. Metal chips can be razor
sharp. Avoid clearing them by hand or with a rag.
Use a brush or vacuum instead.
Model G0776 (Mfd. Since 7/14)
SECURE WORKPIECE. An improperly secured
workpiece can fly off spindle with deadly force.
Make sure workpiece is properly secured before
starting the lathe.
CHUCKS. Chucks can be heavy and difficult to
hold. During installation and removal, protect your
hands and precision bed ways by using a chuck
cradle or piece of plywood over the bed ways. Use
lifting equipment, as necessary, for large chucks.
STOPPING SPINDLE. Always allow spindle to
completely stop on its own, or use a brake, if
provided. Never put hands or another object on a
spinning workpiece to make it stop faster.
CRASHING. A serious explosion of metal parts
can occur if cutting tool or other lathe component
hits rotating chuck or a projecting part of work-
piece. Resulting metal fragments can strike nearby
people and lathe will be seriously damaged. To
reduce risk of crashing, ALWAYS release automat-
ic feeds after use, NEVER leave lathe unattended,
and CHECK all clearances before starting lathe.
COOLANT SAFETY. Coolant can become very
toxic through prolonged use and aging. To mini-
mize toxicity, change coolant regularly. When
using, position nozzle properly to avoid splashing
operator or causing a slipping hazard on floor.
TOOL SELECTION. Cutting with incorrect or dull
tooling increases risk of injury from broken or dis-
lodged components, or as a result of extra force
required for operation. Always use sharp tooling
that is right for the job.
SANDING/POLISHING. To reduce risk of entan-
glement, never wrap emery cloth around rotating
workpiece. Instead, use emery cloth with the aid
of a tool or backing board.
MEASURING WORKPIECE. To reduce risk of
entanglement, never measure rotating workpieces.


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