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Troubleshooting - Kenmore 110.84422610 Use & Care Manual

120-volt electric compact dryer
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First try the solutions suggested here for assistance and to possibly avoid a service call.
If you experience
Dryer Operation
Dryer will not run
Timer does not noticeably
Unusual Noise
Thumping noise
Rattling or vibrating noise


Possible Causes
Door not closed completely.
Household fuse is blown or circuit
breaker has tripped.
Incorrect power supply.
Wrong type of fuse.
Dryer set to Timed or Air Dry.
Dryer set to Auto Dry.
Dryer hasn't been used in a while.
A small object is caught between
the edges of dryer drum.
Dryer isn't properly leveled.
Clothing is balled up in dryer.
Make sure the dryer door is closed completely.
There may be 2 household fuses or circuit breakers for the dryer.
Check that both fuses are intact and tight, or that both circuit
breakers have not tripped. Replace the fuses or reset the circuit
breaker. If the problem continues, call an electrician.
Electric dryers require 120-volt power supply. Check with
a qualified electrician.
Use a time-delay fuse.
The timer moves slowly and continuously in the Timed and Air Dry
The timer moves only when the clothing is mostly dry. See "How
Auto Moisture Sensing Works" in "Using Your Dryer."
This is normal. The thumping sound should diminish after a few
minutes of use.
Check the front and rear edges of the drum for small objects.
Clean out pockets before laundering.
The dryer may vibrate if not properly installed. Check the
levelness of the dryer. All four casters should be in firm contact
with the floor.
When balled up, the load will bounce, causing the dryer
to vibrate. Separate the load items and restart the dryer.



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